Apple’s New iPhone to Have Video Camera, Take Higher Resolution Photos & Use Multi-Core Processors?

We had reported couple of days back that an interesting screenshot from iPhone Firmware 3.0 beta suggests that video recording capabilities could arrive in the next
generation iPhone

AppleInsider is also confirming this speculation. They are claiming that as per their source who's proven extremely reliable with Apple related news has informed them that Apple will be introducing video recording capabilities in their next generation iPhone.

As per AppleInsider's source support for video recording will be possible using the "upgraded rear-facing camera".

Their source has also confirmed that along with video recording capabilities; users will also be able to take photos at higher resolution.

And they are also claiming that the next generation iPhone will come with significantly improved hardware to improve the gaming experience on the iPhone thus indicating that it could use multi-core processors as we had reported couple of months back.

AppleInsider's source is probably right about the video capabilities as we have already seen a screenshot labeled "Publish Video" in iPhone firmware 3.0 beta. If Apple is planning to introduce video upload capabilities then the rumor about the next generation iPhone supporting faster internet connectivity also makes sense.

AppleInsider believes that Apple will release a new iPhone app for the video recording and upload feature:

Should Apple's video plans for the next-gen iPhone remain intact, it's believed the capability would see support through a new "Movies" iPhone app that would provide rudimentary editing support akin to the audio trimming capabilities of the company's upcoming Voice Memos iPhone application.

However, they are also speculating that the video feature will be available only on a high-end model based on the code references in iPhone firmware 3.0 beta to two new iPhone models.

This week's rumors have got me really excited about Apple's new iPhone. I can't wait for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2009 in June (dates are yet to be confirmed); when it is speculated that
Apple will announce their new iPhone or iPhones.

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