Tricks to Teach your iPhone to Swear

You might have noticed that your iPhone doesn’t know the swear words. So every time you try to use one, its auto-correct feature kicks in and gives you some weird alternatives.

With iPhone firmware 2.2, you have the option to disable the auto-correct feature but in my case the auto-correction feature makes the touchscreen usable and fast when it comes to writing an email or SMS.

So how do you get rid of those annoying prompts?

It would have been nice to add a word to iPhone’s dictionary but that is currently not possible.

You can also tap on the little “x” to cancel the alternative provided by the auto-correction feature, and it
will learn, but that learning seems to be short-lived as well.

TJ Luoma has figured out an easy workaround to this problem. The idea behind the trick is that the iPhone includes the names from the contact list as part of its dictionary.

So to workaround the problem all you need to do is add the swear words in your iPhone Contact app and your iPhone will stop prompting you with weird alternatives. You don’t even need to have the swear word as a contact name, it should work even if the word is in say the job title of one of your contacts to get through the profanity.

Teach your iPhone to swear

Its a clever little trick but I prefer the trick which was suggested by one of the commentators to solve the problem which is to type the swear word two or three times and cancel the auto-correct pop-up each time. This seems to add the word to iPhone’s dictionary and it doesn’t corrupt your contact list.

Let us know if this helps solve the swearing problem of your iPhone at least until Apple introduces a way to add words to iPhone’s dictionary. It goes without saying that you can use this trick to add any other word in your iPhone’s dictionary.

[T’N’T Luoma via Wired]

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  • wow! the type three times and cancel each time definitely does add the word to the dictionary! (see screenshot) I've been yearning for this option since my first iPhone over a year ago. Has this been available the whole time!?


  • cpenner

    Want another way that doesn't screw up your contact list? On a jailbroken phone, SSH into System/Library/TextInput/TextInput_en.bundle/ and copy the Unigrams-en_US.dat file to your computer. Open it with notepad, add your swears to the bottom of the list, save it, and copy it back to the location you took it from.

    Obviously, this is for editing a US english auto-correct file, so navigate to your corresponding "TextInput_xx.bundle" folder where xx is the abbreviation of your language, and "Unigrams-xx_yy.dat" where yy is the appropriate dialect.

    Clean, and keeps your contact list profanity free 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip cpenner, definitely a neat option for those who are technically inclined to add all the words in one go.

  • jack

    Cpenner, when I open it in notepad its full of high ascii characters along with the words. Its not a simple text list. Any advice?

  • toz

    Ditto what jack asks..

    Tip: simpler for jailbroken phone users is to just install MobileTerminal and cd to the relevant directory and use vi (or another text editor) to edit the file without copying to your PC..

  • thanks for your nice post..

    best regards

  • Gordon Fitch

    Easier if you just don't swear.

  • Joe

    Some of us swear!

  • ZedSefi

    LOL … ducking iPhone!!!

  • cpenner

    Yea, I just ignored the ascii characters, and just added the words with spaces between them at the end of the file. It allowed the swears, however, I've found it messed up the auto-correct for some words…

    I knew deep down it wouldn't be that easy haha. I'm guessing those ascii characters are part of the code to direct misspellings to their proper corrections. I'm not sure how to edit that unfortunately…

  • a nun y moose

    [Its a clever little trick but I prefer the trick which was suggested by one of the commentators to solve the problem which is to type the swear word two or three times and cancel the auto-correct pop-up each time.]

    this solution seems to be very short lived..

  • stef

    stop swearin

    problem solved lol


  • nicola

    swear swear and swear sum more lolz !! ha ha

  • andrew

    fuck off

  • tc

    It's not just about swearing. There are some words acronyms that I use in my job that I need to add and not have the phone ruin.