Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock iPhone 3G

The iPhone dev team released the much awaited software solution to unlock iPhone 3G so that users can use any GSM carrier's SIM, a perfect New Year gift for all those waiting to unlock their iPhone 3G.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to unlock iPhone 3G using Dev team's yellowsn0w application.

Some important points to note before we start:

  • Hacking your iPhone could void its warranty.
  • Dev team's yellowsn0w application is still in beta and has not worked for all iPhone 3G users but they are working hard to fix the issues and have been releasing new versions of their application.
  • Since one of the important requirements to unlock iPhone 3G is to upgrade to iPhone firmware 2.2 (as it exclusivley works with baseband firmware 02.28.00 which comes bundled with firmware 2.2), you need to be aware that iPhone firmware 2.2 breaks Turbo SIM (in case you are using it) – the hardware method to unlock iPhone 3G so if Dev team's software method which is still in beta does not work you might not be able to use your iPhone 3G.
  • This step-by-step guide is exclusively to unlock iPhone 3G. We haven't tried it with the 1st generation iPhone. We would sugges you use QuickPwn to unlock the 1st gen iPhone.
  • The current version of yellowsn0w does not support SIMs with PIN enabled. So please disable any PIN you may have on that SIM before using this guide. The Dev team are currently working to support SIMs with PIN so this is a temporary limitation.
  • Please note this guide does not work for baseband 02.30.03.
  • If you want to know if Dev team's unlocking solution has worked for your carrier, please check the Yellowsn0w report.

Preparatory steps before unlocking your iPhone 3G:

Once your iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.2 (with baseband firmware 02.28.00) is jailbroken, you are ready to unlock iPhone 3G.

Unlock iPhone 3G using yellowsn0w:

  1. Launch Cydia from your iPhone 3G's home screen.
  2. You need to add the source of the yellowsn0w application. So tap Manage, one of the tabs at the bottom and then tap Sources.


  4. Tap the “Edit” button on the top-right corner of the screen.

  5. Then tap on the “Add” button on the top-left corner of the screen.

  6. You’ll be prompted to add a Cydia/APT URL. Enter as the source URL for the yellowsn0w application and then tap the "Add Source" button.

  7. Once the source has been added press the "Return to Cydia" button at the bottom of the screen.

  8. Then tap the "Done" button at the top-right of the screen. This completes the steps to add the source for the yellowsn0w application so you can install it.

  9. Tap on the source that was just added from the list of sources.

  10. Tap on again from the list of packages.

  11. You will get an option to install the yellowsn0w application. Tap the "Install" button on the top-right corner of the screen.

  12. Tap the "Confirm" button on the top-right corner of the screen.

  13. This will install the yellowsn0w application, you will see the progress on the next screen and the "Return to Cydia" button will come up once installation is complete.

  14. Tap on the "Return to Cydia" button and press the "Home" button on your iPhone 3G to go back to the home screen.
  15. You need to reboot your iPhone 3G so that the yellowsn0w application which is a small daemon is launched on boot up. Press the “Sleep” button and hold it until you see
    the “Slide to power off” message. Then slide to switch off the iPhone.
  16. Once your iPhone 3G has shutdown, insert the desired SIM card and restart your iPhone 3G.
  17. Once your iPhone boots up and you see the “Slide to Unlock” screen,
    wait for around 10 to 15 seconds (may be more) to see if your iPhone 3G picks up
    the carrier signal.
  18. The Dev team has reported that there is a known issue with SIM cards that have STK (SIM Toolkit) application menus. So if your iPhone 3G doesn't pick up the carrier signal after reboot then try to try to pull out the SIM card and re-insert it, wait for another 10 – 15 seconds and see if your iPhone 3G picks up
    the signal of the carrier.

If it does then you have successfully unlocked your iPhone 3G.

Some Tips to unlock iPhone 3G if the above procedure does not work:

If the above guide did not unlock your iPhone 3G, then try some of the workarounds mentioned below as it has helped some readers to successfully unlock their iPhone 3G.

