How to Fix “Apple Logo Screen of Death” Problem

It has been almost 2 weeks since Apple released iPhone firmware 2.0.1 primarily for bug fixes but based on Apple Discussions boards and news around the blogosphere; it appears that there is still an issue affecting many users of iPhone firmware 2.0 and iPhone firmware 2.0.1. Its now infamously called the "Apple Logo Screen of Death".

You can read all about the "Apple logo screen of Death" problem and how to fix or prevent it after the jump and thus avoid a trip to the Apple Store.

iPhone Atlas describes the problem as follows:

"The problem manifests itself during an app install or update regardless or not it is being done on the iPhone itself or from iTunes. During
either process something interrupts the iPhone and/or iTunes from
completing the task. Then the iPhone spontaneously reboots. The screen
goes dark, comes back on, displays the Apple Logo, and at some point
the iPhone boots and it’s file system mounts. The file system mounting
is noted by two short vibrations, beeps or both. The phone actually
appears in iTunes and if you have an App on your Mac like Phoneview –
you can actually browse the iPhone’s media. iTunes will also display
the “beachball” and stop responding. iTunes usually has to be force
quit in order to get it to respond by relaunching it. The iPhone unfortunately never boots past the Apple Logo."

If you hit this problem it does not mean your iPhone is "bricked". You can resolve it by performing a complete restore on the iPhone by following these instructions:

  • Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the iPhone resets.
  • When the Apple Logo appears release Sleep/Wake, but do not release the Home button until you see the prompt to "Connect to iTunes".
  • Restore your iPhone, but the trick here is restore it not from the backup (as it could be corrupted and very unreliable) but restore as a New iPhone (though the downside is that this process could take a long time for backup and syncing; depending on the applications you have downloaded).

One of the recommendation to prevent this problem is to update iPhone apps
one at a time instead of using "Update All" and avoid doing anything
else on your iPhone while the update process is taking place.

Some iPhone users have reported that they have not been able to plug their iPhone to the computer to sync with iTunes after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.0.1 and instead hit the "Apple logo screen of death" problem. In case you are facing this problem, you need to put your iPhone into Recovery mode as follows:

  • Press and hold the Home button while reconnecting the USB cable. This should kick the iPhone out of its Apple logo screen.
  • Let go of the Home button when "Connect to iTunes" shows up on the screen. iTunes will inform you that it’s in the process of recovering the iPhone.


Please do note that restoring your iPhone as a New iPhone would result in losing your personal data such as text messages, notes, contacts, etc so you will have to manually sync them. It would also remove your application specific data so if you have already played many levels of an iPhone game, restoring the iPhone as new will result in you having to start all over again.

As always do let us know in the comments if this has helped resolve your problem. If you have figure out another way of fixing or avoiding this problem then do let us know in the comments.

[via iPhone Altas and Arstechnica]


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  • Darren

    I had this happen today. During an application update, the phone automatically rebooted. It stayed on the apple screen for a good 10 minutes. I eventually hit home button, and the home screen popped up. I proceeded to “slide to unlock” and my application was stuck on “installing.” I proceeded to shut down the phone, and turn it back on. The application no longer showed “installing” and I actually used the app. Although, I got so pissed off I later deleted it.

  • Caco Potoso

    What a piece of crap the 2.0 firmware is (and the apple SDK). I have had plenty of apps crash and take the phone down with it (why? it should crash the app, but not the phone!). With a 2 minute boot, it is a royal pain in the a… Horrible software for a wonderful hardware.

  • jared

    I have had my 3g for about a month now and have never had any problems with It crashing during installs or upgrades. Do you think it could be based on how many apps you have? I only have six but am curious how many others have and have had this problem.

  • Posativnrg

    This has happened to me several times. Now, the phone will crash and reboot on its own and NONE of the App store apps will work. They start to load and then returns to the home screen. The ipod wont recognize any media and the internet wont connect. What crap! When I had a jailbroken phone I never had problems like this. Apple crappy customer service has told me to load apps one at a time and see if 1 app is causing the problem. Like I dont have a life and can sit in front of a computer 12 hours a day doing this. They also told me I might have "too many" apps on my phone. Do you see a warning anywhere on the app store to limit the number of apps you can load? This is very frustrating as it takes forever to restore as new phone an reload everything. Apple is using us as guinea pigs!

  • Darren

    Caco Potoso, I am on my 4th page of apps.

  • Chas

    I have 4 pages of apps and this problem has caused me to restore my iPhone about 10 times since 2.0's release. Now I install apps 2-3 at a time.

  • i've restored my iPhone this way because of the apps crashing and then gets that apple logo screen of death. this has happened to me and i've restored it about 9 times since i've had the phone AFTER the firmware update… when i originally got it in the store it worked FINE no problem. BAD FIRMWARE. im done with it. will jail breaking it make it all work the right way?

