SBSettings Offers Faster Method to Manage iPhone Settings

iPhone 3G

Looking for a quicker way to manage iPhone settings such as disabling or enabling features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using iPhone Setting's App?

Then you should checkout jailbreak app – SBSettings which is a replacement of BossPrefs. Its offers faster method to manage your iPhone's settings especially if you are using some other app.

SBSettings is a jailbreak application that brings various toggle switches directly to iPhone's home screen that are available in the Settings app. SBSettings is also considered as a replacement for BossPref, which offered similar functions in iPhone firmware 1.x.

SBSettings is not like the regular iPhone app that can be launched from the home screen by tapping on its icon. To launch it, you have to swipe on iPhone's status bar or tap the status bar using two fingers. Once SBSettings is launched, you'll see various toggle switches that are available in the Settings app such as Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth, Brightness etc. Just tap on the switch to disable or enable the feature (Red is "Off", Green is "On"). Isn't that a much faster method to change the settings?

Jailbreak App - SBSettings

That's not all, one of the best features of SBSettings (thanks to the way it can be launched) is that you can launch it from almost anywhere. So you can launch SBSettings not only from your any of the home screens but you can bring it up when you're typing an SMS message or typing an email or even when you're browsing the web using iPhone's Safari browser. As long as you can see the status bar, SBSettings is accessible.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings
Example: SBSettings Launched from iPhone Maps App

You can also customize the toggle buttons that should appear on SBSettings using another configuration app. The developer explains that the reason for creating another app for configuration was to reduce the memory requirement for the app. You need tap the "More" button in SBSettings to launch the configuration app and then tap "Set Toggles" to customize the toggles that should appear in SBSettings.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings

On top of these toggles, SBSettings also lets you easily power off or reboot the iPhone via "Power" button.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings

If you don't like the look and feel of the default SBSettings theme then you can change it using "Manage Themes" in the configuration app. Themes are freely available via Cydia.  

Jailbreak App - SBSettings   
Jailbreak App - SBSettings

Some iPhone developers have also developed custom widgets that can be installed from Cydia and then enabled so that you can access them using SBSettings. One of my favorite custom widgets is "Processes" which as the name suggests shows you the list of running processes like the Task Manager and also allows you to kill the processes. If you thought you cannot run background apps on your iPhone then it gives you an interesting snapshot of iPhone apps that are running in the background.

Jailbreak App - SBSettings   
Jailbreak App - SBSettings

Please note: In case the custom toggles don't show up in SBSettings after installing from Cydia but show up as enabled then disable and re-enable the custom toggle and exit the SBSettings configuration app. The springboard should refresh and the custom toggle should be available in SBSettings.

You can install SBSettings for free using Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone. As I had mentioned earlier, it does not install the application icon on iPhone's home screen like other iPhone apps. You can launch it by swiping on your iPhone's status bar or tapping the status bar using two fingers.

What do you think about SBSettings? Have you used it before? Please lets us know in the comments below.

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  • Iphonesarefun

    the original boss Prefs is better because you can use lockdown. Sb settings bypasses this with it's docking ability.

  • Dave

    How does this program affect battery life?
    If it sits and works in the background all the time, doesn't it eat up a lot of battery time?

  • manteka

    i like this. been using it for about 2 months now. i got one of those radio frequency thingy to use the phone with my car stereo. very helpful in quickly switching between wi-fi and edge on my 2G while in my car. also helps lower the brightness, it can get annoying while driving.


    Yo llevo mucho tiempo usandolo y es simplemente genial

  • I have not observed drain in battery life after installing SBSettings (at least not something significant).

    I am guessing it runs only when it is launched.

    I am not sure if there is something running in the background to pick up the swipe or tap from the status bar which could cause a drain in battery life.

    Interestingly, you might have noticed in the screenshots above the processor widget doesn't seem to pick up SBSettings process.

  • For the benefit of non-spanish speaking readers, this is what SUPERPORROMAN had to say (courtesy Google Translate):

    I have been using it a long time and is simply brilliant

  • Iphone555

    I love this app but I wish there's a toggle for SafariDL plug in.

