iBluetooth Allows iPhone users to Transfer Files via Bluetooth [iPhone App Review]

Jailbreak App - iBluetooth

As you might already know, iBluetooth was released a couple of weeks back.

It's the first iPhone app for the jailbroken iPhone that allows users to transfer files from their iPhone via Bluetooth, a feature which has been missing from the iPhone since its launch (which will be supported in iPhone firmware 3.0).

iBluetooth can be downloaded on your jailbroken iPhone using Cydia (via iSpazio source).

But don't expect to use iBluetooth immediately as you need to download the license to use it first. Simply tap "Get License" button to get a free license for 15-days trial period to try the iPhone app. If you like it, you can buy a license for $3.99 euros.

Jailbreak App - iBluetooth

You can use iBluetooth to send any file on your iPhone to other Bluetooth devices. You can tap on the "File System" tab to navigate through your iPhone's file system and select the file you want to send or tap on the "Images" tab if you want to send photos.

Sending a file or photo using iBluetooth is quite simple:

  • Select the file or photo that you want to send.

    Jailbreak App - iBluetooth 
    Jailbreak App - iBluetooth
  • Tap on button at the bottom center.
  • iBluetooth will scan for available Bluetooth devices.
  • Tap on the desired device from the list of Bluetooth devices.
  • Tap on the "Send" button from the pop-up to start transferring the file.

    Jailbreak App - iBluetooth 
    Jailbreak App - iBluetooth
  • You can tap on "Activity" to review the status of file transfer.

Jailbreak App - iBluetooth

You can also use iBluetooth to receive files on your iPhone from any Bluetooth device. When iBluetooth detects any file transfer request, it'll prompt you to accept or deny the request. By tapping the "Save" button, iBluetooth will start the file transfer and save the file.

Jailbreak App - iBluetooth

You have the option to customize some of the settings such as alter the name of iPhone that should show up when other Bluetooth devices are searching for it. You can enhance security by turning On "PIN" authentication. You can also re-configure the default path.

iBluetooth is a promising app as it allows iPhone users to transfer files to any Bluetooth device from your iPhone using Bluetooth which is currently not possible on a non-jailbroken iPhone. Its simple to use and does exactly as advertised.

When I had reviewed the initial version of iBluetooth, it was quite buggy. The application crashed number of times while testing it and also didn't seem to be able to handle my iPhone's camera roll with large collection of photos very well.

MeDevil, developer of Bluetooth has released an update (v1.0.8) since I reviewed the iPhone app; to fix some of the issues. He has also added also added a toggle switch which gives you the option to turn off vibration mode when you receive a file.

The other issue is that during the special event to preview iPhone firmware 3.0, Apple announced that it will include support for peer to peer connectivity which should allow users to transfer files between Bluetooth devices from your iPhone. But if you can't wait until then, you can definitely checkout iBluetooth.

Have you tried out iBluetooth? As always, please give us your feedback in the comments section below.


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  • Kashif Saeed

    Ya i've used it … but how we can send songs from iPhone to other device?? n When it will free of cost ..??



  • Em

    actualy u can send songs via the ibluetooth email me on sliimshady at hotmail i will tell u how..

  • Steve

    I have sent mp3 already but they are not even named correctly and its not easy if someone says for example send me a song off your queen album it would be impossible cos on ibluetooth the files are all muddled up it has to be like the photo section easy and simple at the moment it's not simple you should be able to see album covers and proper track names as on albums

  • Pablo

    yea Steve, ur right, sending songs is a real pain in the butt…i hope on 3.0 we can send our songs right from the iPod app or something, that will be great! as long as its a solution, i'll wait for it…cant wait till 3.0. and about iBluetooth, its still a pretty buggy app. most of the times it wont send the file correctly or it wont recieve a file correctly.and i really think, everyone will stop working on a bluetooth app since 3.0 is already gonna have one but to those iphone 2g owners…sorry!! ur outta luck…looks like ur gonna need to UPGRADE!

