Killer iPhone App: Sekai Camera Gives Near Real-time Info of What You’re Looking At

Sekai Camera (World Camera in Japanese) was one of the coolest things shown off at TechCrunch50 and if you checkout the impressive video (after the jump) you will probably agree with me that it could easily be one of the killer iPhone apps.

The iPhone app developed by Tonchidot Corporation uses both iPhone’s camera along with GPS or cell-tower triangulation to offer up a near real-time information of what you’re looking at.

Sekai Camera is an iPhone app developed by Tokyo-based mobile application provider Tonchidot.

You can checkout the impressive video of the iPhone app to get an overview:

It is one of the best implementation of

location-based social networks I have seen so far on the iPhone.

The iPhone app makes use of the information provided by the users in the form of little virtual “hobo codes”, information generated by Tonchidot themselves and information scraped from other web services to display information of a user’s surroundings.

The iPhone app identifies things like restaurants, local shops, and even products

with links to user reviews and ratings. It cant even tell you how many calories are there in a chocolate bar by looking at it on your iPhone.

So you can use Sekai Camera to find out where to eat, and if you didn’t like it,

you can tag it and leave your review so that others can see it when they use the application.

According to Tonchidot, Marketing Director Peter Anshin, the

technology does not use as much information from the camera as it does

from your location using either GPS or cell-tower triangulation. He has

confirmed that they are currently not using any image recognition technology, however did not divulge any more details at this point.

Unfortunately, there is no information as to when Sekai Camera will be released to public.

Based on the video and the information available, folks at Tonchidot seem to have a winner.

What do you think?

[via Gizmodo, TechCrunch50 Coverage]

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