iPhoneModem Brings 3G/EDGE Tethering for iPhone

One of the features missing from the 1st gen iPhone and iPhone 3G is the ability to tether the iPhone to feed a data connection to your computer to surf the internet. It would have been a treat if it was possible on iPhone 3G.

We have already seen Nullriver’s NetShare app which brought 3G/EDGE tethering for iPhone was removed by Apple from the App Store due to pressure from the carriers.

So Addition has released their iPhone App called iPhoneModem which brings tethering feature as an unofficial iPhone app for the jailbroken iPhone.

Nullriver’s NetShare iPhone app had almost brought Edge/3G tethering capability to the
iPhone for the short time it was available on iPhone’s App Store, only to
be pulled down (twice) and the chances are that it might not make it back to the App Store as Apple was reviewing user contracts with providers, including AT&T.

Addition had originally planned to release iPhoneModem through the App Store and had even submitted iPhone Modem to Apple for approval, however as they are yet to get a response to their application submitted in July 08 and based on the problems that Nullriver have faced, they have decided to release it as an unofficial iPhone app for users who have jailbroken their iPhone.

ModMyI is reporting that iPhoneModem is simpler to use than NetShare and is incredibly well-designed and functional.

All you need to do is install their desktop app which is available only for Mac OS X 10.5 on your laptop (download link) and install the iPhoneModem app on your jailbroken iPhone using Cydia. iPhoneModem currently works with only iPhone firmware 2.x.

They are actively working on a desktop client for Mac OS X 10.4 and Microsoft Windows as well as iPhoneModem which works with iPhone firmware 1.x.

After installing the desktop client, launch it and press connect, this should automatically create an ad-hoc network named iPhoneModem on your Mac.

Then, on your iPhone, go to your settings and join the iPhoneModem network.

Once connected, open the iPhoneModem app on the iPhone. It will automatically connect (assuming you’ve got the iPhoneModem running on your Mac), and you should be able to surf the net using the browser on your desktop or laptop computer.

iPhoneModem is a shareware which cost $9.99 to remove the nagging registration popups.

However, please be careful while using this with AT&T, since too much tethering data usage could get you neutered.

You should also avoid entering sensitive data such as passwords etc while surfing on the net using this app as it does not create a secure network.

As always, it will be great to hear your feedback on Addition’s iPhoneModem.

[via ModMyI, Addition]

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  • Justin

    Works great with 3G. Surprisingly fast!! The only problem I see is that only web browsers are able to access the internet. You can't use instant messenger clients, Mail, or the itunes store. Hopefully there will be a workaround in the near future. Other than that, its EXTREMELY easy to use!! Nice job!!

  • Kevin

    Can you download files with this application?? Please confirm that thank you.

  • mister_L

    old news…and there are FREE apps which are better than netshare! use google!

  • Nate


    It would be nice if you would post a link to an alternative application rather than just saying "use google". Furthermore, iPhoneModem might be old news to you, but I hadn't heard of it yet. So, thank you iPhoneHacks.

  • Kray-Z

    question, you metioned that you would get "neutered" if we use it to mutch, how mutch do you think that would be and what exactly would, happ, would they charge you, cut you off for good, put it in suspetion? is there any information of this happeining. thanks alot you guys.

    • Rhonda

      I have been charged by AT&T now for supposedly going over my data plan and they are beginning to harass me. They have also slowed down my regular Internet connection on my phone. Not sure what’s next. I’m looking to find another way around AT&T since my contract is up this month.

  • uday

    I am not able to see this application in Cydia. What do I do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dandaman

    Whats up wit this app, it is no where to be found! Any suggestions??

  • LB

    This is not true about only working for internet, open ichat and select Server Settings – choose the connect with proxy check box… leave "use system pref" checked…and ichat is online. Repeat with other apps that don't work.

    make sure to undo after done tethering. Also if you have no regular net after iphonemodem, check osx's network location setting… i had to swap it back to Normal.

    Your welcome.

  • http://www.iphonemodem.de the real free iPhone thetering out sins 3 Weeks… It is unbelivable that people surfing with iPhones with a open WLAN 😀

    Ciao Marco

  • Joe

    Can it be connect with PC???

