WinterBoard brings Themes to the iPhone: Amazing Way to Customize your iPhone

With the debut of iPhone’s App Store along with the release of iPhone firmware 2.0, it was speculated that the App Store would replace Cydia as the central repository of iPhone apps.

Many thought that there would be no point of jailbreaking the iPhone to use Cydia. However, one iPhone App that seems to have convinced many iPhone users to jailbreak their iPhone is WinterBoard as you still can’t find iPhone applications like WinterBoard on the App Store.

For those who do not know what WinterBoard is, let’s see how WinterBoard can transform your iPhone.
Cool, right?


WinterBoard, developed by Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) lets you apply themes to your iPhone, just like what you apply themes to the Windows desktop. Saurik has also developed the popular installer app, Cydia and free and very popular video recording iPhone app, Cycorder).

Long-time jailbreak iPhone users may have used SummerBoard to customize their iPhones (on older version of firmware). WinterBoard is a replacement of SummerBoard for iPhone firmware 2.x.x. It incorporates all features available in SummerBoard, including customization of applications, status bar graphics, wallpaper and replacement of graphic for the bottom docking. And, with the design principle to theme every stuff on iPhone in mind, WinterBoard adds some terrific new features over SummerBoard:

  1. Video Wallpaper – Bored with static wallpaper. You can install video wallpaper in video form (.mp4). We had reported about an iPhone App called vWallpaper that allowed you to do that.
  2. Sound customization – Customize all kinds of system sounds.
  3. Web clips – Let you theme the web clips also.
  4. Lock Background – Customize the background of lock screen.
  5. SMS Background – Theme the SMS bubbles.
  6. Keyboard – Change the look & feel of iPhone keyboard.
  7. Calculator – Customize calculator background.

Another great feature of WinterBoard is that there is no limit on the themes you can install and you can also mix & match several themes together. That means you may have a Leopard theme installed from one source and mix it with Tiger icon set from another. The WinterBoard interface allows you to set the priority of different themes to be loaded.

You can find many themes on Cydia which can be downloaded for free. WinterBoard is backward compatible with SummerBoard themes which means you can install both WinterBoard and SummerBoard themes.

How to use WinterBoard

  1. First, of course, you have to jailbreak your iPhone and install with Cydia
  2. Next, fire up Cydia and search for WinterBoard.
  3. Install WinterBoard.
  4. In Cydia, go to "Sections" and look for "Themes (Springboard)".
  5. You can find various WinterBoard/SummerBoard themes. Install one or two.
  6. Launch WinterBoard. Tap to tick the installed theme.
  7. Click "Home" button and WinterBoard will load up the theme

WinterBoard like the Categories app has been around for quite a while so it will great if you can share your feedback on this application if you have used it before in the comments below for the benefit of fellow readers.

If this is the first time you are hearing about it, I am sure you will enjoy customizing your iPhone with WinterBoard and make your iPhone look a lot cooler than it already is and don’t forget to share your experience here.

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  • Jeff K

    I have been using Winterboard for 5 months now and love every minute of it. There are many many themes and add ons that you can find on Cydia and Installer which will make it much easier to customize your phone. I have also beta tested 2.2 with use of Winterboard and I can happily say it is fully integrated to work just the same…. Any questions please foward your messages to :

  • thedevilsjester

    Never really been interested in any non official methods to theme any of my devices. For that matter, I am not really interested in any official method either so wont be using this, or any like it, but it looks like a nice app for those that like this sort of thing.

    I find it odd that Apple didnt include this out of the box, and didnt correct that even with 2.x. Hopefully its on the horrizon so people dont have to resort to unofficial methods to theme their device.

  • Neuromods

    Been using it since I got my iPhone 3G. Great program, I love using new themes and making sounds.

  • kev

    This app is my main reason why i jailbreak my Ipod Touch it makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.


  • Nukie

    Just a note that video wallpaper will drain your battery a lot faster. Just something the keep in mind.

  • Rick Boyles

    I find it odd that Apple didnt include this out of the box, and didnt correct that even with 2.x. Hopefully its on the horrizon so people dont have to resort to unofficial methods to theme their device.

    I agree..has anyone wanked off their meat-popsicle to this app yet?

  • Bourne

    ROFL is this suposed to be news?

  • Yeah, can't find applications like WinterBoard on the App Store, until now.

  • DJ

    I'm loving this app and I've been spending ally time customising my iPhone. One problem I have though is that when I try to change the keyboard nothing happens. I've installed two different keyboard themes through cydia and when I select either of them in winterboard, the keyboard hasn't changed. Can anybody help?

  • Atif

    how to download this winter board ive been trying since mornin please help reply at my email address i will be grateful to whoever helps . thankyou


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  • audrey1030

    i followed the instructions…how come the downloaded themes doesn't show up in winterboard?help!!!

  • heheleinquist
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  • austin

    my phone part of the phone wont work it just opens, freezes, then closes back to the home screen.


    Wow this is awesome man…..that guy is a geneous. I love the this jailbreking thing.

  • Syazwan Bakar

    i tried it..but, nothing change. why is that?

  • Kristy

    I select the theme or themes and it acts like its updating and computer and then locks my screen, so I unlock it and the themes don't get applied. What am I doing wrong here?

  • monty

    restart ur fone after installing

  • Nadia

    Will these themes work for my OS 3.0.1??? Iam scared if of loosing my phone.. lol!! so I need to know before acting upon it.

  • Im new and need help with this jaibreaking thing.

  • my mail is

  • My favorite is Winterboard on the iPhone. Its work beautiful on my iPhone!

  • EL

    ive download the winterboard and i download the theme still the same its not working ple email me for the info

  • Great hack.

  • T-dawg

    Need help I'm thinking about jailbreaking but nervous now because alot of people seems to have some problems making everything work. Is it worth it?? If so please help

  • isiah

    In version 4.0 comming out June 2010, you will be able to do that. (Works for ipod touch 2G, 3G, iphone 3G AND 4G only!)

  • OLD rim user

    im about to pull my hair out. ive DLd winterboard and cant seem to get anything to work right at all. honestly, i dontknow what the heck im doing. i want to customize my device so i can answer messages from the lock screen, create a drop down status bar like android devices, and put my name where "at&t 3g" appears.

    please help

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