Tip: Easier Method to Rearrange iPhone Apps Across Multiple Home Screens

You might have realized that as the number of iPhone apps have increased on your iPhone and spawned over multiple home screen, it has become more frustrating to arrange the iPhone apps across multiple home screens.

In case you have not figured it out already, there is a very easy method to rearrange iPhone apps across multiple home screens.

As an example, let us assume that you want to swap the position of iPhone app A from the first home screen with the iPhone app B from the third home screen.

  • One way is to press and hold down on one of iPhone Apps on the home screen for a second. This will cause the icons or buttons on the screen to dance and shake.
  • Then push iPhone app A from the first home screen to the next home screen page, and then ultimately to the third home screen.
  • Repeat the process to move iPhone app B to the first home screen.

The problem with this method is that it ends up creating a space for the application as you move it across pages that are full, and also results in pushing other apps by a position.

Here is the other method to rearrange icons on your iPhone’s multiple home screens:

  • Press and hold down on one of the iPhone apps on the home screen for a second. This will cause the icons or buttons on the screen to dance and shake.
  • Instead of moving iPhone app A from the first screen, move one of the dock apps say "Music" to the temporary home screen page (blank home screen page after the last home screen with icons).
  • Then move iPhone app A to the vacant position created by moving the Music app from the dock.
  • Go to the third home screen page, move iPhone app A from the dock to the position of iPhone app B.
  • Move iPhone app B from the third home screen page to the dock.
  • Then go to the first home screen page and move iPhone app B from the dock to the vacant position created by moving iPhone App A.

I found the second method to rearrange iPhone apps across multiple home screens to be a lot easier than the first one.


In case you want to move more than one iPhone app at a time, then follow the instructions provided by reader, RichardK, in the comments below. Thanks Richard.   

What do you think?

[via iPhone Alley]

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  • Bourne

    Never thought of that lmao. But ya I dont really care.

  • Sahid

    lol… yeh.. so you use the dock space as a temporary slot to skip only the dragging from one screent o another….. How about asking apple to put an app to arrange icons instead…..

  • Jonny H


  • Ben

    Great tip. Thanks!

  • this may be the easiest method for moving lots of apps around.

    go to last screen and empty your quicklaunch apps to a new screen.

    go back and drag up to 4 apps to the quicklaunch. go to the desired screen and push them onto in. repeat as needed.

    finally, go back to the screen where you dumped your quicklaunch apps and move them back to the quicklaunch bar.

    done. much easier than one app/page at a time…

    • Don

      I’m a newbie with a 3Gs. Would you mind giving me the ‘idiots guide’ to what you describe, I’d like to clean up my icons to manage them more efficiently? Thanks.

  • Hey Richard,

    You are spot on if one wants to move multiple apps.

    I have added a note at the end of the post so other readers can refer to your tip as well.



  • I didn't find RichardK's subsequent method, but I do use the same method Chuckee presented. (Using the Quicklaunch bar for faster moving.)

  • I do this also, I have a 5-icon dock and I just take the one of the bottom icons and drag it to the last page, and add the newly download or updated app to the dock and just go to one of the pages I will add it to and then drag it to its spot. Its easy and fast. Heres what my phone looks like….
    Click on the picture to view it larger.

  • colin

    dude…I've been doing both of those since 1.1.4

  • river0

    I'm running Firmware 2.1 and had an odd thing happen. I had seven pages of icons in the order I wanted, but then I did SOMETHING and poof!!, my icons were all rearranged. Has anyone else experienced multiple icon shifting like this?

  • Kay

    I always keep one spot open on each home page (except for the first, which can be filled). That way when I add new apps or update existing ones, they fill in the gaps rather than displacing ones in my current arrangement. Then I can have a little extra space to work with, and starting from the last home page, I can work my way back to the first until I get things just the way I want them. As an alternative I'll move all the new apps to the last page (since they are often untested anyway), then apps resume their original positions.

  • yeah I had the same thing when I tried loading different skins with winterboard, but now everytime I arrange the icons and reboot the springboard it re-arrange them again 🙁

  • Neil

    I hope Apple will realize that a 5-icon dock is much more reasonable than a 4-icon dock. (Is a 5-icon dock only available for a jail-broken iPhone? If so, it's a pity.)

  • Neil

    And the "categories" app is also a wonderful way to organize the apps on the iPhone. Again, I hope Apple will provide this tool.

  • I need an app that tells you which apps I'm not using so I can get rid of them!

  • Robert Eddy

    Thanks, Richard. You're a smart guy. I downloaded the iPhone update today (September 12, 2010) and was left with a blank page between apps. You solved it. Thanks again.

  • Ted22

    Another tip is to create a folder for apps you want to move and move a number of them at once.

  • Karen

    Thank you that worked great