iPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta Reveals New iPhones and New iPod Touch

Based on Phil Schiller's, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product
Marketing statement to David Pogue of New York Times at Macworld 2009
, I am quite confident that Apple will be announcing their next generation iPhone in June which would come bundled with iPhone firmware 3.0 announced a couple of days back with more than 100 new features.

BGR is reporting that one of their source who was poking around iPhone firmware 3.0 beta currently available only for developers of the iPhone Developer program; found evidence of Apple's next generation iPhone.

Apple uses these models numbers to distinguish between different
hardware models. The original iPhone carries the model number of
"iPhone 1,1" while the 3G iPhone is labeled "iPhone 1,2". These numbers
do not change for simple storage increases and instead represent
functionally different devices. Similarly, the iPod Touch was
originally introduced as the "iPod 1,1" and the most recent hardware
revision was labeled "iPod2,1". The 2,1 iPod Touch added a speaker,
volume controls, microphone support and a much faster processor than
the 1st generation model. This new model number can be found in the
USBDeviceConfiguration.plist in an unencrypted firmware.

BGR is reporting that as per their source, iPhone firmware 3.0 beta has
references to not one but three new hardware models: "iPhone2,1", "iPhone3,1" and "iPod3,1" as seen below:

They believe that Apple will release more than one iPhone models and a new iPod Touch model.

If you remember, we had reported about the reference to the next
generation iPhone in iPhone firmware 2.2.1
as well.

And if you go by what Apple's Phil Schiller told us about iPhone's annual product cycle, we can expect these new iPhone and iPod Touch models in June.

I am quite confident that Apple will release the next generation iPhone in June but I doubt they will release two new iPhone models.

So why is there a reference to "iPhone3,1"? I think that's because Apple is probably working on iPhones; a generation, two generations ahead which probably explains the reference to "iPhone3,1".

What's your take? Do you think Apple will release two new iPhone models?

[via BGR]