Fix: Unknown Error 13014 While Syncing iPhone After Upgrading to iTunes 8.0.1

Apple released iTunes 8.0.1 to improve stability and performance and also fixes a number of important bugs.

However, based on this Apple Discussions thread, some iPhone users are reporting problems syncing their iPhones after updating to iTunes 8.0.1.

Apple Discussions user first reported the problem:

"Just installed iTunes 8.1 trying to sync my 3g iPhone and every time receive an unknown error 13014."

One of iPhone Atlas’s user reported a similar issue:

“I just downloaded and installed iTunes 8.0.1 on my iMac running 10.5.5, and synced my non-3G iPhone. I immediately received an error message stating that “The phone ‘[my iPhone’s name]‘ cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13014). Thinking I’d probably be able to fix it by resetting the phone, I did so. Now, 15 minutes into the reset, the phone is syncing nicely with no major issues, except that I’m still getting prompted that it can’t be synced about every 15 seconds or so. It’s even kind enough to queue up the errors so that if I ignore them for a few minutes I can go back and just click ‘OK’ half a dozen times and then go back to whatever I was working on. No idea of the cause, outside of the iTunes upgrade.”

However, it appears that in most cases restarting the computer and restarting iPhone resolves the issue.

Are you facing this issue? Let us know if restarting helped or if you have figured out any other way to fix this issue.

Update (16th Oct, 2008)

If this hasn’t helped you might want to check out the fix recently posted by Apple on their Support page.

[via iPhone Atlas]

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