Method 1 (via Hackint0sh):

  1. Airplane mode on.
  2. Airplane mode off,  you should see "searching" and should pick up the carrier's signal.

Method 2 (via Hackint0sh):

  1. Launch Moble terminal app (you can install it via Cydia).
  2. Type yellowsn0w -r wait for a moment 10 sec
  3. Type yellowsn0w -c wait for a moment 10 sec if you get NO SERVICE wait until u get 5 dot and run it again if you don't encounter NO SERVICE just run next command
  4. Type yellowsn0w -r
  5. Type yellowsn0w -a if you get busy message in under 15 sec and don't see NO SERVICE it's unsucesfull and you have to do -r and -a again until it loads to NO SERVICE and wait untill it changes to 5 dots and wait for 10sec
  6. Airplane mode on (keep it in that mode for more than 10 seconds)
  7. Airplane mode off, you should see "searching" and should pick up the carrier's signal.

If that didn't help:

  1. Type yellowsn0w -r once and after 5 sec wait 1 min.
  2. Airplane mode on (keep it in that mode for more than 10 seconds).
  3. Airplane mode off, you should see "searching" and should pick up the carrier's signal.

Note: Ignore the Unknown message (0xe3ff8000), the command still works even if you get it.

Method 3:

This was suggested by Anton, one of our readers (Thanks Anton!)

  1. Install BossPrefs via Cydia.
  2. Disable all Functions with BossPrefs (don't worry if you can't disable EDGE)
  3. Reboot your Phone with BossPrefs (not in the normally way – important!)
  4. Wait 1.30 min when you see the Lockscreen.
  5. Take out your Sim and re-insert it.
  6. Wait a moment (30 seconds).
  7. Go on Settings and Turn on the Airplane mode (keep it in that mode for more than 10 seconds).
  8. Turn off Airplane Mode.
  9. Your iPhone 3G should pick up the carrier's signal.

Method 4 (via YouTube, user reda92):

  1. Reset Network Settings. 99% of your success rate will depend on this.
    (You can find this in settings – general and to the bottom you'll
    see a "reset" menu in which you can find this)
  2. Reboot your iPhone
  3. Wait a little over a min.
  4. Remove your SIM card and re-insert it back in
  5. Wait 30 sec.
  6. Turn on Airplane mode and wait 10 sec. (This is important as well)
  7. Turn of Airplane mode, you should see "searching" and should pick up the carrier's signal.

If these workarounds did not help unlock your iPhone 3G, then report the problem to the Dev team using this link.

Update (Jan 7th, 2009):

Dev Team have updated their yellowsn0w app to unlock iPhone 3G. It fixes even more problems.

Please don't forget to drop us a line to tell us if you were able to successfully unlock your iPhone 3G using this guide or the workarounds. If you have any tips for fellow readers don't forget to mention them in the comments as well.

Images: iClarified

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  • Leif Ims

    It worked after I did a reset

  • ake

    mine only works when I insert the card and do a full reboot(i.e pressing the Home and Sleep button simultaneously)

  • cvayas

    after doing the BossPrefs method the 'searching' message appears and it wont go away. any extra hints? thanks in advanced!

  • Stephen

    Mine didn't work with the above tips but also worked after doing a full reboot holding the home and off buttons down.

  • LaurenNYC

    Thanks very much!! This guide is super helpful and clear. I am completely new to this Iphone world / Jailbreaking/Unlocking etc. so I'm really grateful for the clear advice.

    I had to use your workarounds and Method 3 was the one that made it work

    I have a iphone 3g latest firmware and baseband. I have a relatively old Tmobile SIM

  • kody

    this may be a stupid question but will the iphone 3g work on tmobile's 3g network? or just on edge? and would the g1 plan work as well? so i can switch back and forth without having to change my plan.

  • kwame

    Thanks Dev Team.It worked perfectly for me here in Ghana…Africa for those dumb f*** who don't know.I used the reset network setting after i downloaded the yellowsn0w from cydia and then turn on and off the airplane mode and viola,it worked.I am relieved.Long live Dev Team and all those who helped

  • JP

    Installed, no problem. Had an issue with the network falling off every 30 secs (showed 5 bars, but couldn't send / receive). Did a hard power-off (held power and home button simultaneously) took out my SIM while it was powered off. Turned it back on, then once "No SIM installed" showed up, I put the SIM back in and it worked fine. Thanks to the Dev Team for the good work.

  • iphone

    My iPhone 3g is working with TIGO in GUATEMALA…thanks very much…at first it didn't work but then I used method 2 and nothing happen but then I reboot after method 2 and voila!! THANKS!

  • JCaine

    Mine worked like a charm. Installed yellowsn0w, reboot and it is up and running. I am in MALAYSIA subscribed to Celcom. Good Job Dev Team. Thanks a million

  • rhythm

    i dont hav wi-fii system in my house & my turbo sim dony support 2.2 so how can i access yellowsn0w via EDGE ?

