Apple Seeds 2nd Beta of iPhone Firmware 3.0: Includes Push Notifications, Allows 11 Home Screens, Fixes Sluggishness

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

Apple seeded developers of their iPhone Developer Program with the second beta version of iPhone firmware 3.0 which Apple had previewed last month.

Apple had announced more than 100 new features and 1000 new APIs in iPhone firmware 3.0.

The second beta version like the first beta version has revealed some more details about Apple's next generation OS for iPhone.

Actually, the first one might not be very interesting as we already know that it's coming. It looks like Apple has finally included APIs for their Push Notification Service in the latest version of iPhone firmware 3.0. It was strangely missing in the first beta version. In case you didn't know, Push Notification Service is Apple's workaround to run iPhone apps in the background. If you're interested in finding out more, you can checkout our post on Push Notification Service.

The latest beta version of firmware 3.0 has also revealed a new feature (or enhancement) where you will now be allowed to have 11 Home screens (pages of iPhone apps) instead of the current restriction of 9 Home screens as seen below:

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

So you will be able to install 180 iPhone apps on your iPhone instead of just 148 iPhone apps which you can do currently. There are iPhone hacks that already allow you to install 225 iPhone apps on a jailbroken iPhone.

The good thing is that with the Spotlight feature that Apple has introduced in iPhone firmware 3.0, searching for the 180 iPhone apps isn't going to be a problem.

As we had reported yesterday, Skype for iPhone still works over a cellular network in the latest beta version of iPhone firmware 3.0.

An iPhone developer has also informed Gizmodo that the new version appears to be lot more snappier (developers had complained about sluggishness in the first beta version).

He has also stumbled upon a new Store area in the Settings App which is strange as it's blank currently as seen in the screenshot below:

iPhone firmware 3.0 event

The beta version of iPhone firmware 3.0 has already revealed some interesting details such as:

Thanks Egypt for the tip!

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