iBluetooth Released – First iPhone App to Allow Users to Transfer Files via Bluetooth

Jailbreak App - iBluetooth

iPhone Developer, MeDevil had announced in January that he was developing iBluetooth which would allow users to transfer files from their iPhone to other Bluetooth
devices. He had also published a video showing an iPhone running the app sending and receiving files between a Mac and a Sony Ericsson handset.

The good news is that MeDevil has finally released iBluetooth making it the first iPhone app for the jailbroken iPhone
to allow users to transfer files from their iPhone via Bluetooth, a feature which has been missing from the iPhone since its launch.

The iPhone comes with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (short
for Enhanced Data Rate) built-in. But it only supports the Bluetooth Headset
Profile and Bluetooth Hands-free Profile 1.5 which is a major limitation.

The most commonly requested applications in the Bluetooth stack by
iPhone users are A2DP wireless stereo support and the ability to
transfer files to other bluetooth devices.

iBluetooth will allow users to transfer any file via Bluetooth to other devices. It also has a built-in file viewer which will allow users to send any file on their iPhone.

Here are some of the screenshots of iBluetooth's user interface (courtesy iSpazio):

Jailbreak App - iBluetooth User Interface

iBluetooth is available for 3.99 euros and you can install it on your
jailbroken iPhone via Cydia. medevil hopes to bring features such as
A2DP, Serial Port (needed for bluetooth GPS) etc in the future.

Another group of iPhone developers are also working on a project whose ultimate goal is to get all the missing Bluetooth
profiles working on the iPhone. They had released an iPhone app called SweetTooth couple of months back that demonstrated the work they had done on
unlocking the full capability of iPhone's Bluetooth.

As always let us know if you try iBluetooth in the comments below.

Thanks a ton Egypt for the tip and following up on this story for us!!!


iBlueNova (iBluetooth 2) Will Allow iPhone Users to Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

[via MeDevil (the site seems to have some availability issue)]

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  • Bazza

    just downloaded it and it works a treat but the only thing ive noticed so far is the site which you need to go to to purchase a liscence doesn't seem to be working at the moment… finally a bluetooth profile for the iphone… congratulations to the developer for this milestone event…

    • Ajmal

      Hello. i am Ajmal gulabzada. And i download ibluetooth and also ibluenova in my jalibroken iphone4. But it is not working why? Plzzzzzz help me someone.

  • No problem man sorry for posting on a diff topic instead of emailing you.

  • Hey Bazza,

    Yeah, the developer's site seems to be having availability issues.

    Btw, how did you get it to work without the license. I seem to be stuck on the activation screen.

  • Hey Egypt,

    No worries, I have unpublished the comment as it was off-topic for that post.

    But thanks again for the hot tip 🙂

  • geogo3r

    That's a shame that the developers site isn't working. I'm sure he realizes that this is costing him money and is probably absolutely frantic about getting it working haha.

  • I got you iPhonehacks. =D i really like the site and support you 100%. If you need anything just let me know.

  • In your post you can say that you guys posted first because all the other sites havent updated =) helping out the site to get more popular

  • not even http://www.modmyi.com posted about it. xD

  • The site seems to be back up, but payments seem to be disabled.

    It's a pity. I guess we need to wait for some more time to try it out.

  • Technically folks at iSpazio posted the news first. They have an advantage as they are hosting the package.

    But we are definitely one of the first to break the news. And we have to thank you for it.

    So keep them coming 🙂

  • Hmm, site seems to be down again.

    I am sure its frustrating for the developer but as Bazza mentioned, congratulations to the developer for the milestone.

  • Steve

    incredible! it works so well straight away!

  • The site is back up and payments are enabled as well.

  • moe

    i downloaded it and i tryied to open it , it says the application 'ibluetooth' cannot be opend any ideas

  • InSovietRussiaPhoneEyesYou

    Not bad for a first release, but it seems pretty buggy. It crashes a lot, particularly when trying to send a file. Sometimes it won't boot because of a stack error or something. Hopefully it'll get better as time goes on though.