  • metromepmb

    Would be good if Apple allowed you to transfer songs to friends and paid you something to do it 🙂 (ofc it would have to charge em, maybe half price)

  • marcus

    hey how do u buy a license for ibluetooth through paypal can u pay in different currency cause it asks for euros, sorry if its a dumb question just have no clue, might just hold out till os 3.0 is released so i dont have to pay anything

  • why would i pay for this when i can do this for free in a couple of months…

  • Andrew

    Exactly…seems like a waste in my opinion and I'm glad the blogger specified that this will be free in the foreseeable future.

  • iMeow

    Hate to burst all of your bubbles, but bluetooth peer-to-peer connectivity does not mean file sharing. Apple will NEVER let you send songs to and fro between devices. Hello? They loose money that way.

    The peer-to-peer connectivity talked about is for 3rd party developers to use in game and application development. It will allow for better multiplayer games and other cool apps but will NOT allow file sharing.

  • when is this os 3.0 is going to release
    by this iwould be able for me to send songs files via bluetooth

  • iam having iphone 3g
    not 2g

  • brainox

    with ibluetooth, will i be able to stream or listen to music in my bluetooth headphones? does it enable the A2DP bluetooth profile for the iphone?

  • Hi
    I have tried the trial version of iBluetooth in my 2G 2.2.1 jailbroken iphone. It could send files, but when i receive a file it is showing an error to sender and file is not receiving. Even though I press save/saveas, the error sayinhg I ma not accepting the file/auth issue.

    Is any one have the same issue? I will buy this tool if this problem resolved

    Thanks for the help in advance.

  • fahad

    Ummm gays i really have a problem in my IBluetooth in Iphone 3G.
    I succeeded in send picture throw ITooth. But when i receive any pic it didn't shown in photo even i tried to save it in the same directory of the photo…

    plz guys I need help in that

  • How to erase the files in the file system that was recieced from other device? It's hugging memory.. I already erased the files like pictures in the photo library but the files are still there in the file system of ibluetooth. Thanks!

  • Install mobileFinder or any other file system browser – then you can search for the file you want to remove and delete it from your system

  • Wilmar

    So far ibluetooth is not working in iphone running firmware 3.0

  • Saal

    iphonehacks I just unlock my new 3gS iphone and I downloaded iBluetooth, but it doesn't even work with me 🙁 When I opened it, it says directly "Unable to start the stack. please try restarting the application. If the probelm persist, try rebooting the device" I did restart and reboot unfortunetly does the same thing. Help me!!!

  • Farhan

    how to download applications from this site i didnt see any download buton

  • wire


    Im using iPhone 3G with 3.0 firmware installed with iBluetooth. I sent images from my Nokia Phone to my iPhone, I found out the images that I sent is in / directory and I was not able to view it.

    Can you please tell me the correct directory so that I can set in my unit also is their anyway I can delete the images that Ive sent or transfer to the said directory?

    Thanks in advance and hope your quick reply.


  • Hi!

    Thank you for iBluetoth app.

    I have an iPhone 3GS (JB) with 1.0.8 but I have problem with iB.

    I can not turn on it: stack error.

    Can you help me?

    (PC – XP Pro – wiews my Phone, my Phone is not view my notebook.
    When I turn on my Bluetoth it says: searching…)

  • Julianjpg

    Cydia version in my iPhone 3g on 3.1.2 is not updated. Still 1.0.8 version is there n it crashes n can't send stuff. Please help!!!

  • di

    download use cydia in iphone

  • di

    not working. after keying security code, nothing transfered to my pc. my pc detect iphone as general but cant sent file.

  • muaz

    hi gentle men please help me.
    i have problem i installed ibluenova in my iphone 3g firmware 4.0 when i try to open it not passed the loading page idid installed again and agian but same problem , and i also i tried to install videorecorder but same problem occured to me please tell me what i shall to do.

  • jeandre_nortje@hotmail.com

    How pathetic! You need to download a program ''on such a great and truely awesome phone'' just to send files over bluetooth! You can do that on cheap crap phones nowadays! iPhone is such a waste of money

  • Akshat Arora

    yeah most of the bluetooth sharing apps like iBluetooth,bump, picatcho are buggy.they crash on my ipod touch too. is there a way to slide a video and share it like its done in picatcho for pictures

  • my mom is the best painter in the world Vicki Denaburg

  • momodak

    hi the source does not work with me what i can do

  • Zahir