SwirlyMMS brings MMS to Jailbroken iPhone [iPhone App Review]

SwirlyMMS is a native iPhone application that brings the missing MMS feature to the jailbroken iPhone (at least until this summer as Apple has finally included the MMS feature in iPhone OS 3.0).

It's easy to use and allows you to send photos, text messages, audio and video files to your friends from your iPhone.

SwirlyMMS is developed by SwirlSpace. They claim that SwirlyMMS was downloaded more than a million times.

When you launch SwirlyMMS for the first time, the settings wizard guides you through the process of installing the demo license and configuring the MMS gateway depending on your carrier.


The user interface of the iPhone app is similar to an email client which makes it quite intuitive and easy to use.


You have folders to store incoming, outgoing, sent and trash (deleted) messages. You can view all incoming multimedia messages by tapping on the Inbox. After you open a message, SwirlyMMS will first display the text message, and you can tap the right-arrow to view the attachments in the multimedia message such as photos, audio, video etc.

SwirlyMMS allows you to save text or other media contents from the MMS messages you have received to your iPhone. You can also have the option to forward the multimedia message.


To send an MMS message, simply tap on the "write" button on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can use any of the 4 options (left to right) to send an MMS message:

  • Add photos from photo album or camera roll.
  • Take a new picture using iPhone's built-in camera.


  • Write a text message.
  • Launch a file browser and select any file from your iPhone's file system.



SwirlyMMS allows you to do some customizations such as:

  • Configure the image size, which is set to medium by default.
  • Select other image size which will result in the application applying different compression ratio.
  • The user agent option even lets you emulate other cellphones which is quite cool (e.g. Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola) to send multimedia messages.


SwirlyMMS is available for the jailbroken iPhone via Cydia. You get a 14-day free trial version after which you need to pay $8.

Apple had mentioned that the MMS feature won't be available for 1st generation iPhone users. They had explained that it was due to a hardware limitation. Many people have been speculating that it is a marketing ploy by Apple to force 1st gen iPhone users to upgrade as it was possible to send MMS messages using a 1st generation iPhone using SwirlyMMS.

SwirlyMMS uses your iPhone's data connection or Wi-Fi as a workaround to send MMS messages and doesn't seem to be use the carrier network which is used by mobile phones that support MMS.

tried using it by turning off 3G and Edge using SBSettings and I got
the following error message when I launched the app:

"Your GPRS/EDGE/3G is disabled which means SwirlMMS will not function properly!"

Another important thing to note is that if you are using AT&T then it's not straight forward, SwirlySpace advices users to checkout this and this forum threads for more details and if you are O2 user in UK and having problems receiving messages then you should checkout this forum thread.


So overall, SwirlyMMS is a pretty good application as it brings the missing MMS feature to the iPhone.

If you are a heavy MMS user and own the 1st generation iPhone then you should check it out as it's seems to be the only option to send MMS (even post release of iPhone OS 3.0). Please let us know how it goes in the comments.

If you are an iPhone 3G user who can manage without the MMS feature until this summer then you should wait for iPhone OS 3.0 which will have the official MMS feature.

SwirlyMMS has been around for quite sometime, so if you have used it before, please don't forget to drop us a line in the comments section below to give us your feedback.

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  • Geogo3r

    I tried using SwirlyMMS but couldn't get it to work then read through the forums and saw that in order to make SwirlyMMS work on an iPhone you need to put your SIM card in a different phone (one that supports MMS) and tell AT&T that you switch the SIM card between two phones but telling them so disables Visual Voicemail. Did you have to do this?

  • marcus

    i got swirlymms to work and have had it pretty much since the first day i jailbroke my iphone 3g, however i have had one prob recently one message i received wont open it crashes the program when it tries to open. which swirlymms had a feature that allowed u to forward the messages somewhere else without opening them, but overall I am very pleased with the program

  • Robbo

    SwirlyMMS was good, i liked all of the features but it wouldn't send the messages half the time which could be quite annoying! And the pictures recieved would always be of poor quality 🙁
    i've got my hands on 3.0 beta 2 and its a much nicer MMS system on there. Its very stylish too and its built into the messages app 🙂

  • ereynell

    used swirly mms since 1.1.4, and it worls like it should work. No difference between this mms or mms on my sony ericson. Have bought swirlymms and had a update on my Iphone, still works like a charm.
    If mms does NOT come to 1gen Iphone, I recomend this.


    All phones use the data not the gsm antenna that's why if you turn off the Internet service on a cell phone of any kind can't send mms messages. Also why every phone starts with pay per use Internet. So I don't know what apple is talking about with 1st gen models. Normal mms works the same as swirly that's why you have to enter the network mms settings to make it work and the whole switching phone thing, that's so they will provision the mms to work over the data network not the cell network.

