DIY: Airplane Holder for the iPhone

iPhone-Controlled Dog Treat Dispenser

We have seen some really cool do-it-yourself stuff for the iPhone like iPhone Dock Using Binder Clips, iPhone Game Accessory, Wooden iPhone 3G Dock, iPhone Document Scanner etc.

Here is another cool mod which uses a readily-available airsickness bag to hold your iPhone which can be quite useful while watching video on your iPhone on a plane.

As you can see from the photos below, the mod is very simple.

All you need to do is cut out the portion of the airsickness bag for iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen and simply tuck it into one’s tray table, its height can be adjusted to achieve the optimum viewing angle.

iPhone-Controlled Dog Treat Dispenser

iPhone-Controlled Dog Treat Dispenser

iPhone-Controlled Dog Treat Dispenser

What do you think about this airplane holder for your iPhone or for that any portable video player?

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  • Colon Powell

    I think this is an excellent idea, and a good solution if you have a 4 hour flight. I wonder what the flight attendant would say?

  • Pk

    haha….thats Jetblue.. so funny.. I work for them, I'd recognize that tray table and that remote on the armrest anywhere! lmao

  • greg

    i will be doing this during my 11hrs flight to honolulu

  • Scotty

    That is the best ever!!

  • JohnSmith

    Are you f***ing serious?

  • That's freaking awesome. I can't wait to fly again just to do that…

  • Shriv

    Yay, im taking an 18 hour freaking flight, and those in-flight movies suck balls half the time. ha. good im going and filling the phone up with movies….

    awesome idea 🙂

  • Ron

    Nice… but next thing you know, the airlines will be charging a fee for the barf bag…

  • Curious George

    Great idea. How do I keep my iPhone powered to play movies continuouosly for those long flights?

  • Lar

    I just returned from Greece and used this idea. It was amazing… Super simple idea. Cabin crew were very amused 🙂