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There was a quite a bit of iPhone 3G news this week that did not make it to iPhone Hacks as we were busy reporting about the rumor that iPhone Firmware 2.2 could be released on November 21st, details of AT&T’s official tethering plans for the iPhone, about the new version of Google Mobile App will support voice searching and not forget about the latest iPhone Apps and hacks.

But we didn’t want you to miss any of it, so you can checkout roundup of all the iPhone 3G news and rumors from France, Egypt, China, India and US after the break.

Orange brings Good News to folks in France:

Orange, the iPhone carrier in France is offering a great deal for iPhone 3G as per the sales flyer. The promotion runs from November 13 until January 14, and requires customers to take a minimum one year contract.

With a contract, folks in France can get an iPhone 3G for just €99 for a 8GB model and just €129 for a 16GB model. Previously, Orange offered the 8GB iPhone for €149 and the 16GB for €199.

[via Ars Technica]

iPhone 3G Comes to Egypt but …:

iPhone 3G is now available at Mobinil and Vodafone locations across Egypt but without GPS support. The reason behind no GPS support is due to Egyptian government’s ban on GPS devices in the country.

If that was not bad enough, it appears the App Store is still not available in Egypt so iPhone users there will not be able to install the cool iPhone apps.

And there are restrictions on data usage. You get 250MB for the basic package, and 1GB a month for the most expensive package.

Here are some details on the iPhone 3G plans:

The iPhone 150 plan includes 150 talk minutes, 50 SMS messages, and 250MB data for 150LE (about US$27). The 300 plan comes with 300 talk minutes per month, 100 SMS messages, and 300MB of data for 250LE (about $45), the 600 plan offers 600 talk minutes, 150 SMS messages, and 500MB of data for 350LE (about $63), and the 1200 plan includes 1200 talk minutes, 200 SMS messages and 1GB of data for 550LE (about $99).

[via iPod Observer]

iPhone 3G could be finally coming to China?

Apple Insider has stumbled up a job description on Apple’s website (no longer available) which indicates that iPhone 3G will be coming to China soon. It read "Apple is looking to focus on international releases of our iPhone and iPod touch products for Beijing".

Apple Insider points out:

"If not the victim of poor wording, the engineering position represents
one of Apple’s authoritative steps towards an iPhone launch in China,
which has frequently been one of the hardest cellular markets to crack
for the California-based electronics maker."

We are not sure if the job posting was removed because of the poor wording or Apple wants to keep its launch in China a secret.

[via Apple Insider]

Disappointing iPhone 3G Sales figures in India?

Apple’s iPhone 3G might be the largest selling mobile phone in the US with more than 6.9 million iPhones sold in the third quarter but in India it doesn’t seem to be taking off. As per Business Today, Apple is estimated to sell only 4000 iPhone 3G since its official launch. Seriously, only 4000 iPhone 3G, we didn’t miss out any 0’s.

We had pointed out before iPhone 3G prices were too high in India, they range from Rs. 31,000 (approx. $730) for the 8GB to Rs. 36,100 (approx $830) for the 16 GB iPhone 3G model.

In fact, Airtel and Vodafone, the two carriers of Apple’s new iPhone 3G in
India were also giving users the option to buy iPhone 3G on
easy monthly installments (EMI) to push sales
but even that does not seem to be helping.

These are disappointing numbers and should prompt Apple and the iPhone
3G carriers in India to take some drastic steps to give sales a boost such as
slashing the prices.

[via Digital Inspiration]

Costco To Sell iPhone 3G for $149 In January?

In a report, Author and analyst Trip Chowdry is speculating that Apple may begin selling iPhone 3Gs through U.S. retail chain Costco for $149 starting in January of next year.

The report seems to indicates that this could be due to the global economic downturn.

[via Mac Rumors]

We would love to hear your comments on any of the iPhone 3G news.

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