  • vito

    its awesome apps but lots people still waiting for some kind of tweak to make possibility to change between running apps not only killing them !

  • Hey vito,

    That would be an awesome feature.

  • Geogo3r

    SBSettings is an awesome jaiblreak app and a must have for all jailbreakers. I have the more complicated process manager (for the SBSettings one only displays non-critical processes) and SBSettings doesn't show up as running until you open it. So it doesn't have any diverse affect on your battery. Cylay on the other hand… If anybody has that and hasn't paid up, turn it off and remove it. It's a pain and runs a Cylay Daemon in the background which does affect your battery.

  • Steven

    I love this app, especially to turn bluetooth on and off which, let's face it, it a complete hassle to do through Settings. One thing not mentioned above is the Dock, which works like Categories, creating a window for app icons that then do not appear on the springboard. Maybe it's me but I've found that when I use the dock, my iPhone slows down a bit so I've stopped using it and Categories for now. But really, if you have a jailbroken phone and you don't have SBS Settings then like, what are you waiting for?!

  • Hey Geogo3r,

    Thanks for that info, it makes sense as I haven't observed any significant impact on battery life after installing SBSettings.

    However, it will be interesting to find out how did they manage to get the app to launch when you swipe or tap the status bar with two fingers.

  • Hey Steven,

    Thanks for your feedback and letting us know about the Dock feature.

    It seems to be a useful feature and a way to toggle between iPhone apps without going to the home screen which vito had mentioned above to which I had said it would be an awesome feature.

    I will try the feature for a few days to see if the iPhone slows down like you had observed.

  • Jonny H

    I just installed this thing and it rocks! what a great idea!

  • Rob

    I got it when it first came out a while ago and used it, but the screen always seemed to come down when I didn't want to use it since all it takes is just a touch at the top of the screen. This program was pretty nice I thought, especially with the processes add on – which now looks like it is included by default. It also seemed to slow down my load up of apps, and made typing on my phone laggy.

    I've put so much on my phone and taken so much off, but I'm really getting tired of the lag. I've seen other non-jailbroken iPhones that are just so much faster.
    Give this program a try; you may like it!

  • Geogo3r

    I skimmed through the article again and didn't see you mention that SBSettings will let you hide your apps. I choose to hide most of my apps that I don't use on a regular basis and use either quickgold or launcher to launch your hidden apps. Great combo for those of you who like a clean feel but still want access to your apps without crowding the pages.

    Also, two things I recommend doing with SBSettings. Go to More < Extras
    1) Disable the Apple Killswitch
    2) Enable Numeric Battery

    And the battery can be toggled between numeric and non-numeric just by tapping the battery or numbers.

    To iPhoneHacks:
    Your welcome!
    And yeah, it'd be interesting to know how they did it.

  • Geogo3r

    Oh, don't know if it will affect anything but my personal choice is the Quickgold launcher.


    DUDE I LOVE THIS APP!!! I USE IT AT LEAST 5times aday!

  • Geogo3r

    Quick question but a really basic one. Will updating the firmware format my iphone? I've got videos from Cycorder that I'd be really sad to lose, so if anybody could tell me how to SSH them off, I'd appreciate it.

  • Michael

    The only drawback is that it will respond to the swipe at inopportune times. If you are using a paint program for your kid (kidart) and they touch the clock area, it drops it down. If you are surfing the net and have the home button on your left instead of your right, you can launch it constantly by accident.

    Otherwise it works very well and I have been running it for a couple months now.

  • Hey Geogo3r,

    If you are a Windows user, you could use free iPhone software like iPhoneBrowser which allows you to access iPhone's file system.

    Check the link below for more details about iPhoneBrowser here:

    If you are a Mac user, you can checkout Megaphone for Mac users:

    Megaphone has a good user interface but is available for a one-time-fee.

    These are just apps we are aware of, I am sure there are many more.

    The video files recorded using Cycorder are stored in:
    User/Media/Videos under the root directory.

    PS: Since this is out of context for this post, it will be great if you can post any more questions regarding Cycorder here:

  • Geogo3r

    I have the same problem, when I play Tap Tap with a friend the same thing happens. It is quite a pain.

  • You folks are right, its extra sensitive at times and can get annoying.