    Source: worked at AT&T

  • Thanks Michael

    That's useful information. I wonder why Apple mentioned it was a hardware limitation.

    Also the other intriguing thing is that it's not straight forward to get MMS to work with AT&T with an iPhone plan.

  • Geogo3r

    Further support to my theory that this is just a sales pitch to sell the newer models and get people to ditch their old ones.

  • Geogo3r

    Well, I finally gave in and I'm now using the 3.0 Beta 2 and it's pretty darn good. Still minor glitches but that's expected seeing as its a beta. One downside is MMS is still locked on my account and although I attempted to create an account with AT&T I wasn't able to because my phone is linked with a business (to save money haha) and it prevents me from creating a normal account and when I go to create a business account, I can't. So I just have to wait until 3.0 is released to get MMS but the $8 I paid for 3.0 is still worth it!

  • SteveJ

    I've used SwirlyMMS for almost a year and it is one of a handful applications that I use on regular basis, and I must say that I'm very pleased with it! It does what it is supposed to do and it does it good!
    Also worth mentioning is that, after a firmware upgrade when I managed to mess up my iPhone and failed to re-install SwirlyMMS, I got really great and friendly support from the support staff! As I said I've been using SwitlyMMS for some time now (almost from the beginning) and the developers have added features and made it better with each new release. It will be very interesting to see what they will do to meet the competition from Apple's built-in function. From what I have seen from the screenshots of Apple's MMS app, I think SwirlyMMS may have a pretty future because better and more nice-have features.

  • mdoubleu

    It's just disturbing that the most technologically advanced phone doesn't even have the most basic function: sending MMS messages.

    So we patiently wait until ATT releases it in mid-summer.

    But wait, I as well as many other pissed off users, have to upgrade to a 3G because apparently the 2G doesn't support MMS. And trying to go through the hassle of dealing with unintelligent techs at ATT to finally use Swirly MMS is highly irritating and time consuming.

    And you wonder why we use Installous…

  • Ahmed Rasheed

    i have a 2G iPhone and my MMS is not working for OS3.0

    can anyone help me with this?


  • Ahmed Rasheed

    i mean the Swirly MMS

  • BDsuperman

    i have a 3g jailbroken and just had swirly and to my surprise it didnt work. now i tried to change the settings and that didnt work i asked a coworker who has it said his stop working and he believes att is trying to stop everyone from using swirly. has any one else heard this? and if there is a a better setting i can try please help.

  • marty

    hello i just bought me an used iphone 2g and it had the swirly already instyaled an is working great, the only problem i have is that a friend send me an email that the server says is not found , so i can not opent it or delete it so i have the red notification all the time..
    how can i delete that failed email ???? please help !!!
    notice that before you open an email the trash bin is not an option !!
    thanks in advance …marty !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy

    hi, i have a 2g iphone, just updated to the 3.1.2 and after that i havent had mms, it stands when i open swirly mms " cant connect to the composition server. what do i do?

  • Jose

    Cannot seem to activate the app
    do not know what number for USA prefix under
    my number where I need to enter a 13 digit
    number for activaton
    please help

  • michele


  • Jason Savage

    I have been trying to unistall SwirlyMMS from my phone for weeks and am getting nowhere. I refuse to pay for a license when there are other free apps out there. Unfortunately due to the fact that I still have swirly installed all MMS messages go directly to Swirly and I have no chance of reviewing them, as I have no license. Does anyone know how to uninstall Swirly from their phone. I do not want to erase all content and settings forcing me to jailbreak the phone again. When I try to delete Swirly I get the 1 of 2 error messages.

    1. "com.swirlyspace.mmsv2" failed to uninstall
    2. not enough memory

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Download Trial my foot! First try sending a message it "Checks for license" and refuses to send. You can't try it out. False advertising within Cydia!

    I'm not spending $12 on something without verifying that it works, especially with the feedback seen here!

  • kennycal32@aol.com

    I just jailbroke my 3g, the problem im having is i can receive the messages and pictures but i cant send them, its givin me a error message "unable to to send message,please try again without a symbol in the text" how do i fix that? I used swirly on mt 2g and it worked fine. Can anyone help me, if so please email the help kennycal32@aol.com thanks

  • kennycal32@aol.com

    i had the same issue you have to put a 1 after the + examplr (15555555555) if you dont put a 1 it wont work

  • Brad Willsion

    Hi this Brad,my ipone3g can only send pic,but every time i try to open it don’t work,this is what it keep saying,FETCH ERRO.UNEXPECTED HTTP RESOPNSE(-1)