iPhone Tip to Add an Extension to a Telephone Number on your iPhone

I am sure most of you would have figured out the way to add extension to a telephone number on your iPhone to avoid hearing an interactive voice response (IVR) asking you to enter the extension you are trying to reach.

In case you haven’t, follow the simple guide to add extension numbers to Contact on your iPhone after the jump. 

Launch the Contact app on your iPhone’s home screen and tap on the Contact for which you would like to add extensions.

Tap Edit in the top right corner of the Contact.

Then pick the phone number for which you want to add extensions.

Tap on the "+*#" button on the bottom left of the Dial Pad.

You can add the plus, star, or pound symbols. However, tap Pause to add a comma (,) — or short, silent wait period.

Add the numbers for the extension, then tap Save to apply the changes.

That’s it you are done. You can repeat this simple procedure for other numbers you want to add extension numbers.

[via iPhone Footprint]

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  • thedevilsjester

    Thats very useful.

    I cant count the number of times that I have to call the bank or some other service that I use regularly, that requires you to navigate through their system before getting you to the option they knew you wanted to begin with.

    This will save a good deal of time if I can simply put each option after a comma.

  • fahad

    very useful ifo thnx alot mate works kool

  • Vince

    It sucks that the phone number looks all jacked up after you add a pause. That is a stupid oversight on Apple's part.

  • Its awesome. Nice graphic presentation.

    I found UnlockAlliPhone.com they provide Premium Membership with Unlocking Solution.

  • You can also do the same when dialing the number on the keypad — pressing and holding the star button will add a comma equivalent to a short pause. Add two of those to be on the safe side and off you go.

  • brian@insursol.com

    Since all of my contacts are in Outlook, and they sync with the phone, how do you do this in Outlook?

  • Mo

    Some stupid company’s require you to listen to the ” recorded or monitored” intro befor you can dial an extension. how long should a ‘wait’ be? I had to trial and error this one to wait then pause then dual a long extension! (800) xxx-7649,,,,#,2103361