Undocumented Features of iPhone Firmware 2.2

iPhone Firmware 2.2

Apple released the much awaited iPhone firmware 2.2 update on Thursday night which includes improvements such as such as Google Street View, Podcast over-the-air download and includes fix for the Safari crashes and the iPhone Safari exploit that was reported earlier in the week.

However, there were some features that did not make it to iPhone
firmware 2.2’s release notes.

Here is an exhaustive list of some
undocumented features of iPhone firmware 2.2 compiled by Mac Rumors
Forums user justinomg just like he had published for iPhone firmware 2.1.

Minor Tweak in iPhone Safari’s UI:

As reported earlier, iPhone Safari’s UI has got a minor tweak. It features a new
search-friendly user interface; the address bar and search bar both
expand over each other for convenience. It ain’t pleasing to look at but it is more functional.

Google (or Yahoo) gets its own search bar (instead of popping up when
you hit the regular URL bar) and the reload button has been moved to
the address bar.

iPhone Safari's New UI

App Store Modifications:

  • Apple has also made some modifications in the App Store application. The "Categories" page gets a minor tweak, you have an icon next to the text of an application category rather than just the

iPhone App Store changes

  • You can now also view applications by "Top Paid" (most popular
    paid applications), "Top Free" (most popular free applications) and
    "Release Date" (applications are listed from their release date, with
    the most recent application appearing at the top of the list).

iPhone App Store changes

  • You can now update all the available version updates for iPhone apps from the App Store like you can do in iTunes rather than one at a time. This feature was strangely dropped in iPhone firmware 2.1.

iPhone Apps Rating

Whenever you delete an iPhone app from the iPhone, you will now be prompted to rate it. You will have the option to rate the iPhone app using the 5
star method in the App Store or to opt out by tapping the "No thanks"
button. We had reported this earlier as well.

iPhone App ratings

Screenshots of iPhone locked screen

You can now take a screenshot of your iPhone locked screen as seen below.  All you need to do is Hold the "home" button, then hit the
"power/sleep" button when the screen is locked, the screen will momentarily flash, and the
iPhone’s locked screen contents will be saved to the Camera Roll as seen below.

iPhone App ratings

Emoji icons:

Japanese customers can now create and view messages with Emoji icons as reported earlier.

However, it seems like this feature is exclusively for SoftBank
customers in Japan. There have been reports that though Apple’s iPhone 3G has been a
runaway success in the US and other parts of the world which is evident
from the record breaking 6.9 million iPhones sold last quarter, its not doing too well in Japan.

This has been attributed to lack of features that are familiar with
Japanese customers such as Emoji icons
(Japanese name for the picture characters or emoticons used in
messages), ability to watch live TV etc.

iPhone Emoji icons

You can check out the rest of the undocumented features by following this thread by justinomg.

Let us know if you have found anything else that has not been listed.

Thanks justinomg!

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  • Great info. Thanks alot!

  • I'm not sure if this update was for 2.1 or 2.2, but I also noticed an update to the iPod function in the phone.

    When you browse your library using the 'songs' menu it will now show the artist name, and album in smaller print under the song name. Before it only showed the song name.

    This is a minimal, but pretty useful addition for me. I have several songs that have the same name, and now it's easier to browse through the whole library. : )

  • yvette

    i have a question…when i revirginize my hacked iphone, can i upgrade it using itunes again?

  • Another amazing feature is background syncing! im actually uploading all my songs to my phone while its still syncing with iTunes, i dont know if this is a glitch or something, but its working! please test it out and let us know

  • xattica

    On version 2.1, on settings/safari/database is mail.google.com (GmailMobileWeb). But on 2.2 is talkgadget.google.com (Google Talk Asset Cache).

  • Craig Cudmore

    When updating an app from the app store, it now updates the app in place on the page it was previously. On 2.1 it would re-add the app to the first open spot on the pages and then move it to the original location. Now it's all done in-place.

  • xattica

    I updated via Itunes. The update is so weak that can't remove the numeric battery and the custome carrier name…

  • I noticed under setting – safari there is a toggle for plug-ins

  • Boots

    Passcode bug with the upgrade:

    I have to use the passcode lock feature, enforced when using with our corporate mail (Exchange).

    After 2.2, if you press Emergency Call by accident then go back to enter your passcode it comes back invalid. (I struggled for a loooong time with this – checking that I was typing it in correctly…)

    Workaround – after one failed attempt, turn off the phone, turn it back on, and your passcode should now work properly

  • Johnny Q

    Also Under Settings | Safari | Theres a new Setting called Databases that says Gmail Mobile Web