Steve Wozniak Advocates iPhone Hacking

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iPhone Dev Team has published a photo on their blog of Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak with a pwned iPhone.

He had hacked Emmy award winning actress, Kathy Griffin’s iPhone on TV back in
June so it comes as no surprise to hear Steve Wozniak advocates iPhone hacking.

As seen in the photo below Wozniak seems to be showing off his iPhone displaying a cartoon image of Steve Jobs throwing his hands in the air which is a boot screen replacement possible only after pwning the iPhone.

Steve Wozniak Pwned iPhone

Pwning the iPhone gives you read and write access to iPhone’s filesystem which is required to install unofficial third party iPhone applications on your iPhone.

In case you missed it, you can checkout the video clip of Wozniak jailbreaking Griffin’s iPhone on her reality show "My Life on the D-List":

Your thoughts?

[via iPhone Dev Team’s blog]

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  • T. Payne

    old news… He told Kathy Griffin (his g/f at the time) she was the only person in the world who hadnt jailbroken her iPhone… this was back in the 1.1.x days

  • Dan S

    I think it's appropriate, considering Woz was the original hardware geek of Apple. 🙂

  • TJ

    Yeah…. bout that…. Is this really a surprise? I mean. Let's be honest: Steve Jobs has a hacked iPhone too. I've seen it. I've seen his house too, in Palo Alto CA. My cousin lives on his street so of course I stalked Stevie while I was there. 😛

    But the fact remains that this really only pushes the iPhone FURTHER into the mainstream, being that it's really the only phone with dedicated support from both hackers AND the official company. While WinMo DOES have a hacking fanbase, and they have many third-party apps for those phones, the hardware isn't the same on each phone (just like PC games vs console games. PC games never perform as well because they weren't designed for specific hardware) and each user gets a different experience. With the iPhone hacking community, every user gets a near identical experience that is only changed by whatever else they might have installed and running. 🙂 So the iPhone is the ultimate platform for programmers, legitimate and otherwise.

    Oh, and to any WinMo fans that reply to this comment with your usual snideness about how the WinMo phones are cheaper and have better processors… shut up, because if your hardware was really as good as you say it is, we'd all be buying THAT instead of the iPhone.

  • Wes

    I second that, TJ

  • randy

    I doubt Steve has a hacked iPhone, but if he does, I don't think he is going to be stupid enough to let some stranger close enough to examine his home screen for evidence of such. Why? Because a hacked iPhone allows piracy now that App Store programs have been cracked. I have created a killer app, but am still working on a secondary method to protect it, because I don't want my hard work to show up in Newsgroups, Torrents or other sources for free download.

  • That's actually really cool. I actually wouldn't own any Apple products in their current form if they weren't hackable. I'm not paying for an SSH client on the iPhone when I can have one for free when a free one exists.

    Just because you want to sell your killer app doesn't mean I want to sell mine.

  • Of course Steve has a hacked iPhone! He was saying to himself.. hey.. those hackers don't have half bad stuff!..

    *opens iPhone notepad*
    Note to self.. make app store..

    Now, to play some NES ROMS.. ; )

    I'll have to send him one of my 'Jailbroken' t-shirts.


  • Ben

    Randy, you are wasting your time. Whatever secondary method you come up with – hackers will just see that as a new challenge. There is no software unhackable. They will find a way and it will be hacked and available for those with the know-how. I wouldn't invest too much time into something that will eventually be defeated anyway.

    P.S: Unless you put out a demo for your app – I will grab it via torrent myself.

  • randy

    Ben, Yeah, I agree with you that no software is unhackable.. I am one of those hackers that find the challenge in reverse engineering code. I have been hacking since early '80's and totally agree with you. Hopefully my insider knowledge of the hacking methods will give my app a little more commercial shelf life. After that, it becomes an honor system thing – if you like it, buy it.

    Analog: I think Jobs is joking when he talks about hacking his iPhone. Being one of the top dogs at Apple, he has commitments to App Store developers/revenue, his phone service carriers, and keeping his product secure. Hacking is in direct conflict to these things – loss of revenue and app developers from piracy, loss of control of how bandwidth is used over the cellular network(like streaming video, OrbLive, for instance), he can't guarantee his carriers that iPhone will be activated on their intended network, and the possibility of propriety code in the phone can extracted for the competition to use. Most hacking is harmless and I am one of the biggest proponents of hacking the iPhone, but because there is a CHANCE that hacking the iPhone can have a negative impact on Apple and their partners, either revenue or other resources, I would imagine a man in Jobs position would steer clear of the possible controversy of seeming to bless hacking by owning a hacked iPhone. I could be wrong, though….

  • TJ

    To those that believe Jobs HASN'T hacked his iPhone: are you kidding?

    He hacked it just like the average AT&T subscriber hacks it. He used a jailbreak program to install either summerboard or winterboard, and changed the appearance of both his icons and his wallpaper. And I mean the wallpaper behind the icons, not the lock-screen one that everyone can change.

    I got close enough because I went into the same Starbucks as him and looked over his shoulder in line, not exactly hard, nor is it too creepy.

    He would NEVER unlock his phone, that's for sure, but could a visionary like Jobs REALLY go without having the latest and greatest when everyone else already has it?

    His theme looked a lot like LUCID for Winterboard. But it was also before 2.0.0 came out, so it was most likely a summerboard/customize theme.

    Still, I doubt he would steer clear of the hacking community or condemn it like some people think he has. The hackers are Steve's friends: they attack microsoft, and help apple! Duh! Alienate them and he'd have viruses on Mac rather than the PC, and that's the main reason people are switching.

  • Ben

    randy – I don't think that the iPhone hacking community negatively affects AppStore revenue – I think on the contrary it helped apps get there faster. Many of the apps you could get in 1.x days via Installer have been ported for 2.x and submitted to the AppStore – some of those were the first apps available as they had kind of a head start. The majority of apps still available via Cydia or Installer are things that you can't do due with AppStore apps due to Apple's limitations – theming for example. The few apps I see that could be in the AppStore but aren't, don't seem to have much competition in the AppStore. Plus, no matter what the platform, an open source community behind it is always a great thing for the platforms evolution. iPhones are made for the masses and Apple has devlivered a solid device that you can't possibly screw up… Apple knows those users are safe (because your average user isn't jailbreaking) while those with the know-how can jailbreak and mod (but also understand that apple is no longer respsonsible for the well-being of things.)

  • Kray-Z

    uhh ok question. in the video he seems to of hacked her iphone right there without a laptop, now im not a geniouse hacker but i know the iphone pretty damm well. is that even possible?? if it is i would love to know how.

  • Hey Kray-Z,

    Good question, there was a way to jailbreak the iPhone using Safari browser so no laptop or computer was needed.

    All you needed to do is to point your iPhone's or iPod Touch's Safari browser to, then click the “Install AppSnapp” button at the bottom of the page.

    It is safe to say that it was the simplest method to jailbreak the iPhone we have seen so far as you didn't have to worry if this jailbreaking method will work on a Mac or Windows machine.

    As far as I remember, it worked with only iPhone firmware 1.1.1.

    Here is the link to the post:


  • Allan Jackson

    This guy looks like he fucks dogs for a living.

  • AZ


  • Kray-Z

    oh, thanks alot, you guys are awsome, ive read every single post regarding the iphone 3G since ive heard of you guys a couple months ago. keep up the great work.


    Sooo, He is the CEO and isn’t allowing hacked iPhones yet he is a hacker himself? And I thought 2 steves would be confusing.