  • Yes it can… simply create a Adhoc WLAN with WEP or WPA and use for your Programms the iPhone IP as Socks5 Proxy on Port 1080…

    Ciao Marco

  • Thanks friends. Great!

  • Jesse

    Anyone know when this will be avaiable for Windows Xp?

  • Lorraine

    This uses the 3G capabilities right? so will the usage be charged to our phone bill?? sorry complete noob at this…

  • Co

    Works a treat for me. With the minimum of fuss, which is what you need when mobile in my opinion. If you have a geniune carrier package the data is included. Making sure they don't find out your using it is the key. No movie downloads etc.or excessive threads open. Just casual browsing and chat etc. I've used it a lot and only used 2 gb of data in I month. Fair usage into account that is way within my allowance. I was using net share. Which is also great, but a little tempremental. Now the trial as run out on that I may purchase iPhonemodem2. $9.99 is a great price.

  • Co

    Pdanet sorry, not netshare!

  • Bill

    Tried and failed using Windows XP with Bootcamp on my 2.4 Ghz Macbook Pro; until my Avast antivirus prompted if I wanted it to stop blocking iPhonemodem. I am typing this now using iPhonemodem on my Macbook Pro with Windows in Bootcamp!

  • Ron

    Need help
    The trial version worked fine after it run out bought the app and it refuse to work again, it keeps telling me (waiting for iphone) and will nor connect. Support sucks no one has answered countless emails that i've sent. Thing twice before buying apps without phone support, EVEN IF IT FOR $10.00.

  • Sime

    Same problem as Ron, but it is the iPhone that wants the laptop to open iPhoneModem. Let me know if and how you fix it!

  • Sime

    Also knackered the Wifi on the laptop, and won't connect to our wireless home network – everything else does! HELP!!!

  • It appears that this is the only place where people are bringing up iphonemodem2 on the internet. Even the builder's website doesn't have a discussion forum where people can help troubleshoot.

    Sime, I think I had the same problem as you. When I loaded iphone modem on my iphone & pc, it changed my lan settings in Internet Explorer. I couldn't get on the internet until I disabled this proxy setting. Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings.

  • I purchased iphonemodem2 and I am having trouble getting internet access. I…
    1) Opened IPM2 on my notebook (it sets up a wifi network).
    2) Iphone – I connected to the new available wifi network and launched my IPM2 app.
    3) Icons – Edge & Wifi icons come up on iphone (but the third rectangle icon does not ever become active). Iphone & wifi icons come up on my pc application.

    I run internet explorer, and nothing.

    Anyone have a suggestion?


  • au

    I have exactly the problem with Ryan, above. I successfully used iphonemodem for a day but now it cannot connect. I have tried to re-install it on both the iphone and macbook but no good result. What is default proxy settings for iphonemodem on mac. Thanks.

  • jay

    I'm have the same problem. Macbook Pro-Iphone 3G. Got it working once on a Mac Mini(10.5.6) and speed measured 3.0Mb with speakeasy website, but no success now with Macbook or Mini. Mac says "Waiting for Iphone" and Iphone says "Open iPhoneModem on Mac/Pc". Where my money at?

  • Ville

    Hmm, I have the same problem. It started after I updated to 2.2. – All I get is "Waiting for iPhone" 🙁

  • Joe

    They are working on an update:
    From ME:
    The third box on the iPhone app never activates/lights up.
    1. I launch the app on my WinXP laptop
    2. I click connect
    3. I launch the app on my iPhone

    The status on the WinXP iPhone modem is connected, but the app on the iPhone has a status of "Open iPhonemodem on MAC/PC"

    — iPhone Log Start —
    Edge:xx.xx.xxx.xx WiFi:iPhoneModem ( Mac/PC:NO
    01/07/09 15:21:54.892: Starting HTTP Proxy
    01/07/09 15:21:54.898: HTTP server started
    01/07/09 15:21:54.900: Starting SOCKS Proxy
    01/07/09 15:21:54.903: SOCKS server started
    01/07/09 15:21:54.906: Starting DNS Proxy on xx.xx.xxx.xx
    — End of iPhone Log —

    Sent from my iPhone
    From THEM:
    Some users, like you, are experiencing problems with our new engine, we are working on an update to be released next week. Also make sure you have both applications updated to version 2.2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • kramer

    For anyone with inability to connect to internet after this installation go to internet options in internet expolorer, click connection tab, then lan settings, and uncheck proxy box. I also checked box to auto detect settings.