  • moe

    i got it working but it got stuck on registration i tried to put my email adrees nothing is working i need help

  • marcus

    i get to registration page and then it says demo license and then doesnt do anything, i go to try to turn on my bluetooth and it wont turn on?

  • marcus

    ok i uninstalled and reinstalled and it works but it does crash a bit

  • Pablo

    i am stuck on regestration page too! SOMEONE help! I WANNA TRY THE APP!!!!!!!! hahahaha….hope is a success just as i excpect….(my excpections always exceed everyone's limitations)

  • jim

    wont transfer larger files 🙁

  • jose05@hotmail.com

    i have got a crack for this f**k payin

  • pavolicka

    This is not nice . I was able to pay for this app but still says NOT Registered !!! What's this ???

  • Chris

    iBluetooth is NOT made by the same people that made SweetTooth, that is an entirely different program which will be released shortly.

    medevil.net and ibluetoothproject.com are two different groups

  • Chris

    soory my bad, didn't read it propperly :'(

  • Get it cracked at xsellize repo 😀

    im paying tho as this is well worth it 😀

  • TimWetter

    Arguments aside, I have downloaded and tried this app via demo, I have to say it works real well. So far I have been able to transfer a vast amount of imagery from my Iphone to a Sony Ericsson C905, my Acer 2920 laptop via usb dongle, Iphone to iphone, O2 XDA!! So, as far as i'm concerned……..it works!!!
    Should the rival dev team come up with a better version, then i will gladly pay to use whatever is best for me.

    You may now continue the Squabbles amongst yourselves 😉

  • fingers

    Hit hte get licence button folks, gives you a free 6 day trial. You don't need to enter email address! It put my iphone into safe mode when i first installed it, but i uninstalled, reinstalled and works perfect!

  • A

    This needs to be more streamlined for music. I like the progress though

  • marcus

    uninstall and reinstall it if ur stuck on registration page, not sure I want to buy this or not really waiting on sweettooth dont want to buy this and then sweet tooth comes out and I may have to buy that too

  • JB

    Sweet idea though I'm struggling to get it to work (reinstalled/rebooted etc) with a simple jpg, goes through the motions up to the point of transfer then fails (macbook will attempt to browse but will fail, when you send it seems either machine is not waiting for the Allow response and terminating the function)

  • Hi!
    how did you make the bluetooth works without the licence?

  • TimWetter

    @chriva85 (& others with same question)

    Just keep clicking on the get licence button
    if it freezes, it's down to the server being bombarded for requests (as you know, EVERYONE wants Bluetooth) thus overloading MeDevils server
    Just keep trying, when successful, you will see 'DEMO' in the field, this gives you a 6 day demo
    I found that rebooting my device (turn it off, leave 20 seconds, then fire it up) worked best
    Images are resized when sent and can be a bit small, but as others have said, if you send from the file system, not camera roll, then images retain their size.
    AutoPin is a bit of a pain as my other devices keep requesting authorisation pin, but apart from that it's a real nice, and long awaited/needed bit of software.
    I intend to wait and see if the iBP folks produce a better working app before parting with my Euro's but until that day arrives………

    On the 'Stolen Code' subject, my view is that most of us watch downloaded films, listen to mp3's that get bluetoothed to us (well they do now lol ) so why are people so biased against the Dev who gave us what we wanted? 3 of my app developments were ripped off, my attitude…..they did a better job on them than me so i'm happy to see people using the free apps. I dont work for profit, if i come up with a 'killer app' then i'd try to make some cash from it, but the bits i work on are for fun and my personal enjoyment, i hope others feel the same way, i was brought up to share lol

  • Patrick

    I am waiting on the March 17th conference to determine whether or not to buy this app. But it looks like a great app!

