Will AT&T Surprise it’s iPhone Customers by Offering Tethering Plans at $10?

iPhone 3G and AT&T

One of the features missing from the iPhone's rich feature list is the ability to tether the
iPhone to feed a data connection to your computer to surf the Internet.

There have been numerous rumors about AT&T's plans to offer an official tethering option for the iPhone. There were speculations that AT&T would make that announcement at Macworld 2009 which did not happen.

MacBlogz who had earlier leaked AT&T's tethering plans claimed to be from an inside source is now reporting that AT&T could pleasantly surprise its iPhone customers.

As per the plans that were leaked, AT&T was supposed to offer their official tethering option for the iPhone for an additional $30 per month with a 5GB data cap.

But MacBlogz who had leaked this information earlier is now reporting that AT&T could pleasantly surprise its iPhone customers by offering its customers their official tethering option for the iPhone for $10 per month.

They claim:

"The biggest piece of information we learned was that AT&T is
playing around with a $10 price-point. This made my eyes light up and I
asked them how they could get away with charging a third of what was
initially reported, here’s the response I got. “iPhone tethering is
primarily an AT&T offering, but it involves Apple at least wanting
or allowing the service, which they do. If it doesn’t function as
expected, I know of a few people who may lose their jobs,” my colleague
explained. “While you may think it’s as easy as streamlining our
Blackberry tethering service over to the iPhone, it’s not. Connection
may be tied into iTunes, and Apple is incredibly controlling when it
comes to this space.”

When we had reported that AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega had confirmed the official tethering option and had asked iPhone Hacks readers if they were willing to pay carriers the addition $30/month with superb iPhone apps like PdaNet which is free and iPhone apps like iPhoneModem that charge a one-time fee
to bring the tethering feature to the jailbroken iPhone (without the
monthly charges). The response from them was a resounding "No" as seen here, here, here and here.

Though iPhone users have expressed reservations shelling out the additional $30 over and above their data plans, at $10 per month I am guessing that there will be more people ready to opt for the official tethering plans from AT&T.

Will you opt for the official tethering plan for AT&T at $10 per month or continue to use jailbreak apps like PdaNet? Tell us in the comments below.

[via MacBlogz]

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