Control Fish Tank using your iPhone

The iPhone has already been used to control R/C car, iRobot’s Packbot, Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), iPhone Lego NXT Robo, turned into a walking robot and dog treat dispenser.

Do you have a fish tank? Want to control it from anywhere in the world from
your iPhone then you should checkout the video of this cool hack by
Pete from WaveJam Technologies.

The ioBridge module which was used to create a system for dispensing dog treats seems to be getting quite popular to control things from the iPhone.

Pete from WaveJam Technologies has used the ioBridge module to control his fish tank lights, video camera and pirate chest using his iPhone.

He has built a neat UI to watch the video feed of his fish tank using a webcam on the iPhone’s Safari browser and also some buttons below the video feed to interact and control the tank.

You can see the video of Pete controlling the fish tank using his iPhone:

As always, drop us a line in the comments section to tell us what you
think about Pete’s iPhone controlled fish tank.

[via Geeky-Gadgets]

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  • Johnny

    HOW DO I GET ONE OF THESE?!?!?! this is awesome!

  • Kray-Z

    boredom is either the best inspiration to ingenuity, or the seed of trouble. its the spark to both geniuses and criminals. without it we would have no prisons and no electricity. lol.

  • X^3

    wow it looks cool, but not awesome.

  • Ebacon

    there is already a legit app called aquanotes that links to Neptune systems aquaconntroller.. This is nothing new.

  • Nukie

    Today an aquarium. Tomorrow the entire ocean. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • TJ

    Not nearly as cool as what my friend did with his iPhone awhile ago… you know those robotic arms that you can build from a kit? He modded one to be controlled by a macro he created for an app on his iPhone, and then he mounted it next to his toilet. The thing would seriously wipe his ass if he got in the right position.

    Yes, that's right. The iPhone is the first product in the world that you can honestly say does EVERYTHING including wiping your ass. Suck on that, Palm.

  • Nukie

    Pics please. 😉