Fix for iPhone Safari Crashes

iPhone Safari

iPhone’s Safari browser is by far the best mobile browser I have used but it isn’t perfect and one of issues is that it crashes quite often.

Based on this Apple discussion forum thread it looks like I am not the only one facing the problem.

If you are also experiencing the iPhone Safari crashes then you might want to checkout the workarounds to fix or prevent it from crashing after the jump.

Some of the workarounds to fix or prevent iPhone Safari from crashing are mentioned below:

  • You should ensure that the the latest firmware has been installed on your iPhone . Apple might have would have fixed some stability related issues in the latest firmware. In my case, I am running iPhone firmware 2.1 but iPhone Safari still crashes.
  • Rebooting your iPhone (Hold Home+Lock until the Apple logo appears, about 8 seconds). This can help reset some apps that may be running in the background.
  • Try clearing the Cache, Cookies and History.  To do this, go to Settings-> Safari-> and tap Clear Cache, Clear Cookies and Clear History.
  • As per this Apple discussion forum thread, some iPhone users have also reported that turning off Javascript stops the crashes, however I am not sure how many users will like the option of surfing with Javascript turned off.

Apple fixed the problem where iPhone apps crashed frequently in iPhone firmware 2.1 but the issue of Safari crashes are still observed in the latest iPhone firmware.

These are just workarounds and not a permanent fix, lets hope Apple fixes some of the stability related issues with iPhone Safari in iPhone firmware 2.2.

Does Safari crash on your iPhone? Tell us if any of workarounds mentioned above helped or let us know if you have figured out a way to prevent iPhone Safari from crashing.

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  • I've always had my browser crashing on me. Everything that I've done to prevent it never helps. It always seems to happen when there are too much media(pictures, ads, videos, etc.) on a site. Damn annoying. It's the one thing about my iPhone that I absolutely hate.

  • John J

    It seams like safari crashes wen it's loading alot of content. I've tried all of the work around's listed above. Hope apple fix's it soon.

  • Brandon

    I've never had Safari crash on me…I guess i'm just lucky?

  • Brian

    Wow, upgrade your OS. Restart often. Clear the cache. Was this written by an Apple tech?

    Safari crashes no matter what. It is unstable, and Apple does not care. They only care about releasing new a new OS that voids jailbreaks.

    Why not ask us to perform voodoo. It's work just as well.

  • Dave Woodward

    I have found that this site ( crashes quite frequently (1 in 2), and turning off javascript does appear to cure the issue. But I do find Javascript very useful on a number of sites, Google reader being one of them.

  • daveuk87

    I agree with everyone else, I find if a pages is over 1MB safari tends to slow down, and if i try to scroll down before its loaded fully, it crashes.

  • Frank

    I've had my iPhone for about a month (with the 2.1 firmware) and Safari has crashed about 5-10 times. I usually just go back to the page and it's fine.

    As an editorial side note, your frequent use of the phrase "after the jump" is initially confusing (what jump?) and eventually annoying for those of us who navigate directly to the full articles rather than through your home page.

  • Hey Frank,

    Point taken, no more "after the jump" 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback.


  • Mister

    Safari crashes whenever I load it with "too much" content and movement (zooming into page and moving the screen to find a section).

  • I have only had the iPhone for a few weeks but I have already noticed how unstable the browser is. I will try this fix and see how it helps

  • Mike

    It would be nice to have the option to turn off loading of images. Those images that you do want to view, would be a tap away. IE has the option called "Show Pictures" under advanced tab in Internet option window.

  • Kray-Z

    Initially "after the jump" confused me but after a couple articles i figured it out and I've grown to like it. It's unique to this site. Don't take it out. It's the little signatures of the site that gives it personality and sets it aside from all the others. Its like the quirks of a author that lets you recognize them just by reading the book without having to read the name of the author.

  • Gohans

    safari SUCKS bad… it crashes a lot on my iphone, mostly when i browse a page with lot of content… it sucks…
    I hope Opera makes it to the list of Cydia apps, or even better… a version of the super browser Firefox!!!! then Apple will put matters on hands… VIVA EL FIREFOX!!!

