PdaNet Turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi Router

June Fabrics Technology has released their popular application for Window Mobile phones and Palm OS phones, PdaNet, for jailbroken iPhone.

PdaNet turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router for your MAC or PC, and allows your laptop to surf the internet wirelessly using your iPhone’s 3G/Edge data connection.

PdaNet is similar to iPhone Apps such as iPhoneModem developed by Addition and
Nullriver’s NetShare which made a brief appearance on the App Store
only to be banned by Apple possibily due to pressure from carriers like

June Fabrics Technology had ported their popular application for Window Mobile phones and Palm OS phones, PdaNet, to the iPhone. They had planned to release their iPhone app via the App Store and had also submitted their application to Apple for approval. However, based on the problems that Nullriver had faced with NetShare which is similar to PdaNet, they have given up any hope of getting an approval from Apple and instead decided to release it as an unofficial iPhone app for users who have jailbroken their iPhone.

Though iPhoneModem is simpler to use than NetShare and is well-designed and functional; one of the issues with it was that an iPhone user not only had to install the app on the jailbroken iPhone but also had to install a desktop app which at the time of writing the post was only available for Mac OS X 10.5.

PdaNet on the other hand does not need any desktop application to be installed, all you need to do is setup an ad-hoc network on your computer, join that network on your iPhone and you are ready to use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi router from your computer running Windows, Mac or Linux.

They have also addressed the issue with other tethering solutions which allowed you to use applications that support Socks proxy. This means that you will not only be able to use your computer to surf the internet using the web browser, but you will also be able to use  applications like instant messenger without any additional settings.

Folks at June Fabrics Technology have recommended users to charge the iPhone at the time of using PdaNet as an active 3G connection and Wi-Fi connection used by it while running in the background will quickly drain iPhone’s battery.

You can install PdaNet on the jailbroken iPhone via Cydia by going to Manage -> Sources -> ModMyi, then scrolling down to PdaNet.

You can follow this guide to setup the ad-hoc network on Windows XP, Vista or Mac.

However a word of caution, please be careful while using this with AT&T as too much tethering data usage could get you into trouble with them.

As always, it will be great to hear your feedback on PdaNet in the comments below.

[via June Fabrics Technology]

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  • andy

    I just started using this and it's awesome! I would compare the 3g tether connection to that of DSL speed. Video can be somewhat slow to stream but surfing is just great!

  • Mike (Egypt)

    This sounds amazing i wish they released this earlier because i needed internet but couldn't find a wifi connection for my laptop. Cant wait to install on my iPhone 3g xD. Does anyone know if its compatible for 2.1?

  • AMAZING APP! i've tried it just now with amazing results! everything works! i've made a crystal clear phone call on skype, chatted a bit with my buddy on iChat, browsed on both Firefox and Safari! tested the speed! didnt know that my 3g connection was capable of 1896kbps thats around 1.7mbps which is pretty dandy! the app is amazing, setup was as simple as setting up a normal network, just create an ad-hoc on ur mac/windows! and "boom" as mr Job says, your online checking iPhoneHacks.com. Amazing find guys

    Thanks for the heads up


    P.S I've tried it on my 2.1 iphone 😉 couldnt get my iPod connected through the computer tho!,, i could see it connected on the app, but i couldnt get online.

  • MacAssist

    Great app – got it working in no time. On my main machine, the stuff I had to do to get NetShare working I had to undo for PdaNet to work (had to unset the Socks proxy). Just let both devices do DHCP, join the ad-hoc network and you're up and away with Web, mail, SSH – you name it.

  • Justin

    Can anyone confirm that this works on 2.1? I tried it on mine and can't get it to work to save my life. I am very smart with the whole iPhone thing, so I know its not me. My IP addresses, just aren't what they are supposed to be. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Thanks!

  • Dear Justin

    If you were that smart, you would tell us what the problems are that you are experiencing. Is the program not loading, is it not recognizing your 3g connection, is it not recognizing your wifi connection? What is the deal. Provide some clear details and we can try to help, cause like you, we are also very smart with the whole "iphone thing!"

  • km

    I had issues like @justin and i had to give my vista Wireless adapter an "alternate" ip address in the 192.168.x.x address class and then I was ok. I also had to give the IP of the iPhone as the gateway address since I was hardcoding my IP address. The end result was both laoptop and Iphone on the same network and the iphone address being the gateway). Since my Wireless NIC can have the primary DHCP setting and a secondary alternate IP that is hardcoded, this works great for me. I do it all once and then I am ok each subsequent time.

  • Justin

    Sorry guys. I appoligize for being so vague. I create a wireless network on my mac, and then join it on my phone. However, the phone still shows the 3G icon. I start pdanet and it says "PDAnet is all setup and ready to go, just go into settings and join your adhoc network." It gives me that error everytime. I'm assuming its something wrong with my phone, since everyone else is getting it to work. You think it has something to do with me using iphonemodem, or the previous method with mobile terminal and 3proxy? Another question I have is, does it show the wifi icon or 3G icon on your phone when you use PDAnet? Thanks guys!!

