dTunes Allows Users to Download Music and Videos directly to the iPhone

iPhone App - dTunes

dTunes, an iPhone app developed by Richard Shearman is a free alternative to iTunes for
the jailbreak iPhone.

dTunes offers search & discovery service and allows iPhone users to download music & video directly to their iPhone.

However, one of the major concerns of this app is the piracy issue.

For music discovery, dTunes connects to music streaming site, SeeqPod by default within its built-in
mini browser and searches for free music (in the format of mp3) based on your
search term.

Once you find the desired music, just tap on it. dTunes allows you to either download it to the iPhone or play it directly in its media
player via streaming. The integration with SeeqPod.com is pretty neat. Search
for free music takes only a few seconds.

iPhone App - dTunes 
iPhone App - dTunes

MP3 files downloaded are put under /var/mobile/Library/Downloads. dTunes
comes with a "Browse" option to navigate all mp3 files under that folder. Tap on
the mp3 file to play back it in media player. One cool feature introduced in
the dTunes v2.6 is "Random Shake". It’s now possible to shake your iPhone to skip to the next random track.

dTunes also comes with discovery service for Video. By default, it’ll connect
to tinytube.net for video search. The user
interface is the same as that in music search. You can either download videos to
the iPhone or play it directly using streaming.

iPhone App - dTunes 
iPhone App - dTunes

You can also download torrents directly to iPhone via dTunes. dTunes has
teamed up with iTorrentRelay and offers support for downloading Torrent files.
iTorrentRelay is a web-based application built into dTunes that lets you manage
and download Torrent files directly to iPhone. The Torrent files has been
converted to a format suitable for iPhone and ready for dTunes to play back.
iTorrentRelay, however, is not a free service. They are currently charging USD$9.99
per month.

One of the limitations of the iPhone app is that it cannot play digital content that has been synced to your iPhone from iTunes music library (not sure if it is some technical limitation).

iPhone App - dTunes 
iPhone App - dTunes

Overall, dTunes is a nice application to find music and video. dTunes is a free
application on Cydia (available via modmyi source). If you want to give dTunes a
shot, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone first in case you haven’t already.

But one of the major concerns of this app is the piracy issue, the app uses search and discovery service Seeqpod. Their FAQ says:

Is it legal to use SeeqPod?

Yes. Search engines are legal. Futher, we do not host content on
our servers, and we strictly adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act. And along with other search engines, otherwise known as
‘information location tools’, we are a member of the Computer and
Communications Industry Association, which advocates fair use of
copyrighted content on the Internet and free speech, shielding search
engines from liability.

SeeqPod does not support or facilitate the illegal download of copy written material or digital content.

However, the music industry doesn’t seem to agree, Seeqpod was sued by Warner earlier this year, so please proceed with caution and only download legal music and videos.

[Source and Photos via Installerapps.com]

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  • Ben

    Last time I tried dTunes it screwed up normal multimedia embeds in normal safari. I could no longer click on youtube videos or trailers for apple's trailers website using mobile safari to have them play. I ended up having to restore my iPhone to get this functionality back as even uninstalling dTunes didn't fix the problem.

    Anyone know if this issue has been fixed (as I havn't tried it in a months.) I loved dTunes and would love to have it back but not if it is going to break stock functionality.

  • Doug


    This problem is easily fixed by installing BossPrefs via Cydia, and also the Bossprefs SafariDL plug-in. dTunes fiddles with the safari download settings, so you can use this plug-in to toggle the safari fiddling on and off!


  • Ben


    Awesome, thanks for the info!

  • InSovietRussiaPhoneEyesYou

    Hmm.. No offense but I smell a slow news day (not that that's iPhone Hacks' fault). dTunes has been around for a while now.

  • Tomaten

    WTF is the pository for this dTunes thing ? Alot of people in the internet ask for a repo that works – nut no one answers them :@

  • Barry

    What's the big deal? I have been downloading music from http://www.ez-tracks.com/ for free for years… It's iphone compatible too. What is so good about this thing?

  • Kamil Haque

    hi, on dtunes i pressed the 'dim brightness' button and then exited and switched off my iphone. when i switched it back on it was still at the dim brightness. i went to settings to change the brightness back to normal but it didnt work- i then went to dtunes to press the brightness button but that didnt work either. i dont know what to do and at th moment my iphone is so dim, i can hardly see anyhting. can someone please help me, it would mean a lot. i am sad i cannot use my iphone now so please.

  • Shane

    Is there a way one could copy files from the ipod touch – dtunes section – to the computer?

  • amberberri

    i am trying to download dtunes, when i go to install it says NOTE: the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed. Can anyone hel me with this?

    • Val

      Hi guys, can anyone help me out to download music to my iphone step by step tnx.

  • Adam

    is there a way tochange the destination of a torrent or move once completed?

  • Jackie_Rodriguez

    Nice app!

    If you search for interesting iTunes alternatives, you can look into CTManager.

  • I downloaded a video using dtunes. Now I can view the file in a folder under browse…the catch is I cant play the video file…any tips?

  • leonard970@hotmail.com

    how come dtunes doesnt work on 3.1.2 jailbroken by geohotz blackra1n rc3

  • tom

    yes press edit on the yop right in dtunes then just drag

  • Matthew Barton

    Iv downloaded dtunes and now when i press the cydia app it wont open. any advice?

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  • Pill Clinton

    how the fuck do i get the “terminal” app to work for downloading torrents with dtunes???????? shit keeps on crashing..

  • Free Music=Beemp3.com

  • dbuds

    i have iphone 4 FM version 4.3.3 and i downloaded dtunes but when i go to download a song instead of taking me to the download window i get taken to the media player and the song starts to play but it doesnt get downloaded. ive downloaded the safari DLM add-on in cydia like i did on my 3g but it still doesnt work. any suggestions would b appreciated

  • robyn

    I have 4.3.3. I just jailbroke for dtunes.It won’t even stay opened. Just keeps closing. Is it not compatible with 4.3.3. Any help or alternatives??

  • How do I get th dtunes

  • Brian

    This is all outdated. dTunes no longer works on ios 3.0 or higher. And Seeqpod is also done;they got sued out of existence.

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