App Store Crosses Milestone: One Billion iPhone Apps Downloaded in just 9 months; Announces Contest Winner

App Store - 25,000 iPhone apps

Apple had put up a webpage couple of weeks back to countdown the 1 billionth iPhone app downloaded from the App Store.

Apple crossed the milestone of 1 billion iPhone apps downloaded from the App Store couple of days back and has also announced the winner of the promotion they had launced to celebrate this signifcant milestone.

Apple had started the countdown couple of weeks back at around 927 million iPhone apps.

To celebrate this significant milestone, Apple was to give away
a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, an iPod touch, a Time
Capsule, and a MacBook Pro to the person who downloaded the billionth iPhone app.

Apple has just announced the lucky winner of the contest:

"The one billionth app, Bump created by Bump Technologies, was downloaded by Connor Mulcahey, age 13, of Weston, CT. As the grand prize winner of Apple’s one billion app countdown contest, Connor will receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule and a MacBook Pro."

1 billion iPhone apps downloaded in just nine months is very impressive
when you consider that it took Apple around 2 years to sell 1 billion
songs on iTunes.

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  • DAVE

    I get the feeling that the app store would have had close to the same success as iTunes, as far as pure downloads are concerned, if there were no free apps available for download.

  • karl

    he wel dunt deserve it. can i have the mac book pro lol

  • ted

    Finally a list of great iphone apps that’s true. i actually use each and every app recommended.

    Thank you !!!

  • Kwopau

    no you may not. he deserves it. lol he could use the mac book pro for his college when he gets there lol.

  • ROB

    1.) what would you use a $10,000 itunes gift card for? That's a lot
    Of .99 cent downloads.

    2.) that kid doesn't need a MacBook pro he needs a nintendo DS or PSP. For those saying he can use it for college, that laptop is gonna suck in 5 years.

    3.) I'm pretty sure that like most contests, you need to be 18+ to be a winner. The itunes account is going to be in his parents name, so I'll go ahead and assume
    They are taking the laptop.

  • Tony

    Times like this makes me wish i was 30 going on 13 lol

  • Ian

    I smell sour grapes 🙂

  • Kwopau

    1. It could take years to use that.

    2. technically true, but still at least he got a free laptop is what matters. MacBook Pro is pretty darn expansive you know. Even I can't afford to get one.

    3. True, the account would be under his parents account since you have to be 18 and over. So technically speaking the laptop would be his parents, and if his parents to like it, they can always sell it.

  • T

    ted, your website sucks.

  • awww man – if only I had known about the prize…I would have downloaded the 1 billionth application. LOL A macbook pro – sigh………castlesteps here i come.

  • Modi

    Would crack me up if it was a fart machine app he d/l’d