  • PdaNet has been one of the most popular software for Windows Mobile phones and Palm OS phones. It is now ported to the iPhone! The latest version turns your iPhone into a true WiFi router for your computer (MAC or PC), and allows your laptop to go online wirelessly through the 3G network on the iPhone.While there has been quite a few other third party software (iPhoneModem, NetShare etc. and also the built-in OpenSSH) that tether your iPhone through a junky SOCKS proxy solution. PdaNet, on the other hand, is miles ahead! This version is called "PdaNet WiFi Router", it literally is. All you need to do is simply to create an ad-hoc WiFi network on the computer and connect your iPhone to it (instructions). Your computer then goes online automatically. There is no need to specify IP (or any other) settings on either end.
    Link Building

  • Peter

    Justin –

    The same thing is happening to me, and I feel like I have tried every solution, but nothing is working. I have went the static route as km suggested, I have tried to only use DHCP on the phone / then only on the computer….Nothing is working. I keep getting stuck at the same screen as you. I have found out though, that it is a setting inside the computer, and not on the phone. On two laptops I have been experiencing the problem, but when I hook up to my desktop it works as others have reported. I have copied my ipconfig /all from the desktop and applied all the setting statically to my laptop…and nothing. There must be some service / setting that we have different on our computers. Please keep me posted on any progress, and I will do the same

  • Angelus

    This works great… It only took me 2 minutes 😉

  • @ Peter

    Thanks peter for the info. I'll keep you posted if I figure it out. I know my macbook works perfectly, because I use basically the same method of creating a network for iphonemodem. So I know it works.

  • drender

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

  • ADR

    I tried 3Proxy before and couldn't really keep the connection long enough for a page to load; PDANet is way better but i still get disconnect every 5 minutes or so… don't know what the deal is but for those concerns with with 2.1 firmware…my is 2.1 and maybe that is why.

  • msafiri

    Works just great! For those of us who already pay for unlimited data downloads (Sweden), not being able to use the iPhone as a modem has been a real problem. Tethering is okay here, but Apple does not allow it. This is the solution.

  • danny

    works on 2.1 perfectly. Not sure how o2 will feel about it. Never mind.

  • OldGuy

    I just tried PdaNET to tether my EeePC to my first generation iPhone using the E network. Running Firefox on the EeePC, it runs much faster than Safari on the iPhone. It only took a few minutes to set up. Thunderbird also worked well for getting my email using PdaNET. Oh, and PdaNET will tell you what you are doing wrong if the error is on the iPhone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • starfall

    This is excellent. so easy and works perfectly.

  • I installed to try and review for the firt time today and it works great! Real easy to set up.

  • Christian

    I don't see PdaNET on Cydia for some reason??????

  • Christian

    I don't see PdaNET on Cydia for some reason??????

  • CathH

    At last! What a relief. This works perfectly with my Vista laptop and internet surfing and email work fine. I wish I'd had this when I was in Skye last week! Thanks for an excellent app.

  • Q

    Brilliant! Now I can dump my VMC card and stop paying Vodafone for maintaining 2 mobile connections. Configuration is simple enough for a non tech person like me to understand. If only NZ had similar data plans to the US… Thanks for this great app.

  • justindavis

    I am using iphone 2.0 with, OSX 10.5.5 mackbook pro, and pdanet. But once connected via pdanet/adhoc, only my apple mail app will successfully connect. firefox and safari dont. I get




    What the dealio?

    I'm using t-mobile, with t-zones hack.
    Any suggestions?

  • LOS1NeR

    I'm poor just like half of america now. can't afford home internet:( So i use this with the greatest of ease and love it! Although i would like to see a if they can fix the battery issue that i'm having while pluged in to the wall socket to charge. The battery keeps running on the iphone which means eventually i have to disconnect and charge thee iphone. That my friends sucks major jewels. But beside that this is perfect for us poor technically advanced people:)

  • JCR

    Can someone explain in PDANet for iPhone, when the app is connected there is a info tab that reads "Connections" and a amount of connections.

    What does that connections means?

  • Im using this on my EEEPC, but I keep disconnecting every few minutes. My iPhone is using 2.1 firmware; Is that the problem? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Chris

    How much data transfer would make ATT suspicious? It works great but I don't want to get spanked with a big bill from ATT.

  • Chris

    How much data transfer would make ATT suspicious? It works great but I don't want to get spanked with a big bill from ATT.

  • Chris

    How much data transfer would make ATT suspicious? It works great but I don't want to get spanked with a big bill from ATT.

  • Chris

    How much data transfer would make ATT suspicious? It works great but I don't want to get spanked with a big bill from ATT.

