iPhone Apps bring Landscape Mode to iPhone’s Mail App [Updated]

One of the limitations of iPhone’s Mail app is that it does not support landscape mode for reading or writing an email.

iPhone app developer, Mark Schneider, addresses this strange limitation of iPhone’s Mail app with his App called TouchType (Landscape Email).

There were three more iPhone Apps released today that bring landscape mode to iPhone’s Mail app like TouchType.

TouchType is a very simple iPhone app. It allows iPhone users to compose and reply to email messages in either portrait or landscape mode.

When you launch TouchType from the home screen, you get the keyboard which you can tilt to either portrait or landscape mode.

To compose a new message; all you need to do is write the body of your message and hit the send button on the upper right hand corner which in turn opens and auto-populates iPhone’s Mail app.

TouchType - Landscape Email

To reply to an email, you need to open an email in iPhone’s Mail app and hit reply. Then hit the home button and launch TouchType. Here you can type the body of the message and hit send which in turn would open and auto-pupulate the message that you wanted to reply.

This is definitely not the ideal solution and I would expect Apple to add landscape mode to the iPhone’s mail app sometime in the future, till then TouchType is a decent alternative if prefer to type your email messages in landscape vs. portrait mode.

TouchType costs $0.99 and you can download it from the App Store using this link.


Pat, developer of iPhone app – Wide Email pointed out that TouchType is not the only app that brings landscape mode to iPhone’s mail app. In fact, there were three more apps released today namely Wide Email ($0.99), Compose ($0.99) and Side Ways ($1.99) which bring landscape mode to iPhone’s mail app.

Thanks Pat for letting us know.

Do you plan to buy any of these iPhone apps?

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