Leaked AT&T Memo Compares Apple’s iPhone 3G with iPhone Killer – Palm Pre

Folks at PreCentral have got their hands on a leaked internal AT&T memo that compares Apple's iPhone 3G with Palm Pre which is dubbed by many as an iPhone killer.

Based on the internal document it looks like Palm Pre which will be offered exclusive by rival Sprint has got AT&T worried. They had done a similar thing prior to the launch Blackberry Storm.

Some of the important points highlighted in the document are mentioned below:

  • The App Store for the iPhone with more than 30,000 iPhone apps and almost 1 billion downloads has a proven track record.
  • Palm Pre has internal storage of 8 GB, while the max storage capacity available on iPhone 3G is 16 GB and it's rumored that Apple's next generation iPhone will come with 32 GB storage capacity.
  • One of the interesting points from the document is that AT&T believes that Palm Pre will not support multi-touch for which Apple has a patent. While Palm clearly has mentioned on its website that Palm Pre will support multi-touch interface. Is there something AT&T knows which isn't public knowledge?
  • One of the best things about the iPhone is the integration with iTunes. Apparently there is no sync mechanism available in Palm and one has to drag-and-drop tracks from the computer.
  • AT&T also highlights that iPhone 3G "Global GPS; aGPS for maximum speed, accuracy and reliability even in
    built-up areas”
    while Pre “Can’t receive map updates or
    location assist information in most of the world due to lack of GSM
  • Palm Pre also will have limited Wi-Fi access unlike iPhone 3G where as you have free access to more than 17,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots.

You can checkout the full AT&T leaked memo below:

Based on the internal memo, Apple's iPhone 3G blows away Palm Pre though AT&T seems to have missed some of the features in Pre that are missing in the iPhone such as:

  • Users will be able to run apps in the background. Apple will be introducing Push Notification Service in iPhone OS 3.0 as a workaround which according to them "preserves battery life, maintains performance, optimized for mobile networks".
  • Pre sports a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard while iPhone has an on screen virtual QWERTY keyboard which is a deal breaker from many users.
  • I just love the wireless charging feature that will available for Pre though it would have been even cooler if it was built-in and one didn't have to buy a separate accessory.

Apple's next generation iPhone which is expected to be announced in June will also up the ante significantly with video capabilities, more storage, faster processor, internet connectivity, OLED screen for improved battery life and support for faster 802.11n Wi-Fi.

What do you think? Do you believe that Palm Pre is an iPhone killer especially if rumors about Apple's new iPhone turn out to be true?

[via PalmCentral.net]

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  • Geogo3r

    It'd be more of a slip-up of they were comparing the next-gen iPhone to the Palm Pre. (Which I really wish it was!)

  • iPhone came first in a world that doesn't had anything like it before.

    Just as the iPods, the iPhone will be too hard (impossible) to break in the next several years. To beat it somebody must create a cellular phone that works easier than multi-touch and its gestures and as far as I can see right now there's nothing better than that. It is patented and Apple will not be licensing it. Every other cell maker are stuck in the same bored touchscreens and they all are making the same mistake: imitation of iPhones. <<<- That isn't the key of success. No innovation = No iPhone killer. To kill the iPhone it must be something completely new, it isn't trying to make their own app store, that kind of behavior is what are killing Microsoft little-by-little.

    People doesn't know what they want or what they need, you have to create the needs.

  • jack mehoff

    agreed ^

  • Name the

    A strong Pre will help make the iPhone better. And maybe even AT&T(if that is possible!) if Spring prices the data plan very agressivly AT&T will have to cut their prices too.

  • NAME the

    Damn virtual keyboard with auto correct and my fat fingers – spring = Sprint

  • Dave

    At&t doesn't care what sprint does with their data prices. Sprint is bleeding customers badly and as a result has to slash prices just to keep from disappearing completely.

  • Gilberto Arellano

    Since their wireless charging will be a separate acssesory, it would make alot more sense to just save a little more money and get the wireless charger tablet I saw at CES thanks to Xbox Live Major Nelson.

  • marcus

    there is no iPhone killer just an iPhone competitor many have tried and none have been able to kill the iPhone and none will. the pre will just make apple up the ante and make the next firmware or next phone even better so bring it pre cause the Iphone is gonna smack you next to the blackberry bold lol

  • Abdou

    I think the Nokia N97 will be an iPhone killer, it has many cools features , like a physical keyboard, a touchscren and the ability to be charged through wifi and more…

  • TeppDude

    Nokia must be biting their fingers for acting snobbish when Apple approached them a couple of years ago with the iPhone in their bag!!!!
    Nokia WILL NOT catch up just imitating..
    Will they ever understad?
    I'll go back to them if they have a better product…

    They have been intoxicated by the malign Microsoft mentality and now they pay it!!!

    Symbian was not enough.

  • moz

    If only the Palm Pre used GSM! Best move they could have done would have been to have a GSM and CDMA version.

    But now with CDMA only… How can Palm reach out to iPhone owners (who are most prominently their aimed market)? GSM phones bond with our society current trends which is to allow individuals to be different and show their uniqueness by allowing to change and customized at heart's content. With GSM you can switch
    phone out of bed. With CDMA that's completely another story.

    It's really a pity but Palm Pre is destined to a painful end.

  • trav

    the iphone 3g already beats the pre hands down. next gen will blow it out of the water. the pre will barely be a blip on the radar in terms of sales, and its sprint for godsakes. they signed their own death wish right there.

  • James joice

    AT&T may not care but I care what sprint charges and as I have 6 iphones coming off contract in a few months it could save me a lot to switch to sprint an use iPhones as a ipod touch.

