Read eBooks on your iPhone with Stanza [iPhone Apps Review]

iPhone App Stanza

If you were thinking of using your iPhone as an eBook device, just like Amazon’s revolutionary Kindle then you should checkout iPhone app Stanza that allows you to read electronic books on the iPhone.

What differentiates Stanza from other eBook readers that are available in iPhone’s App Store is its large collection of free eBooks that you can directly download to the iPhone and its very simple and intuitive interface.

Stanza allows you to read eBooks in both landscape and portrait mode. Each page of the book is displayed separately (in other words, a single page occupies the whole iPhone screen), so you don’t need to scroll down the page. You can flick through pages by using your finger or tapping on the left or right side of the screen to turn to previous or next page respectively.

Tapping on the screen, while reading the eBook, will show some options and a scroll bar at the bottom of screen. The scroll bar lets you quickly navigate through the eBook. The search icon lets you search for a specific keyword. And, the bookmark icon allows you to go directly to a particular chapter.

iPhone App Stanza Options 
iPhone App Stanza - Settings

You should be quite comfortable with the default settings (such as font type, font size) that comes with Stanza. But in case you want to optimize the settings, Stanza provides a configuration screen which allows you to tweak these settings. You can alter font size, text background color, line spacing and even margin width.

iPhone App Stanza Settings 
iPhone App Stanza - Bookmark

According to Stanza’s website, Stanza contains built-in reading support for various eBook format, including Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, Microsoft LIT, PalmDoc, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, HTML, and PDF. However, eBook on iPhone is stored as RTF format.

The iPhone app developer also provides a desktop version of Stanza for both Mac and Windows. You can use the desktop version of Stanza to import your own eBooks. eBooks created in this fashion can then be shared wirelessly between your iPhone and computer

But the best part about the iPhone app is that you get access to tons of free books in Lexcycle’s Online Library including classic novels such as 1984, Romeo & Juliet etc that you can be downloaded directly to the iPhone.

iPhone App Stanza - Popular 
iPhone App Stanza - Magazines

Time Magazine has rated Stanza as one of top 11 must-have iPhone applications.

Stanza is a free iPhone app and you can download it using this App Store link.

As always don’t forget to let us know your feedback on Lexcycle’s iPhone app in the comments below.

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