iPhone Dev Team Release PwnageTool v2.1 and QuickPwn v1.1 Which Supports iPhone Firmware 2.1

When I published the Step-by-Step guide to Jailbreak 1st Gen iPhone and iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.1 yesterday and had stated that the iPhone hacking community had done it again by hacking iPhone firmware 2.1, I seem to have spoken a little too soon as the guide was not only for the technically inclined, but also had some issues.

However, the good news is that the ever-so dependable iPhone Dev team have delivered yet again. They have released updated versions of their Pwnage and QuickPwn Tools to jailbreak and unlock the 1st Gen iPhone and jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.1 that was released by Apple only yesterday.

The latest version of the Pwnage Tool v2.1 can jailbreak and unlock the first generation iPhone running either firmware 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 or 2.x including iPhone firmware 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.1 which was released by Apple yesterday.

It also can jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.1 but cannot unlock iPhone 3G as of now.

iPhone Dev Team have also released an updated version of QuickPwn Tool v1.1 which supports iPhone firmware 2.1.

If you are new to the iPhone hacking world then QuickPwn Tool is not a replacement for the Pwnage Tool. It makes it quicker and easier to jailbreak iPhone as it does not need iTunes-based full restore.

Pwnage Tool on the other hand is a much more powerful tool, as it allows you to create custom iPhone firmware versions which can then be used to pwn the iPhone to jailbreak it.

The iPhone Dev Team have also figured out a way to combat the countermeasure that Apple had included in iTunes 8 which prevented the Pwnage exploit without the need to patch it.

However, both the tools are currently only for Mac users. I will keep you posted in case we get any more details on the tools for Windows users.

The latest tools from the iPhone Dev Team currently do not work with the new iPod Touch which was released during Apple’s Special Event.

You can download Pwnage Tool v2.1 via BitTorrent using this download link and QuickPwn v1.1 via BitTorrent using this download link.

As always, don’t forget to backup your iPhone before you try the latest Pwnage Tool.

Please do let us know how it goes.

Thanks Raffi for the tip!

[via iPhone Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Kyle King

    I Will upload it to media fire for faster downloading ( for future) it should be fast right now…

  • Kyle King

    Here they wil be finished uploading in 1 min…


    That has both for mac os x

    Im About to k=jailbreak it now, ill let you know how it goes 😉

  • Kyle King

    Working Great! When it jailbreaks you can choose to have no boot logo or pinapple on quickpwn..YAY!…… There is a cool image wehn it installs on the phone once it finishes…. It Just finished now, Everything seems fine, Files are still uploading to media fire.

    Ill Keep you guys posted,


  • Kyle King

    I Originally had some apps on my phone that needed the mobile installation, when i updated they all stayed there, but when u opened it it would just quit :O…. Now after jailbreak it automaticlly tweaked the mobileinstallation file.. :D…. Much easier…I had it done earlier, that might be why, but all me cydia apps are gone… Just keeping ya posted, Everything works fine.

    Files still uopploading :(… Dont know whats taking so long…. Transmission is closed…Dont know why its taking so long, i will tell you guys when you can hit the link…

    Heres the link..

    I would like to thank the iphone dev team, and iphonehacks



  • Kyle King

    Woops bad url


    Sure wish you could edit posts… But nothing is perfect the site is great !


  • Kyle King

    Ok files done uploading


    Everyhting works!

    Im trying to get the nike app of of an ipod touch and put it on the iphone and see what happens

  • Chris

    Hi Kyle King,
    do You know if when I jailbreak an iPhone3G, which has been never pwned before, will I be able to update it legally via iTunes when the next firmware (e.g. 2.1.1 or 2.2.) is released? BTW: My iPhone3G is from Belgium, so no SIM/NET-Lock included. But I need the jailbreak because of the auto-correction feature 🙁
    Thank You for answer.

  • Kyle King

    If someone has the firmware that conains the nike+ for ipod touch 2g please upload to mediafire/rapidshare, I have a reciever for ipod nano and i would like to put the app on my phone(ssh) and put the reciever in and see what happens O.o


  • Kyle King

    I am afraid i dont know that, Apple may beat the Pwnage tool again, But It is NOT illegal to pwn your iphone 3G… Nothing can go wrong when you PWN the device. The worst that could happen when you update to 2.2 is lose the installer/Cydia….

    If you want more info plz let me know…

  • Chris

    Thanks for Your fast reply Kyle.
    How can I contact You? It would be great if You can give me more information.

