Dev Team Demo UltraSn0w: Software Method to Unlock iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0

The iPhone Dev Team demoed their new software method to unlock iPhone OS 3.0 yesterday.

They are calling their latest method to unlock iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0 UltraSn0w. iPhone Dev team will be releasing UltraSn0w on Friday.

MuscleNerd who gave the demo of the new software method to unlock iPhone OS 3.0 provided the following details:

  • Apple has apparently closed the injection vector that iPhone dev team had used in YellowSn0w. YellowSn0w was the first software method to unlock iPhone 3G.
  • The latest version of their software unlock solution is called UltraSn0w.
  • They have managed the latest method to unlock iPhone 3G running OS 3.0 thanks to a new hole that was found by some clever guy named Orinav.
  • The Dev team claim that UltraSn0w will unlock any iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0 regardless of baseband, bootloader etc. This is great news as yellowsn0w worked with only baseband 02.28.00 which came bundled with iPhone OS 2.2.
  • Dev Team will be releasing UltraSn0w on Friday.
  • They plan to release the latest version of QuickPwn and PwnageTool as soon Apple releases iPhone OS 3.0 which was just released. We will let you know as soon as it is available.
  • Dev Team will confirm if UltraSnOw will work with iPhone 3G S as soon as they can get their hands on the new iPhone.

You can checkout the demo video below:

So if you are only concerned about jailbreaking your iPhone then please be patient as Dev team is expected to release their latest tools later today.

If you want to unlock your iPhone then we would recommend you to wait until Friday when the Dev Team will release UltraSn0w.

Please note that we are just messengers of the good news so don't forget to visit Dev Team's blog to thank them for all their efforts and staying ahead of the cat and mouse game.

Update 1 (June 17, 8:25 pm PDT):

Dev Team is yet to release updated versions of their tools to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0. So looks like they are doing some last minute testing. Please be patient, we will let you know as soon as they are available.

Update 2 (June 18):

We have just published an article which provides the reason for the delay in releasing the jailbreaking tools. You can following this link for the Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Status report.

Please feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below in case you need any clarifications.

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  • I love it….

    They're simply amazing!!!

    Cant wait for JB/ Unlock…

  • I love it….

    They're simply amazing!!!

    Cant wait for JB/ Unlock…

  • skillet

    WIll this work for iphone 2g 8gig?

  • I don't see why not…

    It should work fine for any Jailbroken iPhone, regardless 2g, 3g, etc…

  • Greg

    I remember reading very clearly that I wouldn't be able to use yellowsn0w if I used the quickpwn jailbreak. If I update to 3.0, will I be able to use ultimatesn0w having already using quickpwn on 2.2.1?

  • Greg

    Correction from last post: *ultrasn0w. Not Ultimatesn0w. Oops!

  • Sebastian

    Really guess I'm from Germany used your tools since the start – Amazing how you do all those things!!!! Thank you without you I could have never ever used an iPhone!!!! You rock!! Best wishes!

  • Denis

    any word on when quickpwn for v3.0 will be released?

  • Vishnu

    Yes sir it will work with any iPhone running 3.0 iPhone ,3g and 3g s
    Thank You

  • Dirk

    Vishnu, I don't think the Dev Team have confirmed that this will work in the 3GS. They haven't gotten their hands on one yet, so there's no way they can tell if Apple have implemented a hardware solution that blocks hacking. In fact, there's no way to know if they can even jailbreak the 3GS, let alone unlock it.

  • John

    I upgraded my unlocked iphone 2g 8gb to 3.0 and now just bricked my iPhone.

    DO NOT upgrade if you do not have At&t plan

  • Josh

    Yes, it should be fine if you jailbreak with QuickPwn. The reason you couldn't before is because QuickPwn would not filter the baseband update forced on your iPhone.

    However, unlike yellowsn0w, UltraSn0w appears to not be dependent on your baseband. So as long as you have OS 3.0, you should be fine, regardless of how you jailbreak.

    Don't quote me on that, though.

  • jimmy

    I updated my phone without any problems. Not that it helps you but there is probably another reason for it, not the update.

  • yankii

    cant wait for friday!

  • John

    jimmy – can you let me know what you did? I was running 2.2.1.

    1) upgraded to itunes 8.2 so i could get 3.0 software
    2) downloaded and installed 3.0 software to phone
    3) upgrade worked but i am presented with screen showing to plug iphone into computer
    4) when i plug into computer I get a message saying i need to 'activate the iphone using the att network'

  • PebsUK

    Upgraded my wifes 8GB phone with no problems, the bluetooth stereo option works fine while the p[hone is on but fails when it goes into Powersave nice one Steve!!

  • Z

    no this is a 3g only update the 2g is different (in quickpwm check unlock baseband in 2g mode) the 3gs has a new baseband chip and company and this will NOT work the same way – saying this from Alaska!!!!!!

  • brad

    So I got a 3g. Can I go ahead and upgrade to the 3.0 software now? And, then just jailbreak it later when the dev team relase their pwnage tool to jailbreak it? And, wait till friday to unlock it with ultrasnow? Or do I need to wait for these tools to be released by the dev team before upgrading to 3.0 software?

  • sKip2mYK

    so is it okay for me to still update my jailbroken 1st gen iPhone with the new OS 3.0 and will anything change? or just go ahead and wait till Friday?

  • mbhullar

    You can go ahead and upgrade to 3.0. Once Quickpwn is available use that to jailbreak and finally install ultrasn0w to unlock.

    One normally needs to wait for Pwnage if the baseband needs to be preserved but that is not the case here.