  • Next week? Aaaargh.
    This is why charging for apps like this is risky. Now most of us have a worthless $10 "modem" that can't be used…

  • next week? aaargh…
    A net-tethering app like this is so volatile, I'm not sure they should be charging for it if it can down for days at a time due to Apple updates or their own errors…

  • OK, so I decided to go with PDAnet, and it seems to be better for several reasons: http://www.junefabrics.com/iphone/

  • coarsal

    I get the following error on a popup window in xp:

    Error Setting Network Settings (DNS Server): {}. Error Code:94

    any help would be appreciated.

  • alice

    Hi – I just installed iphonemodem and am having same problemnot being able to access internet (via internet explorer) even thou' everything is installed correctly and wifi is working? Can anyone help??

  • Mark

    I am having the same problem as yall are. everything is fine until i get to the iPhone and the Status is "Open iPhoneModem on mac/pc" but the app is open on my macbook something must be messed up hopefully they fix it soon

  • kc@cafaro-production.comkeith cafaro

    Hi y´all, same prob as you. Tried it out successfully. After i purchased, same probs: mac says "waiting for iphone", iphone asks me to "open iphonemodem on mac". What the f… is this. Several mails and no reaction. DONT PAY 4 IT !!

  • keith cafaro

    Hi y´all, same prob as you. Tried it out successfully. After i purchased, same probs: mac says "waiting for iphone", iphone asks me to "open iphonemodem on mac". What the f… is this. Several mails and no reaction. DONT PAY 4 IT !!

  • Dave

    No one has figured out how to solve this problem yet?
    10 emails to Addition, no reply!

  • Rob

    Yes, same problem for me…worked good, paid the 10 bucks, now it just says "waiting for iPhone" & the iPhone says "open iPhoneModem on Mac/PC…have written the company twice now & no response…sounds like a perfect way for the company to make money get $10 off thousands of people who won't cause a stink to get their money back…..class action maybe? LOL

  • johan

    (.DE vs .COM) I guess it is worth checking out.

    the app has the same name but works differently.
    I have not verified the .de version, my 3G phone is not jailbroken yet.
    I tried the additions version of IphoneModem v 2.2 with a friends jailbroken G3,
    does not work, says creating WiFi connection, nothing happens…

  • Ski

    Cannot get it to work. Mainly I cannot get support from them AT ALL. I've sent them multiple emails with no reply. iphonemodem.com is a fake! BEWARE!

  • Ski

    Here is there info, let start a riot!
    Addition, Lda.
    R Borges Carneiro 34 RC
    Lisboa, Lisboa 1200

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: IPHONEMODEM.COM
    Created on: 31-Jul-08
    Expires on: 31-Jul-10
    Last Updated on: 31-Jul-08

    Administrative Contact:
    Vitorino, Diogo diogo.vitorino@addition.pt
    Addition, Lda.
    R Borges Carneiro 34 RC
    Lisboa, Lisboa 1200
    +351213959233 Fax — +351213959233

    Technical Contact:
    Vitorino, Diogo diogo.vitorino@addition.pt
    Addition, Lda.
    R Borges Carneiro 34 RC
    Lisboa, Lisboa 1200
    +351213959233 Fax — +351213959233

  • Alex

    I'm in France with SFR carrier and iPhone OS 3.1.2; just jailbroke with redsnow 0.9.4 (failed 1st time, ok on 2nd) installed iphonemodem (iPhone + Mac) and got the connection, but data transfer is super slow and am not loading web pages on computer.

    A friend running iPhone OS 3.0 gets it to work perfectly (before and after purchasing full version of iphonemodem)… and I can't seem to find much info…

    Has Apple done something in 3.1.2? that hinders tethering?

    thx for your help

  • Rob

    I have used iphonemodem for a while. I must admit that it was quite temperamental and regularly dropped connection even in the presence of 5 bars of 3G. It does not seem to work with iphone 4. I've just been trialling MyWifi and although $10 more expensive is well worth the investment.