Installer App Updated; Introduces Feature to Rate Jailbreak Apps [Updated]

Installer App

When Apple announced the iPhone Apps Store many had predicted that it would be the end for the popular homebrew Installer app and the Jailbreak apps.

It has been several months since the launch of iPhone App Store and the jailbreak apps still seem to be popular with iPhone users.

However its the Open Source Package Installer and Handler for the iPhone, Cydia that is now more popular with iPhone developers and users than Installer App to install the jailbreak apps.

Folks at RIP Dev who have just released an updated version of Installer App to bring it on par with Cydia.

Update (Nov 13, 2008):

Readers TRIXXY DIXXY, Aaron
and Energy have reported that the Installer update has bricked their iPhone 3G.
Its strange as I haven’t faced this issue. However, based on their bad
experience I would advice you to proceed with extreme caution.

Installer app was developed to simplify application management on the jailbroken iPhone and was released almost a year back. It quickly became one of the popular iPhone apps as it made it very easy to install jailbreak apps which until that point was a complicated process and was only for the technically inclined users.

Below is a list of enhancements and bug fixes in the latest version of Installer app:

  • Added user-driven ratings. We encourage you to submit your votes for various packages. Once more data will be collected (in a few days), that will be reflected on the Featured page.
  • SpringBoard is no longer terminated after the software was installed or removed.
  • Proxies are (again) supported. The support was broken after we moved to libcurl.
  • Introduced download timeouts (again) that were disabled after the move to libcurl.
  • Reworked many parts of the engine in an effort to get rid of the occasional GUI stalls.
  • If a particular source fails to update, it will be moved to “disabled” state for 6 hours and will not be included in the all sources refresh process. The disabled state is listed as the source icon with a red “stop” sign over it. This is done to prevent unnecessary stalls at the sources refresh if one of the sources goes offline for whatever reason. If you’d like to retry it before 12 hour interval, open its info and hit Refresh button there.
  • Removed customInfo support as it was mostly used for unnecessary ads that were disturbing many people. These pages are normally reachable from the “More Info” link.
  • Much better error reporting. Forget these “error 3?s and such. The descriptions are much more human readable now. And for script errors, it will show an actual script command that caused an error.
  • Installer will prevent iPhone/iPod touch from sleeping when it’s downloading or installing something.
  • The app icon badge should behave better now.
  • Lots of smaller fixes and optimizations.

One of the interesting features in the latest version of Installer app is the ability to rate an unofficial iPhone applications or packages as seen in the screenshot below:

Installer App

However, as Doug over at InstallerApps (the blog) points out:

"Unless they get past the source compatibility issue(and can use Cydia sources too), then it will take a long time to catch up."

Competition is always healthy so it is good to see folks at RIP Dev releasing the much awaited update. They are also promising that there will more frequent updates.

Do you still use the Installer App? What do you think of the latest update? Tell us in the comments.

Update (Nov 13, 2008):

Readers TRIXXY DIXXY, Aaron and Energy have reported that the Installer update has bricked their iPhone 3G. Its strange as I haven’t faced this issue. However, based on their bad experience I would advice you to proceed with extreme caution.

Thanks guys for sharing your experience for the benefit of fellow readers.

[via InstallerApps]

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  • I still am nervous to do the jailbreaking thing–why would we still need jailbreaking if all the apps are already on the iTunes store? I just don't see the point.

  • anon

    Are you crazy? Winterboard, quickgold, cycorder, qik, backgrounder, snapture… the list goes on and on. All are incredible apps and all are against the sdk agreement. Apple is far to restrictive with what we can do with OUR device. Check out and see what your missing.


    Well I tried the installer update and now my iphone's goosed 🙁

    Its just stuck on the boot screen, and i've tried rebooting the phone and connecting it to itunes.

  • I think the installer app is old school and should still be around none-the-less. why wouldn't you want an added feature to your already sick iPhone? it's not like the installer app costs anything to download, nor do most of the programs you can download from it, so like I said, why not have it?

  • Aaron

    The Installer update bricked my iPhone 3G. I did have Cydia installed as well. I sure hope the emergency restore works.


    Well I've had to put my phone into recovery mode then restore it through itunes to get it working again.

    Safe to say I've chose not to have installer installed at all now i've quick pwned my phone again. I'm sticking with Cydia.

    Now having to spend the rest of the night getting my phone back to the way it was 🙁

  • Hey Guys,

    Sorry to hear that you ran into problems.

    Thats strange as I upgraded to the latest version without any problem.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I have updated the post to warn readers.


  • Steven

    I'm just too scared to try again. I had to do a full restore twice, which is more headache than heartache. Cydia is all I need, as much as I would love to support the dev team.


    No problem,

    Thanks on reporting about the installer update anyway. I like to hear about any iPhone news, be it good, or bad 🙂

    Don't know if you have mentioned it yet but orb is now on the app store. Its an awesome app that lets you watch live TV, videos, listen to music, and read documents all streamed from your computer to your phone.

    You can watch live TV whether you be on wifi, 3G or edge, all you need is a computer with a TV tuner.

    Keep up the good work!

  • wel781

    i need help
    after upgrade the phone stuck on the boot screen :(((((((((((((((

  • Energy

    Installer just screwed over my phone… great >_<
    Managed to get the images off it, but still that's pretty crappy

  • Energy

    Ok – don't know what the crap I did, but I've got the device 'semi' working. I'm backing everything up and preping to restore. It's connected to my machine letting itunes talk to it.

