Jailbreak App: 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard Adds Another Row of Keys and New Keys like Tab to iPhone’s Virtual Keyboard

Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

iPhone Developer, KennyTM has released another jailbreak app on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone users which adds another row (a 5th row) to iPhone's virtual keyboard.

The jailbreak app is aptly called 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard.

KennyTM is the developer of one of our favorite jailbreak app hClipboard, which in our opinion is the best "Copy and Paste" solution for the iPhone.

KennyTM's 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard adds another row of keys to iPhone's virtual keyboard.

As you can see from the screenshot below, it adds a row of numbers to iPhone's Qwerty keyboard like you have on the computer keyboard.

Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard   
Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

Tapping on the arrow button in the second row (which is used to turn caps lock on) gives you access to the symbols (such as !, @ etc) which are again arranged in the same order as those on the computer keyboard.

Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

As manteka, one of our readers pointed out (thanks manteka), the app also adds new keys that are not available on iPhone's original keyboard such as:

  • ←, ↑, →, ↓: Directional keys. Move the cursor left, up, right and downwards. Hold the key to move repeatedly.
  • ⇥: Tab. Inserts a tab (t) character.
  • ⎋: Escape. Causes the current input field to lose the focus, and usually hides the keyboard as a result.
  • ⌦: Forward delete, otherwise known as Delete. Remove the character immediately after the cursor. Hold the key to keep deleting.
  • ↖, ↘: Home, End. Move the cursor to the beginning or end of text field.
  • ⇞, ⇟: Page up, Page down. Move the cursor one page up or down.

You can access the new keys mentioned above by tapping on the 123 button and then tapping on the arrow button.

Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard   
Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

After you have installed 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard on your jailbroken iPhone using Cydia. You can enable the 5th row by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboards and swiping your finger to turn On 5 Row QWERTY keyboard (I observed that it was enabled by default).

Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard   
Jailbreak App - 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

Once it is enabled, you can switch to the 5 Row Qwerty keyboard by tapping on the Globe button.

This is a cool hack but the keys are adjusted to fit the additional row in the available space so the keys are quite cramped if you compare the spacing available in the original keyboard. So it might not be convenient for folks with thick fingers.

What do you think about 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard? Please let us know in the comments.

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  • enone

    Love It But Sometimes It Crashes 🙁 When Typing…

  • Jeremy

    i tried installing it and it didn't work and it killed my auto correction and i couldn't get it back

  • manteka

    this so cool! though not mentioned is that he added newer keys such as arrows, tab, forward delete, home & end. my only suggestion is to add the ? key.

  • Hey manteka,

    I have updated the post. The new keys makes this hack even better.

    Thanks for highlighting it.

    Btw, the "?" key is available when you tap on "123" button and then tap the arrow key as seen in the screenshot above.

  • marcus

    its kinda cool but the keyboard is now a bit cramped and i have big hands and fingers so will take a bit of effort and messing around with it to get typing down pat on it like i was on the old keyboard. thanks for the arrows thats a big plus i hated having to delete a lot of what i typed when I made a mistake now i can go to the mistake and forward or backward delete so really liking this new keyboard

  • Al

    I love this new hack as it enables me to type in number without going back and forth to the number page, only thing is that "?" is on number page and you need to hit up arrow when you get there.

  • S41N7

    this hack messes up landscape mode in irealSMS

  • DB

    Anyone get this working with a 2g iphone? as I didn't…

  • Teaspoon

    I've only used it a few minutes so far, but already I don't know how I got along w/o it. I'm frequently typing and searching for addresses and I've been so annoyed having to constantly flip back and forth between the letters & numbers.
    This is a lifesaver! I love it!

  • gosh

    doesn't work for me. Just crashes my messaging app.

  • Me

    crashing for me to…can't get any keyboard to appear now


    Well, I install it but it doesn't show up as an available keyboard. Can't turn it on, can't use it. No idea WTF.

  • rob

    When I install I don't get see the additional keyboard. In fact my keyboard option screen does not look like the one shown above. Czech is directly under English (UK) which is directly under English.

    I don't see the text "Keyboards for current language" at the top of the screen either. I just see the keyboard listed with the option of turning them on and off.

  • rob

    Found the problem for the keyboard not available for selection. "If you have IntelliScreen installed, please also enable PrefHooker-iKeyEx and SBHooker-iKeyEx in the Performance options"
    enabling the performance option fixed the problem

  • Red K

    I cannot run any apps using keyboards after installing this! Uninstalling cannot help!!!

  • Patrick

    Great application, though I see where you mentioned an update on the "?" but I cannot access it. When pressing the "123," it's not listed there, and while in "123," pressing the "Shift" button does not access it either?

  • Patrick

    I stand corrected…

  • Hey Patrick,

    The steps to get to a "?" are:

    Tap 123
    Tap on the arrow or shift key

    You should see it, its next to "<" and ">" keys.