  • Chris

    How much data transfer would make ATT suspicious? It works great but I don't want to get spanked with a big bill from ATT.

  • Sripathi

    I have IBM thinkpad and it comes with Thinkvantage Access connections to handle the setting up of wired & wireless networks. Its not allowing me to setup an adhoc network with DHCP, asking me to enter static ip. I gave as ip address, Subnet mass and Default gateway of Both iphone and PC are recognizing each other and iphone is taking an ip address of entirely different range. PDAnet able to detect my Edge connection, but keep saying to disconnect and reconnect to PC and relaunch the program and I am unble to connect to the net so far.

  • Chuck5150

    How much data can you use before ATT will notice and possibly cause some trouble?

  • matt

    Pdanet was working perfectly fine for me for a while. Now all of a sudden when i connect my iphone to the ad-hoc my laptop shows it is connected and so does pdanet but my laptop says there is no internet connection. I have tried everything and it still wont work. Also, the pdanet says I have 0/0 bytes 0 connections and 0 DNS. Am i missing or doing something wrong?

  • Darrell

    I just downloaded this to my iPhone 2.2 3G and it works great, connects exactly as the instructions say it does

  • ericq

    Does anyone know how much web traffic/downloads you can use before AT&T knows you are tethering?

  • Glen

    PDAnet is outstanding… Can use the iPhone for games etc etc…However version revisons state that PDAnet supports VPN connections …. not so unless im doing something wrong… I use a work laptop and we use Cisco VPN .. it will not connect — error 412 the remote host has timed out.. plug in a normal modem and bang connects first time…. anyone else got this issue ?? Is it a trial limitation ?


  • Tomas


    Is it possible to connect multiple computers to a PDA Net enabled iPhone like a real wifi router?

    Does anybody have experience using this with Claro in Argentina?


  • Aiden M.

    I was tethering just fine, with Vista. This is a wonderful program. All of a sudden though, my ad-hoc networks on Vista (that I set up to use for tethering) are no longer broadcasting any signal. Thus my iphone can not see the networks to join them. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  • bennett

    This solves most of your connection problems I think:

  • Fujitivo1do

    Is there any way to connect a ps3 to the internet using pdanet and iphone

  • Confirmed working on V2.2

  • Nick

    I am having major problems. Iphone is o2 UK, iphone 3g, 2.2.1 (5H11).

    1) In USB mode, I am able to get the desktop client to connect for about 3 minutes. I can browse the web at good speeds. Then for no reason, and without displaying a notification of any kind, the connection drops. If I hover over the desktop client icon in system tray, it will then say "Ready to connect". When I go to reconnect, I get "pairing error err=0xE8000001" and no connection. If I completely exit the client software, reconnect the iphone and restart the client, then I am able to achieve connection for another 3 minutes, but then the problem reoccurs.

    This happens when the iphone has connectivity on both a wifi and 3g network.

    2) When using wifi router mode, the ad-hoc network is created successfully and the iphone joins it without a problem. But I am rarely able to get internet connection on my laptop after the connection. I don't receive any specific error codes (everything looks like it is working, but in IE and Firefox all I get is 404s).

    Can anyone suggest any ideas? Thanks.

  • AJ

    I was talking to a att rep and eventually she figured out i jailbroke my iphone and i admited it she said that att doesnt care about that because the phone is mine and i paid for it i can do whatever i want to it, so i asked her about data usage and how much of the unlimited i could use and she used some program on her computer and typed in 100 gigs to see if there would be a restriction on that much but she made a typo and put 1 terabyte and it still can back as ok. she said unlimited internet means unlimited internet. she did say maybe if i used alot of data att they might notice but she doubted it. still, i might be cautious. Ive been on the internet for a while already and im using pdanet right now.

  • Bill

    Thanks so much!

    This is well explained and very simple to follow. I'm using this setup on a Droidx with a home brew WinXP computer, along with 3 WinXP Laptops, works perfectfor me…..

    Thanks again

  • Do I have to have a Wifi connection on my Iphone for this to work?

  • raullando

    work very very very fine. It's better that mywi.
    My iphone not work with mywi but now is perfect and more quick.
    Very Thanks!!!

  • james moore

    ko. i had it for the htc droid eri and it wsa alright. got my new iphone 4 and it stunk. it cept cuttin off and losin service. but i downloaded something called mywi and i never get cut off or anything. i get 10 to 11 mb’s a sec which is pretty good. just as good as cable or sat internet. i download movies and music and havent been charged nothing extra on my verizon line. yall should give it a try

  • Adam

    Has anyone on this forum ever had a PDANET error 31 (state 5)on windows 7 while attempting USB tethering before? If so, is there a fix?

  • HNL

    All this hassle makes me think I should just get a Droid. What’s so much better about the iphone anyway?

  • Claire

    How do I stop my network realising I’m tethering? I’m on Three.