    However currently it's showing 'No Service'. (correction, in writing this and syncing with itunes it has returned, oh and now it's gone again. It's def not right).

    The only thing that I did – which I can't see how it made any difference, I noticed that when trying to turn on it was connecting to the phone network and was appearing on my wireless network, the next step would be to load the springboard. so I tried to ssh into it. Unsurprisingly this didn't work, but on the 2nd attempt of trying to connect the screen flickered on the iphone and it started syncing with itunes. No unlock screen, straight to the normal icons and then to the sync screen. weird…

    Is there a way to uninstall installer? Cause that has blown all trust in it for me. I hope that others get past without having to go through the long process of restoring everything. I've backed up all I can and will now see if I'm going to have to restore.

    Iphonehacks please make the warning stronger as I promise this is no myth.

  • Hey Energy,

    Sorry to hear about your problem.

    We have now updated the post to warn readers about the issues you folks have faced at the beginning of the post.

    Thanks for sharing your bad experience with the update.

  • wel781

    I had to restore it again :(((((

    it's 3:00 AM in here so it's very bad time to get stuck for fixing you iphone

  • Dempa

    My phone got stuck on boot screen as well. Took half a day to restore it. What did this update actually do to the iPhone???

  • mojojojo

    Well. Add me to the list of bricked phones. I ran the update for installer. Got the pinwheel after quitting installer. Then the endless reboot cycle that only shows the boot logo.
    Had to restore. Set up as new phone because it was really slowing down. Much faster now. I'd don't have any of my past SMS, or old bookmarks. Would love to know if there is an easy way to sync those back on without restoring from backup.
    Anyway. I used installer pre 2.0 but now I am pretty exclusive to Cydia. Installer looks awesome though, graphically.
    Oh yeah, once I restored the phone I ran the installer update again, and after watching the pinwheel of death without breathing for what seemed like forever, my phone came back to life and is opperating fine.
    I look at this as somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Needs to clean up my iPhone anyway.

  • Sri

    Hi Guys,

    Me too got bricked. Just stuck with the pineapple logo now. Couldn't even connect to itunes to restore. Is there anything I could do? Pls help…..

    May be thats it with my phone (brick). eagerly waiting for any help.


    If your phone is stuck on the boot screen do this :

    * Connect your iphone to your PC and load up itunes

    * Turn your phone off by flicking the mute button twice then holding down the power key and home button together (let go of the buttons as soon as the screen goes blank, otherwise the phone will try to boot back up).

    * Put your iphone into recovery mode by doing :

    1. Hold power + home for 10 seconds. 2. Let go of power and continue to hold home until iTunes finds the phone.

    * Restore your phone (using the newest restore date didn't work for me so I used one from a couple of month ago)

    * Your phone should be working ok now.

    * Jailbreak with Quickpwn, and choose to only install Cydia and not Installer ( totally optional 😉 )

  • Energy

    Thanks for making the warning more clear iphonehacks.

    TRIXXY DIXXY – as said, somehow I brought mine back to life. So it may not be essential to restore your iphone. Obviously I don't have a step by step method though…

    Mine is now working fine, it was a bit screwed with making phone calls until i restarted the phone. After that any issues with calls and texts went away and I've been able to use apps, call, text, listen to music, watch videos, install apps… So it looks like there was no lasting issue.

    Obviously I've now hidden the installer icon with BossPref now.

    For anyone following this, my iphone is an original model with firmware 2.1.

  • colin

    does anyone still use installer and for what?
    cydia is by far the best thing in 2.x.x!

  • Rob

    You know, I'm very happy to have read all these comments before upgrading my iPhone to bricked status.

    The review made it sound good, but I have always had problems installing content. Some sources do not work although they are typed correctly, and all the other times it just times out.

    Cydia is the way to go anyways…it IS the newer installer.

    I also hid my Installer with bossprefs. Want to make sure when I'm out showing off my jailbroken phone no one is going to open installer and update it since there is a big "1" on its screen.

    Sorry to everyone who had their phone bricked though. I've spent many a night trying to restore a phone. It sucks.

  • marko (des)

    Installer is dead. Its buggy, slow, obsolete. Debian is far superior. Anywho, theres practically nothing on Installer worth even bothering with that isn't on Cydia or the official App Store.

    I no longer add Installer on my unlock process

  • wrecks

    Happened to me too. I had a 3G iPhone running 2.1, jailbroken with both Cydia and Installer. When I upgraded Installer, the phone hung, then tried to re-booth, but got stuck on the pineapple logo.

    Thanks to TRIXXY DIXXY, I followed his procedure (4 posts above), and it worked perfectly. Like him, I had to restore from a backup from Sept, not my most recent. And like him, I chose to not install Installer this time.

    I have a bad habit of always upgrading as soon as the software suggests that I do that. I'm going to have to change that behavior. Upgrading isn't always worthwhile.

  • Bricktt

    Oh man, bricked! I'm also having this problem where I get an error 2001 when I try the steps above. I've searched on the internet to try to find a solution, but so far nothing – any clues?


  • House

    So the Installer update bricked my iPhone as well, only the problem is that iPhone software 2.2 was released two days ago. So If I do a restore, I will lose my Jailbreak, and possibly the ability to ever do an unlock since I have a 3G.

    Thanks Installer, now I have an actual brick.

  • House

    Is there any way to do an iPhone restore without iTunes installing the newest software/firmware update?

    I would really like to be able to restore back to 2.1, instead of 2.2. I do have backups present in iTunes. Can restore just use one of those backups, or must it download the absolute latest official software/firmware?