Painting created on iPhone makes it to the Cover of The New Yorker!

iPhone Drawing on The New Yorker Magazine's Cover

For the first time, the cover of The New Yorker Magazine (dated: 1st June) will sport the picture created on the iPhone.

The iPhone app used to create this drawing is called Brushes, and is available at App Store for $5.99.

Jorge Colombo, the artist, drew this painting within an hour while standing in line outside Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Times Square.

As New Yorker’s art editor Françoise Mouly puts it:

"The best feature of it is that it doesn’t feel like something that was done digitally; quite the opposite."

Jorge Colombo has been working with watercolors and pens for decades and one of his works appeared on The New Yorker Magazine as late as 1994. Fortunately for him, his tryst with iPhone app Brushes, has once again landed him a spot on the cover of The New Yorker Magazine.

As Colombo himself states, "I like to have my studio in my pocket."

Jorge Colombo created this digital painting by using his finger strokes on an iPhone screen. It's a picture of one of those street carts that sell hot dogs and pretzels in the heart of New York's Time Square using the iPhone app Brushes.

iPhone Drawing on The New Yorker Magazine's Cover

The cover drawing has been named 'Finger Painting' and rightly so. This virtual finger painting has been applauded by many. As Stephanie Clifford (writer for The New York Times) puts it:

"Because of the smears and washes of color required by the inexact medium, it comes off as dreamy, not sharp and technological". She also adds, "It gives him an anonymity in the big city that an artist with the easel wouldn’t have."

I am sure the opinions would vary, some art-purists might jeer at the drawing and some might claim it to be a mere one-off and not a trend setter. The fact remains that the convenience of creating something within a span of 30-60 minutes is just another feather for iPhone's cap. It also brings a spontaneity that lacks in the traditional methods. As the artist claims, drawing this picture on iPhone was a lot easier as it provided him with absolute privacy, which would have been difficult with paints, watercolors and a painting board stand.

You can watch how he drew this week’s cover below. The video makes it look like it was done with amazing dexterity but as a matter of fact, the painter relied a lot on the undo feature (not trying to take any credit away from the artist). Hats off to the artist though!

As for the iPhone app, the developer Steve Spran has reported that Brushes has been downloaded 40,000 times since its launch in August, 2008. Steve seems pretty pleased with the response since, more than 500 artists have published the images created using Brushes app on the Flickr website. Check out the Brushes gallery on Flickr, it has some pretty cool paintings!

This got me curious, have you used Brushes? If so, it would be great if you could share your paintings, we would love to put them up here!

And as always, please let us know what you thoughts about the painting and it making to the cover of The New Yorker.

 [Download Brushes using this direct iTunes link]

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