  • mohamed

    Hi Egypt,
    Assume you are from egypt!
    i am from egypt and i need to know what should i do to make the GPS work and how to get arabic on my i phone considering that i have
    i phone 3g
    version 2.2.1(5h11)
    firmware 02.30.03
    ples if you have the answer ples email me at

  • Hey yes i am from egypt but i dont live their. To answer your question, to install an arabic keyboard, you must jailbreak your iphone. Follow these steps to jailbreak.

    While jailbreaking, keep in mind that you want to install cydia. Simply check the box and you will be set. Then open up cydia and then wait for all the repos to load up. Then search "arabic" and you then you chooses what kind of arabic you want for your keyboard. If you need anything just email me back

    As for the GPS i am not aware on how to enable it in Egypt but you can email iphonehacks and im sure he or she will be able to answer anymore questions. =]

  • Just what the iphone needed works but doesn't seem to stable or solid just yet

  • Icemanuk

    hey all there is a way to get this free but apparently it wont let you get the updates in order to get the new gui they are working on that should let you browse other peoples phones and maybe also use it to bypass there four digit code screen and just trade pics etc
    its called xsellize this site you have to sign up to but once done that goto http://www.xsellize.com sign up and then goto cydia and type this source http://www.xsellize.com/cydia/username-password dont type usename password lol as that wont work its what you used to register with site and then just add source on there and look for ibluetooth and install simple and its freeeee!!!!!

  • purepoison

    I dont know if its just me or… I dont mind to pay for my App but the thing is after I updated my Iphone software all those cydia installer and stuff i download all gone, I have to install them all over again. If Apple keep updatin their software which seems more likely, and i have to repeat the same thing again and again. just wondering am i doing something wrong or its happens to everybody?

  • theanalyst

    This application does not work for me at all. I keep getting an error message "Unable to start the stack, please try restarting the application. If the problem persist, try rebooting the device."

    I reboot the device thousands of times and get exactly the same error message every single time.

  • apl

    I have installed the program.
    It works perfectly well but only for images.
    When receive videos, where is it saved ? not able to locate the received file ?

  • alam

    Hi, i have a 2g iphone, i tried to install the arabizer but it did not work, i tried via cydia and by using the iphone browser. i can you help. alam.hossa@hotmail.com

  • chtan

    where to download the software or buy the software thank you

  • Don

    I've try it but it didn't work at all.I can't even transfer files between my iphone 3g ver. 2.2 & n73 and after I uninstall it crashed my springboard 🙁

  • ahm i kno the ibluetooth is a very nice a app but there is a new iphone coming out and i want to bye it, so is the new iphone (iphone 3g s) compatible with this app

  • Byron


  • Byron

    i just updated my first gen iphone to the 3.0 version.
    how do i 'jailbreak' or whatever. i have nooo clue what i am doing and need help. thanks.

  • it is so bad, it never works

  • brandon

    it works in the iphone 3g but not on the 3gs. i get a stack error on startup of the app.

  • Matt

    Yeah, tried it on the 3GS with 3.1.2… Broke all of my Jailbroken apps…. and gave stack error on start up.

  • Worth it ?

    Just a yes or no answer please.

  • it is so depressing to have a expensive phone which doesnt support a simple application which other phone have.. MMS and bluetooth transfer is much needed this days.,, hope they make an application ASAP if not, well goodbye to iphone world…

  • dhaval

    hey can u pls help me out i am having itouch 3g and want to jailbreak it but dont know how to do can u help me out
    reply on my mail dkakadia@yahoo.com

  • Amit Abichandani

    hello i am from india having iphone4g with ios 4.0.2, can u please tell when will the jailbreak for it will be out so that even v can use the app"i-bluetooth"

  • ME

    I am new to apple products and so i dont know much about them. Can you tell me, how can i transfer files i have received via this app to the pc.

  • basem


  • Aj

    can i receive and send songs thru ibluetooth

  • flakefrost

    iPhone doesn’t have Bluetooth 3.0+HS yet 🙁

  • hi dose it work on iphone 4 ios 4.3.5?