  • Mng

    Installation worked perfect. It worked with another sim after resetting the network settings. A BIG thanks from me !

  • K Nolan

    Works perfectly with Meteor/Eircom.
    I updated Via expert mode in Pwnage tool.
    Thanks to all at iPhone Dev team!

  • Christian

    Works great here in Guam!!
    thanks Dev Team…at first i thought it didnt work because it keep saying "invalid sim" then i remebered i forgot to reboot it! xD
    thanks a million to you guys!



  • tihspeed

    I have been working on unlocking my phone for over three weeks(usa,tmobile). I even ordered some stupid sim card off the net(still awaiting delivery) .yellowsn0w is the bomb yo. I got discouraged in the beginning because nothing was working on making my phone search for a carrier(method 1,3&4). Out of desperation i tried method 2 and i was not getting the same results as mentioned but everything from 4 on seemed to do the trick… Yahooooo… unlocked 3G *Thanks Dev Team* from vegas

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    any rules with this? like don't use airplane mode or anything?

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    if you unlock your iphone and insert a SIM card such as t-mobile, will it charge your t-mobile service extra since you used the data plan on the iphone?

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    It worked for me! YAY the shackles of AT&T have come off, although no more 3G or visual voicemail. I don't care I hate AT&T….

    The whole thing went smooth thanks to this tutorial. It has now been unlocked for about 15 hours and this is what I've noticed:

    You have to reset your NETWORK settings. Now that I reset the settings my son's t-mobile sim works perfect and my AT&T sim is crappier (hard to believe that AT&T service could get crappier)…. the AT&T service is horrible now. I mean it works 1/10th of the time, it's ok though because I reopened an account with T-mobile and ported my number…. My son needed a new phone anyway and AT&T SUCKS.

    Jailbreaking – I've been wanting to jailbreak it forever but just never did and I have to say I wish I would have done it sooner!!!! MMS messaging!! SMS via landscape mode!!! Video Recorder!! Tons of ringtones, I can go on and on. Again, AT&T sucks to enslave the iPhone the way they did not allowing MMS, etc.. Thanks for all of the help!

  • robin

    It worked for me! YAY the shackles of AT&T have come off, although no more 3G or visual voicemail. I don't care I hate AT&T….

    The whole thing went smooth thanks to this tutorial. It has now been unlocked for about 15 hours and this is what I've noticed:

    You have to reset your NETWORK settings. Now that I reset the settings my son's t-mobile sim works perfect and my AT&T sim is crappier (hard to believe that AT&T service could get crappier)…. the AT&T service is horrible now. I mean it works 1/10th of the time, it's ok though because I reopened an account with T-mobile and ported my number…. My son needed a new phone anyway and AT&T SUCKS.

    Jailbreaking – I've been wanting to jailbreak it forever but just never did and I have to say I wish I would have done it sooner!!!! MMS messaging!! SMS via landscape mode!!! Video Recorder!! Tons of ringtones, I can go on and on. Again, AT&T sucks to enslave the iPhone the way they did not allowing MMS, etc.. Thanks for all of the help!

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    when I opened Cydia it asked me first to update Cydia after 4 times accept, coz it will take up to 4-5 times to continue download, Cydia restarted and then after that I was able to continue from step 7, only one thing I noticed, I didn't had "iClarified" on my display, only yellowsn0w. After restart, instead of signal bar, it shown Airplane mode for 2 sec and then it changed to full 5 bar signal, instead of my network name I have 5 digit number, but everything works so far, other networks visible with their names except mine. But who care, as long I have everything else working. All sims in Nepal working without loosing signal.

    Great job DEV TEAM, thumbs up.

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  • Dilip

    I got a question guys… while following this steps,

    Why do I need to click shift + Restore in itunes, then use the iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw

    Why can't I just click restore, then in quickpwn, I use that iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw…

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  • Alienware


    you don't have to update in iTunes your firmware if it is already up to date, just skip that step as I did and continue further.

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    I was able to unlock from Optus AU to Vodafone AU without a hitch.

    Thank you again for all your hard work

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    Just wanted to say a big thank you for these clear and straight forward instructions. Unlocked my iphone 3G on the first try from O2 in the UK to Optus in Australia.


    help, my phone shows 2.2 software, but 2.11 firmware,and when I plugged into itunes, it says up to date. nothing is working. I have movistar, in Mexico.

