DIY: iPhone Stand using Pencils and Rubber Bands

The crafty folks at Geeky Gadgets are at it again and their love for do-it-yourself stuff for the iPhone continues. This time they have created a stand for the iPhone using pencils and rubber bands.

The last time they had made an iPhone 3G dock out of cardboard and they apparently took inspiration from another do-it-yourself project where an iPhone dock using binder clips.

If you want to make the pencil stand for your iPhone then you will need 5 pencils and some elastic rubber bands.

Here are the simple instructions to follow courtesy folks at Geeky Gadgets:

If you have a 3G phone first strap two pencils together with one
elastic band at either end to make the horizontal phone support. Then
make a triangle using two more pencils. Then add the final pencil as
the back support. You can adjust the stability and support given by
tightening the top elastic band tension.

They also have a tip if you are planning to place the pencil stand on a slippery surface:

If you are using it on a slippery desk surface and have a pencil with an
eraser on it use the eraser end on the desk to give added support and
stop the leg from slipping.

The photos below should give you a better idea:

As always let us know how it goes in the comments below.

[via Geeky Gadgets]