  • Peter

    reading a large PDF file also drops out, wondering if PDF reading ability which is inbuilt in the system is linked to safari and why it crashes.

  • Rick Huizinga

    Safari crashes on me while trying to use this page! It's virtually useless.

  • pierre

    Thank you. Since 2.1 my iPhone Safari had been working fine until yesterday, it went completely unstable (would crash in under 20 seconds).

    I followed your tip: reset then clear Safari history, cookies and cache. Marvellous, I have just enjoyed 30 minutes of comedy on iPlayer. Simple, elegant solution. Keep up the good work. (",)

  • Dave

    Try going to Ikeas website and select the option to find a store. That site crashes my iPhone on que every time.

    None of the suggestions on this site helped, but I appreciate the effort.

    I still like my iCrash – it is a beautiful design. Functionality is another issue.

  • pAulo

    Ha! my 3G Safari crashes the exact same way everyone else is describing! Too much info from the site and– CRASH! particularly lots of media.

    It is still the best browser on a phone. iPhones are kinda like a Ferrari, you're willing to put up with the flaws for all of the cool sexiness.

  • Whoosh

    It seems to me that the problem runs a lot deeper than Safari.
    E.g., installing too many Cydia-based apps leads to problems comparable with the 'standard' Safari issues.
    My hunch would be that the iPhone lacks any kind of serious memory management. It should, of course, be able to use the full amount of available storage memory as swap space / virtual memory for applications. Obviously it can't.
    This underlying lack of infrastructure would explain why Apple isn't offering any kind of solace. It would lead to redesign of significant parts of the iPhone's OS.

    Anyone with real inside knowledge out there who can comment on this?

  • Dave

    Apples firmware has been unstable since 1.1.4. Nothing I've found or apparently anyone else "fixes" the problem for any length of time.

    Apple is pushing out the 3G iPhone it can and using the world as a beta playground while it rapes our wallets.

  • Wes

    I've had my Gs a week. Safari crashed for the first time yesterday. Tried the Home/Off reset and it worked. Safari came up fine. This morning when I tried to bring it up, it displayed the History/Bookmarkspage and when I try to enter a url it seems to load the page, but the page doesn't appear, just a no errors blank. Anyone run into this crash variation, and anyone know of a fix?

  • Hils

    Thanks – the reboot worked!

  • Trax

    Had a problem recently where Safari had become unresponsive, and i had to reboot to get it working again. And then it crashed shortly afterwards, possibly due to javascript. And this was with the latest OS.

  • Sheree

    Safari on my son's new 3GS crashes on sites that have javascript, so I just disabled javascript in the settings>safari. Now the pages with javascript load fine, just can't use the javascript content.

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  • D00B is the only website that crash mine.but when I exit it quickly before safari crashes everything works and I use bing as a search engine

  • Cb

    Wow. Js shouldn’t crash a browser, but this seems to be the culprit for me

  • thnx for this fix. now safari doesnt crash

  • Sharon

    Safari was constantly crashing on my few new Verizon iPhone4 all of the sudden. Nothing helped except for the option:
    “try clearing the Cache, Cookies and History”
    Problem solved. Thx!

  • Ann W

    “Rebooting your iPhone (Hold Home+Lock until the Apple logo appears, about 8 seconds”

    Thanks – that worked for me!!

  • middlepath

    Thanks! Clearing the cache, history and cookies did it for me.

  • Stuart saint

    Since opening google plus safari will not open fully, it threatens to but instead of loading the last Internet page viewed it crashes back to he home screen meaning I cannot connect. Please help ……..

  • Emma

    I’ve only had my iPod touch for a couple days (I got it for Christmas) and Safari keeps crashing!!!!! A really lot!! Especially on certain sites… And the keypad and songs and stuff already freeze. I’m so sad. D’:


    Remove Safari Dowload Manager if installed then it will work 100% tested

  • Thanks, the reboot worked perfectly and fix this crash issue w/ Safari

  • Shinymidnight

    Ive been trying to find a solution for the safari crash ! And after I tried many things , It worked.
    What I did is that I went to Cydia and uninstalled some of the apps that I have installed recently, and after the reboot it worked.
    Try it out I hope it will work out for you also 😀