  • Hey coogac,

    Dev team's unlocking solution works exclusively with firmware 2.2 and baseband/modem firmware 02.28.00.

    So first follow the step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone 3G for Mac users:

    or Windows users:

    The guides include steps to update your iPhone to firmware 2.2 and baseband/modem firmware 02.28.00.

    After you have upgraded and jailbroken your iPhone, you can use this guide to unlock your iPhone 3G.

  • asd

    Using UK Orange SIM:
    Method 1 didn't work for me. Didn't try 2, 3 looked easier. Method 3 worked!! Thanks Anton!!
    Note: It found a carrier (AT&T) while on step 4. waiting for the 1 minute+… Still, did the rest of the proc and all good!

    Turned all back on again in BossPrefs, as I did wonder about the SIM being able to handle 3G or Edge, which thought it wouldn't since it's a simple pay as you go SIM. It did sit Searching….long on turning 3G and Edge on, but on turning WiFi on after waiting a while, it grabbed AT&T. :))

  • Todd

    Is there a way to do the unlock by downloading yellowsn0w to my Mac, and syncing it to the iPhone? i.e. jailbreaking and unlocking a used iPhone bought privately without a contract with any carrier. Then, after jailbreaking and unlocking, using my current SIM to get service..?

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    Worked for me with Orange France with the airplane on-off swith. Phone was originally locked to AT&T.

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    Worked beautifully following the instructions provided by Dev Team. I was running 2.2 under the TurnoSim. Now without Turbo Sim it's working just fine. T-mobile in the US. Installing yellowsn0w did reset my 'cellular data network' setting so I had to set that to To get EDGE network back up. But it all went very smooth.

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    works perfectly

  • OK im new to all this jailbreaking unlocking stuff. I wanna unlock my phone (I still got version 2.2- i avoided the upgrade as the site said) now if i do the unlock on my iphone 3G and later on just decide to update the apple software thru itunes to a later version, could it or will it brick the phone? I already know it would obviously break the unlock. But would the phone get bricked or anything

  • If you upgrade your iPhone 3G to the latest firmware after unlocking it then it will SIM lock your iPhone if you are not using one of the official iPhone carriers.

    Deb team's unlocking solution for iPhone 3G is not a low-level unlock like they have managed for the 1st gen iPhone. That is the reason they have warned iPhone 3G users to use the PwnageTool to preserve the baseband so that it can be unlocked.

  • Jim

    Hi Josehp,

    I got the same problem. Have you solved it yet? Cos I bought my iPhone 3G in Vancouver, Canada (on Rogers network), now I am in Beijing, China, and I got no service at all.


  • Jim

    Hi Chris,

    I got exactly the same problem, no internet connection, could not load Cydia. Have you got a solution yet? By the way, I am also on Rogers.


  • My iPhone 3G is on Rogers network (Canada). But now I am in Beijing, China. The phone now has no service, no internet connection, nothing at all. The Cydia could not load without internet connection, and I can not add to its source (it says Did Not Find Repository when doing so). What can I do from this point? Anyone can help me please? Thanks. Jim

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    I hope it works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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    make sure your runing 2.2 i hade my iphone on 2.0.2 i was trying like a freakin retard but guys dont be like me make sure you upgrade to 2.2 and then jailbreak…READ THE INSTRUCTION JAJAJAJA woooooow!!
    Thanks A Lot Guys!!!!! <>

    Josito From Longwood Florida
    7-02-2009 1:48am << lol >>

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  • Avista T

    Ok people – I messed around with this for days, tried to unlock one 3GS and two 3G phones and I kept on getting the 'No Service' message – essentially not taking any cards other than AT&T. I've read about people telling others to get newer sim cards, etc. Bad hypothesis.

    I repeated the unlock process over and over again – and no luck.

    After trying it countless times, I've figured out what the problem is. The issue occurs in the last suggested step of unlocking. I pre-maturely pressed Home and Power to restart. After you try to install purplesn0w or ultrasn0w (what I used), press the screen button that says something like 'reboot' – do NOT do the hard power+home button reset. Let the software completely finish installing the unlock software, and you'll be good to go.


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    Bootloader version 06.02 (G2M3S2)
    Baseband version ICE2-05.11.07
    iphone vesion 3.1.2

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    Its firmware 4.2.1 and 6.15 but I can’t get it to work. PLEASE HELP!

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