iPhone App Update: Lockdown v5.3 Fixes Couple of Issues

One of my favorite jailbreak iPhone apps is Lockdown which gives users the ability to password protect their iPhone apps.

iPhone developer, ipodtouchmaster05 has recently released an updated version of Lockdown (v5.3) which resolves couple of issues that makes the iPhone app even better now.

While reviewing Lockdown I had mentioned that after entering the password for a locked iPhone app; the next step of tapping on the "Launch" button wasn't required and instead the app should launch immediately after the correct passcode is entered.

This issue has been addressed in Lockdown v5.3, the locked iPhone app launches immediately after you have entered the correct passcode (however it does not give an error in case you have entered the wrong passcode).

kDub, one of our readers had also reported an issue (security flaw) with the app. You could bypass the passcode protection for an  iPhone app by launching it using QuickGold app, the keyboard-based application launcher.

This issue is also fixed in Lockdown v5.3. With the latest version of Lockdown, if you try to launch a locked iPhone app using QuickGold, you are prompted to enter the passcode.

Before you update Lockdown to the latest version, please read this warning from the developer:

"If you are upgrading from v3.0, make sure you have unlocked your locked apps before upgrading or you will not be able to do so ever."

To read the complete review of Lockdown and directions to install the app; check this post Jailbreak App – Lockdown Allows you to Password Protect your iPhone Apps.

Have you used Lockdown? Please give us your feedback in the comments below.