Fring’s iPhone App Released; Make VOIP Calls from Your iPhone Using Skype [Updated]

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Fring, an Israeli startup that offers VOIP & Chat service for mobile phones has launched their much awaited iPhone App via the App Store that allows iPhone users to make Skype and other VOIP calls over Wi-Fi and also chat with others on a variety of networks including Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ.

Today’s release of Fring should make it one of the hottest iPhone App to be released for the iPhone since its launch of the App Store.

We have seen quite a few alternatives to make VOIP calls for the jailbroken iPhone, such as IM+ for Skype for the iPhone, SoonR Talk, Truphone or workarounds like WebEx’s PCNow which brought Skype to the iPhone via remote desktop.

Fring’s iPhone app appears to be the real VOIP solution that we have all be waiting for. With Fring on your iPhone you will be able to call regular phones using either SkypeOut or SIP over Wi-Fi. So your cost of outgoing calls will be determined on which SIP provider you use and how much SkypeOut charges for a particular call.

In addition to VOIP, Fring also has built-in IM capabilities for variety of networks including Skype, Google, ICQ, MSN, Twitter, AIM, and Yahoo contacts.

Fring had released the beta version of their iPhone app for the jailbroken iPhone back in April to get feedback for iPhone users before releasing their full-featured version via the App Store.

However, iPhone users will be able to make VOIP calls using Fring only over Wi-Fi and not over the data connection just like Steve Jobs had indicated during the announcement of iPhone SDK.

You can download Fring for free using this App Store link and checkout Fring’s user guide in case you need any more details.

Update (5th Oct, 2008):

I agree with MarkB and HyperGo. I tried using Fring yesterday and its quite buggy.

I had issues making a call using my SkyeOut account, it just kept ringing (the other person did not receive any call) and when I did get through, the person on the other side could not hear me. So yes, its promising iPhone App but still needs some work. The registration of the SkypeOut account was also not very smooth.

I used TruPhone (App Store link) and it worked very well, though its a much costlier option as compared to SkpeOut so lets hope Fring can fix these issues or it would prefect if Skype releases their own app for the iPhone.

Folks, please share your experience of making your first VOIP call
using the iPhone in the comments below. We will try to bring a detailed
review of Fring as soon as possible.

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