  • Patrick

    Thanks iPhoneHacks, I stand corrected, I passed right by it, and did not see it…great app!

  • Tak to je super, ikdyž je to potom naňahňané.

  • tom

    i try to install but cydia on my iphone dont have 5 row qwerty. can you help me. my cydia is runing on 2.2.1

  • wilz

    how come the shift key is always on before I type? Like once i go into my sms keyboard, the shift key is on, but when I type a letter, it turns off? Is there a way to keep it off until I need it?

  • dasha

    it's not working for me. installed it, checked all settings, rebooted a couple times, won't show up when i select globe to change keyboard. just shows the two language keyboards (english and russian) that i have enabled but no 5-row, even though under settings it says i have 3 international keyboards. help?

  • vgnam2404

    @dasha: I have the same problem as dasha.

  • curlie_bro

    Not working for me either. Does it work with OS3?

  • Jason

    This is enabled by default, even without 5 row qwerty and as far as I know you can't turn it off. It doesn't really hurt, just promotes better grammar I guess…

  • d@dcfm.com

    same here not workin with os 3.0

  • I have a 3gs phone and was unable to install via cydia. I could install ikeyex 3 but it would not let me install the keyboard saying it needed a different version of ikeyex. Here how I was able to get it to work.

    install the Ikeyex 3 version that is on cydia.

    go to :http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16798197

    download the keyboard file only (ignore 1) , follow instructions 2 through 4 and respring.

    (I followed the the complete instruction on the page and phone would just crash)

  • Bryce

    i tried it yesterday, it i'm not sure, but i think bricked my itouch, and when i turned it on, it started up, and when it still showed the apple start up, crashed and keeps doing that so i had to restore my itouch and lost about 125 apps, and 200 songs. eff this piece of sh*t

  • Imm

    Does this program work with the iPad?
    If yes, then please help with install.

  • bilbo

    didnt work for me. uk keyboard. 4.01 jb 32 gig ip4 all installed bit couldnt get it to show up in settings for activation

  • Travis

    Couldn't get it to work too… iOS 4.1 iPhone 4

  • thanks for sharing!
    I needing!

  • Not working for me either

    Followed all the directions, and set up a nice selection for my fifth row, but it just won’t display. When I go to the Keyboard selection row, there is no option to turn on or off the 5-Row QWERTY. I have iPhone 4, version 4.1.

  • Alan

    Go to winterboard > select themes and select 5row keyboard. Then it will show up under keyboards.

  • bob

    yall have to install 5-row keyboard iOS4* from cydia then activate it in winterboard THEN activate it in keyboards.
    * not free, but with the right source you could get it.

  • Woww… Such a cool new virtual keyboard. I must put this keyboard on my iPhone.

  • Robert

    Cannot find arrow keys in iPad version.

  • Jesus Trelles

    Dear all:

    I just tried to install it on my Ipod Touch 4g (Ios 4.2.1 jailbroken) but nothing happened, I downloaded from Cydia (it appears as installed) but then when I moved to Settings keyboard, int.keyboards, a different screen appeared and not a single mention of the 5-row qwerty app. From the posts above I think it is a cool app.. any help would be very appreciated

  • oh i m really lovin this new hack!

  • dogodus

    Als Handwerk (von mhd. hant-werc, eine Lehnübersetzung zu lat. opus manuum und grch. ?e???????a (cheirurgia)) werden zahlreiche gewerbliche Tätigkeiten bezeichnet, die Produkte meist auf Bestellung fertigen oder Dienstleistungen auf Nachfrage erbringen. Der Begriff bezeichnet auch den gesamten Berufsstand. Die handwerkliche Tätigkeit steht der industriellen Massenproduktion gegenüber. Das handwerkliche Gewerbe wird in Deutschland verbindlich durch die Handwerksordnung geregelt.

    In der weitgehend bäuerlich geprägten Welt des frühen Mittelalters spielten die sich später spezialisierenden Handwerkstätigkeiten wie die Verarbeitung von Nahrungsmitteln, die Herstellung von Textilien oder das Fertigen von Geräten und Bauten aus Holz noch eine verschwindend geringe Rolle gegenüber der häuslichen Eigenproduktion. Spezielle Arbeitstechniken, wie Bronzeguss, Malerei und Bildhauerei waren an Klöster gebunden. Erst im Hochmittelalter und mit der Städtebildung verlagerte sich der Schwerpunkt in urbane Zentren. Die hergestellten Waren werden auf Märkten feilgeboten oder in Werkstätten und Läden ausgestellt und verkauft. Eine Ausnahmerolle spielen Baumeister und Steinhauer, die, von einer (Kirchen-) Bauhütte zur nächsten ziehend, über territoriale Grenzen hinweg Fertigkeiten, Innovationen und Stilentwicklungen verbreiten.

  • Eng Ho

    mine cant work! i downloaded the hack, bt when i open some components, it crashes..

  • Stevo

    I got the keyboard installed but there are no directional keys anywhere how do i get them?