  • hxclos

    Most people will agree that one big issue with the iPhone is the keyboard. While people would like to see a slide out keyboard in the future, the iPhone was designed to be a multi-function touchscreen phone. I strongly believe Apple will create an iPhone with a slide out secondary touchscreen which I'm sure will please gamers who would like a controller and for mathmaticians may see a graphing calculator. These ideas are possible but only time will tell. My sister's issue is her nails don't work well on touchscreen phones.

    I never new charging a phone wirelessly was possible. I would love to see that on an iPhone as well.

  • Cassmate

    Who will need physical keyboard on the iPhone? People are you insane? iPhone was made for touchscreen and touchscreen is the revolution baby. Fcuk plastic keyboard.

  • ZedSefi

    Remember when first time iPhone came out, everybody wowed at how cool you can type on it without using real keyboard and that made so many people switching to it just to get this feature. And now you are telling me we want a slider keyboard? We should go straight forward not straight backward. Remember Steve Jobs when he said: 'Stylus?? Who need Stylus?? We are going to use the best Stylus, we were born with ten of them, we will use our fingers'. This is why Jobs is always right.

  • Name the

    With a virtual keyboard you always have to watch the screen to see where the keys are as there is no reference points. In a meeting and need to send a personal text? With the iPhone you have to keep looking at he screen. With a physical keyboard you can have the phone in your pocket and still text.

  • I agree with all of you, that unless Palm comes out with some outlandish idea, there is no iphone-killer yet. Nokia/Palm have to create something more intuitive than the iphone. May be not for 100% of eath population, still the iphone is good enough for a good chunk/majority, may be 75%. Just like the revolutionary wii, it is not for everyone , but for a good majority of casual people. For every car, phone there is a buyer, and different people have different need/view, so some people will the pre ( price/specific keyboard/…) , it is just going to be smaller niche/market than the iphone.

  • The iPhone will never have any kind of slider, just forget about that idea if that is what you are waiting for. Not for an extra screen neither for a physical keyboard, those are really stupid ideas. If some people doesn't like the virtual keyboard then they should buy other phone 'cause the iPhone isn't for them.

  • sam

    iPhone is a multimedia phone and palm pre is business class phone. So their target audiance is pretty different..But Palm Pre can never match the iPhones hype and therefore can't be the iPhone killer..

  • sam
  • Zoltan

    I like my iphone, its my first cell phone ever, but i still wish it had a real slider kbd, sadly it wont, and ill stick with the iphones.

  • hxclos

    Relax "people doesn't", I'm happy with my iPhone. Just don't be surprised when Apple releases a different model. After all, they don't sell only one kind of Mac or iPod.

  • Joe

    iPhone Hacks – the table is unreadable:
    Either post a full-res table or make it a link to the original, but this is nonsence.

  • J

    GSM is coming – the Palm Pre will be in Europe later this year.

    And I believe "Palm Pre will not support multi-touch for which Apple has a patent" is not correct. It's there Ok.

    Finally, "Palm Pre also will have limited Wi-Fi access unlike iPhone 3G where as you have free access to more than 17,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots" – that's Sprint maybe than Pre. Will be WiFi package in Europe.


  • willie d

    oh yeah apple is nervous and i can understand why the pre is what the iphone has been wishing it was.and now that its here apple better start steping up there game..i had a second gen ihype touchscreen white by the way…did i mention 2nd generation,and my beta version pre has more of course not in the app dept.but thats on its way i mean cmon its only been out 3 weeks.its faster,lighter.and oh i just love that click that lets me know i hit a letter because i dont have to double check to make sure it registerd accelerometer is twice as fast oh and alot more multi touch than the ihype it has back gestures so i can just swipe back in the gesture area,and this works with any app mind u all contacts list all info email,home fone,celli,myspace,facebook,twitter,everything is under one name in my contacts list.i can look up info on the internet wile im on the phone with someone ok ok i know ur crying already so ill stop 4 now but stop… ur turning green!!!!!!

  • Willie d

    pre is not business class it is also multimedia…it is supposed to link business to personal seamlessly without confusing the two and in my opinion is what i expected ti iphone to be palm has created what they have ben shooting for sence inceptcion…ok time trip palm invented hand held orginizers and multitasking devices now they have perfected it and as a added bonus threw in multimedia capabilities not diffirent classes of phones just one outperforms the other i think Jon Rubinstien may have alot to do with it it is hard to compete with a company who has all of there own great ideas and then gets a cheat sheet handed to them of anothers companies great ideas combine them and shazam its a no brainer.. dont cry just be happy that your beloved iphone will get some of the upgrades it has so deservrd for so long

  • willie d

    at&t are crooks they, and dont get me wrong sprint is a large corp.too,are too big for ther bretches they dont care if they loose one or two customers so just wait untill u have a problem u will be strongarmed into the solution they want to give you or you can allways pay the cancelation fee ha we got ur money any way…….sprint has a little thing called prefered customer…i was with nextel so i was grandfatherd into sprint.any way i pay the same for everything that a new customer would unlimited everything data emails call everthing 99 dollars about 120 with fcc taxes and charges they took off my free nights and weekends when it first went to sprint at that time i had 800 mins and unlimited incoming ,leftover from nextel,bill was like 1500.00 i called sprint 20 mins. on the phone and bam sorry sir we adjusted ur bill to oooo.oo we appologize no proration or anything it took them six monthes to get it fixed in the system so for six monthes i had to spend about 30 mins out of a month six times but for a quarter of my contract sprint said sorry for the mix up its on us this month .would at&t do that let me answer that because i already know thats why i went to nextel to begin with and i beleave sprint has carried on the great customer service reputation nextel was known for