  • Jimmy

    I have seen other reports like this. Have you turned your phone off and back on?

  • brad

    Thanks! I kinda figured that.

  • mbhullar

    sKip2mYK- I am just quoting what I read on a different board. One of the users mentioned he updated his 1st generation phone to 3.0 (note he did not restore)that gave him the new software, while preserving the unlock, the phone however, was no longer jailbroken.

    So if you are not on AT&T my recommendation would be to wait for the Dev team tools to become available.

  • sKip2mYK

    alright cool! thanks! finally someone with an answer! thanks again!

  • Mph

    Dev team is saying they would release the jailbreak software today, they going to post up where the quickpwn can be downloaded from ? Whennnnnn?!!

  • sKip2mYK

    yeah i know! and i'm wondering the same question too, whennn!? hopefully by tonight, hopefully..

  • this is amazing. what a great job has done by dev team.many many thanks to the guy who found this hole.

  • Sooraj

    Is the jailbreak 3.0 will be able to shoot video (video camera)on iphone/iphone3G??

    Or bluetooth stereo on iphone??

  • Greg

    Thank you Josh! =)

  • I am wondering if it will kill all files and stuff on my iphone…and if so, how can i make a backup or something? I don't wanna lose all my pictures and contacts…apps, i couldnt care less about.

    Also, anyone know if i can MMS with my normal 2g? I am sure i can, since i can use some "3g only" apps.

    if someone could email me a response that would be awesome…

  • Terriman

    There's an app called Cycorder wich you can download through cydia for shooting video.

    Bluetooth stereo with 3.0 firm is granted.

  • Terriman

    If you make a restore with the new firm 3.0 it will delete all your iPhone info, but if you make a simple upgrade it won't.

    By the other hand, and reffering to the backup, iTunes makes continuous backups everytime you plug your iPhone to the computer and sincronize with iTunes. It backups pictures, contactes, apps (only the ones you buyed, not the cracked ones nor cydia or installer apps).

    MMS with 2G? You mean on a non 3G internet connection? Of course, SMS or MMS contacts doesn't use internet, they just the regular mobile phone net (that's why you get charged). At least in spain i have been able to send MMS for the last 10 years… and by that time there was no 3G nets.

  • Parag

    Kindly tell me the exact process of Jailbreaking the
    S/w version 3.0.
    Presentlly I m using in my iPhone 2G is 2.2.1 version
    If anybody havng the solution to jailbreaking the 3.0
    then kindly tell me on
    and can cal me on +919096330001

  • Ljs

    Ok I hate to be impatiant but I can't Help it my phone is stuck with the default lockscreen image of me and my ex and it won't go away the only way I've found to cover it up is a full lockscreen replacement from cydia so call me what you want I'm bein impatiant so dev team plz hurry

  • unreal

    Without the dev team, I'd be stuck with $600 worth of useless crap. Paid full price for first iphone (everyone did), refused to sign a contract for a non-discounted phone and used pay as you go, (same cost, just sans contract). washed my iphone 2 months before 3G was announced. Had to pay full price for replacement phone (again) *and* had to sign a 2 year contract. Moved to Australia, 1 year into contract. Stuck with US AT&T contract and a locked full price iphone.

    Now, yellowsnow allows me to use my very expensive iphone with optus (the only non-contract iphone service provider in Australia). I don't care about cost. I simply will *not* sign a lengthy service contract with a telco. My freedom is not for sale so cheaply.

    God, I hate this crap game. Keep up the good fight, peeps. I wish I could do more than offer my thanks.

    looking forward to 3.0.

  • Sooraj

    According to my knowledge, bluetooth stereo is possible only for firmware 3.0 on iphone3G & iphone3Gs only

    Hope the jailbreak is possible for iphone2G also!!!

  • karl

    hey when will the jailbreak for 3.0 come out? for iphone 3g and are they releasing 3.0 iphone 3g not 3gs unlock on friday?

  • jim from edinburgh scotland

    well done guys cant wait until friday where would we bee without you guys (still in the dark ages i think) thanks again ……

  • Z

    yea hold both physical buttons, i had this happen with my 3g i was freaking out but then i rebooted and all was well

  • Shravan

    Will it work for bootloader 5.9

  • U guys r doin well, keep up the good work

  • Elias

    good news but what about iphone 2G

  • Edgar

    I have an 8G iphone 3G running 2.2 (jailbroken & Unlock) will I be able to make the upgrade to 3.0 using Ultrasn0w?


  • Jason

    The DevTeam is simply amazing. I'm delayign my upgrade to 3.0 after the jailbreak is ready.

  • John

    I did and it did not work. I actually had to go back and just upgrade to an iPhone data plan (cheaper than what I was paying for regular unlimited data service) but now none of my applications will open.

  • TraceDog

    You guys rock!!! This is the best!!! Where can I make a donation???

  • Phil

    You do nit need ultrasn0w for the iPhone 2g. I'm running 3.0 on my 2g and there are problems. There is no mms, utube does not work and maps cannot find you any more. Hoping this will be sorted by someone soon

  • Okkkkkay, so when is ultrasn0w coming out? My iphone is jailbroken already, all i need to do is unlock it but ultrasn0w is nowhere to be found???

  • Parag

    Same problem with me but i can access utube n maps also but i can not access sterio headst via bluetooth i.e, A2DP…
    Kindly tell me if u find the solution on
    or call me on + 91 90963 30001

  • Parag

    Kindly let me know the solution that My iPhone can not access Cydia and Icy application where as it is unlocked handset. It is 2G iPhone, anybody having the solution. Kindly tell me on +91 90963 30001.