  • Kyle king

    email is Kyle.king@shaw.ca…. What else do you need to know

  • Kevin

    When you jailbreak firmware 2.1, all the applications, games, and contact lists get all deleted. Is there a way to restore those right after jailbreaking the firmware 2.1?? Kyle, Chris, or anyone please help!!

  • b.

    On previous jailbreaks I only had to scp my own apps to the iPhone and then run "ldid -S" on them. This made them visible and runnable. Now this does not work. Any suggestions or should I wait for a new version of "ldid"?

    Any other method of signing that may work?

  • b.

    Sorry about the previous comment. The apps does appear after a small time. I guess the OS does some background searching before it finds them. The previous method does work and the "ldid" does it magic.

    The PwnageTool is great.


  • Wesley

    hey quick question you guys. on 2.0.2 i had a bunch of cracked apps like super monkey ball. none of my apps work now what do i do?

  • Amit Thapa

    Does anyone know quickpwn unlock ur phone or not, bcoz it seems it didn't unlock my phone as i happen to restore my phone(2g)yestrerday by mistake.

  • Amit Thapa

    i tried to pawnge my phone(2g) since quickpwn does not unlock it.But ir gave me error message 1606 while restoring in itunes. does anybody have same problem who tried pawnge tool ??

  • Gus

    Hi all,

    Could someone please explain to me the difference between the QuickPwn and the Pwnage tool. To my understanding Quickpwn is just faster. But what is really the catch.


  • javier Santa Gadea

    i just have a quick question.. i am new to this and i have lots of questions.. but one concern.. if i pwn my iphone 3g willi still be able to download app from the itunes store,and will everything still be work the same, my contacts will still sync? and so will my music?

  • iphone gard

    want to said thank you to DEV.org to be there always for us, Not like Ziphone he always talking crap, is been more than 5 months W/O any ziphone software, if you got any bring it on!!! stop talking crap zibri!!! Dev-org is the best ever , he ONLY took 24 hours to give us a new update software like 2.1. in both pwnage and quick pwnage, learn from the best which is DEV-ORG!!!!! keep it up Dave!!!!

  • key
  • Jeffrey K



  • Joe


    I recently updated my iphone from 1.4 to 2.1 using quickpwn 1.1. Now I cannot use my phone because it will not connect to my network. I am using Tmobile but it will bot display that I have any service. Can someone please help?

  • amit thapa

    Hey jeffrry I think quickpwn does not unlock ur phone bcoz I had a same problem. I have iPhone 2g and 3g. I phone 3g in contract with $30 plan and 2g is used by my wife without contract in AT&T . iPhone 2g was unlocked until I updated my both phone and by mistake I restore my phone. Now my I phone is locked though I used quickpwned it. Only my simcard works on it. If i insert My wife's sim it won't work. I tried to pawnge too but it gave me error1600 everytime I tried as I tried like times. I think now u have to wait till dev team do something about it.

  • Brandon

    Jeffrey to unlock you have to use the pwngage tool not quickpwn… quickpwn only jailbreaks phones.

  • JCUK

    I've downloaded the Pwnage tool but when I try and run it it says it can't find the bootloader 3.9 file. I've downloaded the 'bl39.bin' file from the web yet it says it's the wrong file. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

  • Vshade

    Please help! I've made evrth, like it's written in guide and I have now stack apple on iPhone (3g v2.1) and iTunes 8 said that SIM card blocked. How I can restore my phone? Please help!!!!!

  • TJ

    To Javier:

    Yes, you will still be able to use all the official Apple features provided by the firmware, even if you Jailbreak it. The Cydia App and Installer App function like native iPhone Apps, with the exception of not being able to delete them without SSH or Reinstalling firmware.

  • Amit Thapa

    Hi can anyone tell me what error 1600 is while trying to pwnage my iphone. I think i tried liked five times. I can make custom firmware but while restoring through itunes useing custom firmware it gave me error 1600 like 5 times. Can anyone help me since i need to unlock my iphone 2g to be used by my wife as it is not in contract.

  • Amit Thapa

    Hi can anyone tell me what error 1600 is while trying to pwnage my iphone. I think i tried liked five times. I can make custom firmware but while restoring through itunes useing custom firmware it gave me error 1600 like 5 times. Can anyone help me since i need to unlock my iphone 2g to be used by my wife as it is not in contract.

  • Amit Thapa

    Hi can anyone tell me what error 1600 is while trying to pwnage my iphone. I think i tried liked five times. I can make custom firmware but while restoring through itunes useing custom firmware it gave me error 1600 like 5 times. Can anyone help me since i need to unlock my iphone 2g to be used by my wife as it is not in contract.

