Apple’s New iPhone: Faster Processor, Double RAM, Double Storage, Better Camera

Concept of Apple's New iPhone

Daring Fireball's John Gruber has provided some details of Apple's new iPhone based on "information from informed sources".

According to him, Apple's next generation iPhone will have a faster processor, more RAM, more storage capacity, better camera with auto-focus which will also be able to record videos.

He is someone who has a good track record with Apple predictions so you should definitely check out the details after the break.

According to John Gruber, we can expect the following features in Apple's new iPhone:

  • Apple's new iPhone processor will be running at 600 MHz which will be 1.5 times as fast as the current iPhone models which run at 400 MHz.
  • It will have 256MB RAM up from 128MB RAM in current iPhone models.
  • Price of Apple's new iPhone will remain the same i.e. $199 and $299.
  • Storage capacity will be doubled, so Apple's new iPhone model will come with 16GB or 32GB storage capacity.
  • There will be no changes in design. In fact the changes will be so subtle that the current cases will fit new iPhone models.
  • Apple will continue to offer iPhones in only two colors: black and white.
  • It will include a magnetometer (digital compass).
  • An improved camera which will be able to record videos. It will also be take better photos, thanks to an auto-focus lens.

Gruber points out that the faster processor and more RAM will significantly improve performance.

Much of what the iPhone does now is constrained by its CPU. App launching speed, for one thing โ€” faster app launching should make it feel more like switching between apps and less like quitting/relaunching them. Web page rendering is also significantly constrained by the CPU. When I first used NetShare I was amazed at how fast Safari on my MacBook Pro could render web pages using the iPhoneโ€™s cell network connection. Web page rendering on current iPhones is hindered at least as much, if not more, by the CPU than by the speed of the 3G network.

Gruber's list of features matches with rumors we have already heard so far. It is widely speculated that Apple will announce their next generation iPhone at Worldwide Developer Conference starting early next month.

I can't wait to get my hands on Apple's 3rd generation iPhone. How about you folks? Please let us know in the comments section below.

[via Daring Fireball]

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  • vishnu

    will the apple logo at the back glow and will there be a camera in the front for ichat

  • Jacob

    I have the iPhone 3G and Cannot wait till they release there new iPhone It sounds amazing. and I am going to be there and get it the day it comes out. :)(: EXCITED!!! SOUNDS WAY BETTER THEN MY 3G

  • Kyle

    What I was thinking, I don't think that the camera will.

    Yes the glowing logo would be cool, yet not necessary. I can see it as something that would have a problem, and cause lots of iPhones to be shipped back ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Tk927

    I think it's dumb that there not going to change the look. Why wouldn't they? I like all the other changes though.I wounder what the 4th gen iPhone is going to be like.

  • Mike Le

    I think that a black matte plastic would be nice. I dont think that Apple really changes their products in terms of looks too much.


    The important info we need is when is the new iphone out in the uk? please please be this side of crimbo!!!!

    I want i want i want…

  • TimW

    As per Usual, UK users will have to wait out for a delayed release, but to me that's not a bad thing.
    A) It gives people like the Dev Team time to work their magic
    B) people get to strip it down to bare bones and post their findings. Beats me having to sign up to an extortional contract just for a device I know nothing about.

    I seem to get the impression that people expect the new iPhone to be ready for delivery on the day of the announcment, is this 'traditional' for Apple or do they just 'announce' the availability date at the conference?

  • Cody

    Tim I'm not 100% sure but I am pretty sure that at the WWDC they will announce the date the new iPhone will probably come out (I have heard July 7th).

    I don't really think that I am going to upgrade to the new iPhone. I don't play games much on it so I am fine where I am right now. As long as the 3G can record videos with the final 3.0 update I'll stay with the 3G.

    If it's not available I'll have to consider upgrading..

  • TimW

    I totally agree. I can't see the point of an upgrade unless there's some real Major changes.
    If the new model boasts a few changes over the 3.x os then it's change for the sake of change (unless of course it's a vanity thing)
    As it stands, I already have 'most' of the announced 3.x software from Icy, Kryptes, Installer & cydia (anyone else rate them in this order?)
    Ok, most of us have Jailbroken to give a wider scope, All Apple seem to be doing is modding 3rd party apps into their new os, not a lot of new stuff for a lot of us tho, same app with an Apple tag to it!!

  • dumpweed

    last year we got it the same time as everyone else. for most countries it was a worldwide release.

  • TimW

    I was led to believe that there was a 30 day wait. The Worldwide announcment was 'unilateral'
    I seem to recall O2 having a delayed shipment which caused an uproar.
    Maybe im wrong (I'm not always right, but I'm not often wrong lmao)

  • i hope the boost in ram & processor speeds are enough. comparing it to the 3g and not the 1st gen iphone there pretty much no difference in the cpu. im getting tired how sluggish transitions are and apps crashing especially if you jailbreak the phone.

  • iPhoneHacks

    Hey Sean,

    Please feel free to send us an email at


  • Moz

    I certainly hope not for both!
    Glowing apple = more battery consumption
    Front camera = more expensive dataplan in Canada and more explanation to be given if it's turned off

  • Moz

    Didn't Apple already say that iPhone 3G can't do videorecording because of [type here some techno cr@p excuses]?

  • John

    So I just bought a new 3G iphone a couple weeks ago with a new 2 yr commitment, if this news is true I should take it back since I am withing the 30 day period, right? When is it expected that this version 3 iphone will be released?

  • There was a rumor that Apple's next generation iPhone will be launched on July 17 and speculations that it will be announced at WWDC next month.

  • crystallattice

    According to the iPhone already has a 620MHz CPU which is underclocked to the current operating frequency of ~400MHz. Maybe they just changed the clock settings – and not upgraded the CPU? Maybe some clever modder can unlock this feature for the average Joe?

  • t.m.

    Both can be good.
    The glowing apple will relate the trademark features of the macbooks to the iphone, a smart marketing and stylish move.
    The front camera would be a revolutionary advancement for mainstream cell phones, and the issues you mentioned with that sound more like personal problems? I feel with social networking nowadays, many would welcome and even appreciate that new feature. Video calling and ichat are advancing progressions for communication technology.