    Maybe users should have the option to select the way the app can be launched.

    So you should be able to disable swipe if you think its causing the problem and use tap with two fingers instead.

    • Hey hey hey, take a gneadr at what\’ you\’ve done

  • Geogo3r

    I agree. We'll see what happens in the next version. Last time I updated it, it said it added more toggles of which I never saw but it seems like you guys have them in your review or were they downloaded separately?

  • Hey Geogo3r,

    They were installed separately via Cydia.

  • geogo3r

    What repo did you get them from? All my app addons are for Boss Prefs and that's alright I guess but I enjoy SBSettings a lot more.

  • Hey geogo3r,

    If you are referring to Processes, its available in the BigBoss repo.

  • aobjects

    Yes. I have been using this app for months. It's great but launches too easily and should be user selectable. It took a while to even figure out how to launch it in the first place when I actually wanted it. My wife wants ne to take it off hers for just this reason. Even though I know it has features she'd like.

  • Mack

    In Hide Apps there is an application called WebSheet. What is it, and why is there an option to Hide this app, when its nowhere to be found on the summerboard? Also why is the Ipod icon now a question mark? Anybody know?

  • Kim

    There's a BigBoss that works too right? Which is better? They both seem to do the same

  • avidappleman

    What theme is the screenshot using? (springboard theme, not the actual SBSettings theme)

  • where can i download this sbsettings app? direct link pls. thx.

  • You can install it via Cydia for which you first need to jailbreak your iPhone.

  • Pierre

    Something that would also be really useful for some people would be an option of quitting apps because some people (like me) have broken home buttons so an option of quitting an app and returning to the home screen would be awesome.
    Other than that I must say that this is a really really useful feature and a lot quicker than using the normal Settings

  • Pierre

    i actually found a solution that works all you have to do is download the ClickOunce application (not found in cydia i think, just google it) and put it in the docked apps of SBSettings

  • Yozi

    any way to rearange dock / docked icons inside sbsettings? thx

  • Scott

    Sad to say loading the the sbsettings totally crashed and killed my iphone 3Gs. I got itunes to recognize it and was able to restore it but is still not able to turn on beyond the apple logo coming on. Any tips?

  • JParedes

    Mi iphone 3g se ha muerto por hacer un power off con este programa nunca se recuperó ni volvio a encender lo inutilizó hasta para hacer una restauracion en el itunes

  • Lukas

    I installed it yesterday in my 3G and i have to say… I love it!!! Definitely more faster than clicking on your settings to open WIFI or so. Really nice stuff.

  • matthew

    so i just got sbsettings and love it. but now after i open an app and close it with the home button my status bar disappears. any ideas?

  • matthew

    ha! nevermind guys, im just stupid.

  • DarkReaper

    Liked this. But is there any way to get it from the PC then upload it into the iPod Touch?

  • nuKayos

    This is really enticing and informative to boot, but I was wondering if Cydia, and thus SBSettings, is exclusively for Jailbroken iPhone's? I just want to turn bloody screen rotation off, that's it, and if the only way to do it is to Jailbreak it, that seems a little extreme.

    Anyway, just curious.

  • Pepe36

    Nice app, I really like it, only one problem, with the hidden apps option, when you hide one or several apps suddenly on the springboard appear some withe icons, and you have to do a respring to get rid off them, a few problems with the hide apps option. Anyone?

  • parth

    hey how to getthis sbsettings from cydia ? by an suurse or ..?

  • kamote que

    does not rock.

  • Sim

    Y after i install this sbsetting but when i swipe on the top of the screen but it does not come out from my iphone4? so what should i do to use this ?

  • sadiqur

    hi do you need sbsettings to make your iphone faster or not

  • Mysterious guy

    You should also look at Notified, it’s a much better version of the built in notifications. It needs a tad of configuration to make it work along side SBsettings, but together they’re pretty good.

  • kenneth endicott

    so i jailbroke my iphone4 installed sbsettings and then installed bluetooth mono sbsettings so that i could use my bluetooth with skype. however in sbsettings under the sys optins i hit the fix useer idr permissions button and now i cant backup or restore my iphone. i need some help to fix this please. thank you