  • key
  • Tommy

    Hey Key,

    Did you just follow the guidelines listed on this website when you pwn your 3g on vista?

  • key
  • key

    I don't have Vista, I have a mac

  • sammy

    Can I update from 1.3 to 2.1? is it possible?

  • sammy

    can I upgrade from 1.3 to 2.1? is it possible?

  • Jacek

    we have now Windows QuickPwn 2.1.
    go to http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

    Good job and thank you!!!!!

  • guest

    I just wanted to post that i have a t mobile prepaid 1st gen iphone. and It was pwned before at 2.0.1. all i did was update it through itunes 8 , and i didnt have to do anything else! there was no block during the restart after the update. everything works perfectly fine!

  • Srini

    QICKPWN 2.1-1 for Windows Released

    Hey guys
    I just jailbreaked and unlocked 2.1 on my 2g phone using a very simple process oulined on sleepers.net. The instructions are quite confusing so follow this.. I did this and got my iphone 2G on 2.1 up and running in 20 mins flat!!

    1. Upgrade to itunes 8.0
    2. Sync your iphone with itunes. Backup your data.
    3. Download the 2.1 ipsw
    4. From Itunes 8.0, hold shift and hit restore
    5. After Itunes restores your phone with 2.1 firmware and comes up for activation, Launch Quickpwn2.1-1
    6. Select the installed 2.1 ipsw in the relevant screen.
    7. Select the bootloaders and hit next
    8. follow the instructions on quickpwn and voila!! it will reboot and u r up and running!!


  • Omar

    I used QuickPwn to unlock and jailbreak iphone 2g. I have an old old oldd ATT plan, but when I put in my sim card it says "Different SIM detected". Please connect to itunes. On this screen my phone is unlocked, I see the network, but I stay on the emergency screen. I can even make and receive calls but I can't do anything else or see anything else. When I put the Activated ATT chip in it, then the phone shows the jailbreak items but I get no service. So basically my old SIM keeps me on the emergency screen but allows me to make calls, but the new SIM shows the jailbreak but no calls. Why is that happening? I am using version 2.1. I've seen postings with others having this issue, but nobody has addressed it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Chris

    anyone have a list of sources to add to the installer, tried looking at the page i used to have but is no longer there.

  • 2gUser

    i need to downgrade back from 2.1 to 1.1.2. anyone tell me how i can go about this and if it's possible?

  • James52

    I have a basic question regarding unlocking / jail breaking.
    I have an unlocked / jail broken iphone, ver. 1.14. I unlocked it using Liberty software. Now, if I want to update it using itunes to 2.0 or 2.01, what's the best route to take?
    I am using an ATT prepaid sim card.

  • lionel

    Help Needed (URGENTLY)
    I have upgrade my 2g iphone from 1.1.1 to 2.1 version using QuickPwn & Pwnage Tool to jailbreak firmware 2.1. It works successfully. But my WIFI icon does not activate and it state “No Wifi”. Can any buddies out there help to solve this problem i m facing.

  • Frank

    after jailbreaking it i have no service on my iphone,, please help,

  • ibrahim

    i've got a 3g where i updated to 2.1 firmware but now its stuck to the emergency calls screen…any help how to unlock it…really no idea how to do that…a quick help is really appericiated…

    thanks alot

  • Paulvert

    Where is the most recent version of winpwn for firmware 2.1, that is not a bit torrent link??? jeeeze everything is such a run around to find here., greta information but had to gtet what you want here


    Please Help Me! for some stuoid reason i cannot unlock the first gen iphone. ive done it before with my gf's phone and now im trying to help my friend with his but its not unlocking it. Ive used Pwnage Tool and QuickPwn and they do everything but unlock the phone and he is on T-Mobile Service. Please help me, idk what else to do, nothing is working.

  • eric

    if I update the iphone firmware after jail break will it erase my jail break?

  • Daniel

    How can I Downgrade the modem firmeware?

  • jcreecher

    I recently bought an iphone 3g through ebay which is still provider locked and unactivated. How can I find out which firmware version is on it? I get only the emergency call screen with the slider. Can I upgrade to Firmware 2.1 not knowing what version currently resides on the device? I'm quite sure it isn't Firmware 2.2 though.

  • tiffany

    My iphone 3G is jailbroken….Why is there a (-2) beside my text message icon and it won't go away?