  • Kajiikari

    I have unlocked (Pwned) my iPhone (non-3g) and I have well over 5 pages of apps and I have never had any problems with it. I am also running 2.0.1. I will say the performance compared to 1.1.4 is a bit more sluggish, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with that problem. Maybe using the unlocked firmware can help prevent this from happening. Good luck!

  • geeklordz

    I have an Iphone 2G and about 7 pages of apps installed. It is "very" jailbroken with cydia and installer. It's challenging to make the iphone obey me. In actual fact there is no limit as to how many apps you can install. Remember you got a huge space for apps. Apps crashing is due to apps not recognizing the iphone someway somehow. There is is also an issue of app updating to look at.

  • I found an intresting FUSE(web 2.0 utility which allows group of users to bookmark under a topic)for IPHONE on am impressed the way they have catagorised the different sections of iphone and the resource links are available over there.I think FUSE type of utlity will definetly be very usefull to find the resources(bookmarks by users) on a product.

  • Rick

    I had experienced the freeze on the bootup of my 2G iPhone running 2.0.0. It would simply not enter recovery/restore mode – freezing on the "Pineapple" screen (it had been jailbroken with PWN). I finally fixed the problem by running the phone battery absolutely dead flat. When I reconnected it to my computer with iTunes running, the power was restored to the iPhone after a few mintues and by holding down the "Sleep" and "Home" buttons together, it successfully entered recovery/restore mode. Hope this helps!

  • YES! Make sure you backup your iPhone before doing anything.. I lost like two or three days of text messages with conversations I would have liked to have kept.. x.X;;

    But I've yet to have a problem that could not be resolved by restoring my phone to factor settings. Apple did manage to make a pretty good 'Undo screw up!!' feature. ; )


  • By the way, if you have a problem restoring.. try to either restart your PC, or use another PC to restore the phone. This fixed that problem for me.. not sure why..

    But it worked!

  • CL

    I've run into this problem five times over the past week. What a piece of crap.

  • Bthomp2000

    I read this just after going to apple and exchanging my iphone in for a new one. I got stuck at the boot logo at least one time a day.

  • Awayze

    I'm having this problem a lot. Best thing is not to have many apps from App Store. I also lost a lot of messges that I would have liked to kept as memories 🙁

  • I have recently bought an 8 gig Iphone off from a friend of mine. It was working fine after it had been jailbroken and I was loving every minute of it like a geek! 2 days later it started shutting down with no warning, rebooting with the apple logo then shutting down again, rebooting…. doing this every 5 seconds. WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT???!!! I am very disconcerted!

    I really need my phone and I have tried everything! ziphone and ibricker neither work, is there anything else I can do other than using a hammer and chisel?

  • sar

    I had my iphone 1st Gen. at 2.2 firmware level. I used quickpwn tool for jail breaking and unlockling. The tool said the process was successful…and after rebooting it is still at the Apple boot screen with Apple logo displaying.
    It seems it tries to reboot again after sometime with 2 buzz.
    My computer recognises the iphone but itunes does not recognise my iphone (1st Gen)

    If I presss HOME+SLEEP reboots and then I leave SLEEP button ..still holding HOME
    ….I get the itunes Connection screen(on Iphone)
    BUT still itunes does not recognise my iphone
    Any help ???

  • sar

    I read somewhere uninstall itunes and do what I did above (Home+Sleep…till itunes comes on iphone)…
    I used another computer where I had another itunes….I did above and itunes could detect my phone (after couple of min).
    I tried restoring it……it wanted a firmware download…Itunes started downloading…But even before itunes completed downloading….my iphone rebooted (maybe like screen saver)…and lo and behold my Iphone started working again……!!
    What a relief !!!

  • mike

    i av iphone 3g with firmware 2_2.2 ,how can i restore with out the firmware upgrade

  • krikaoli

    Thanks from Brazil. I had the problem after jailbreaking it. I don't know if I will jailbreak again…

  • Ruperdt

    I have a way different problem but this works. I went to the Setting app to the delete section thing. I accidentally went to the one that deletes MEDIA! I started freaking so I held the sleep/wake and home to turn off, tried to turn back on and it started doing that apple logo thing. When I turned it on, it came on, then went back off. It only came up when I tried to turn it back on. I followed these steps and they worked great! (But still, 30 min. download? Jeez…)

  • TheMoneyGuy

    Please help me my iPod touch 4 is not working the apple sign appears then disappears please help my email is

  • Lucy

    many thanx from Australia!! i tried to jailbreak it cuz it was locked to an American network and halfway thru jailbreaking i got the death logo. ur steps has bought up the connect to itunes screen and it currently restoring!!! thanx champ!!

  • Josh

    I need HELP!!! I have a 3gs I have tried to restore it several times even trying the freezer trick. It just restores then when it reboots after it still sticks on the apple logo. Please help!!!