Hack to Enable MMS on iPhone OS 3.0

Disassembled iPhone iPhone 3G S

The non-availability of tethering and MMS features in the U.S at the time of the
launch of iPhone OS 3.0 was probably the most disappointing news that was announced at the WWDC 2009 Keynote address.

Some folks had figured out a simple hack to enable tethering on iPhone OS 3.0 without the need to jailbreak their iPhone.

In case you didn't know, Aaron Krill over at Krillr.com has also figured out a way to enable MMS on iPhone OS 3.0.

Before you start, you need the following things:
You then need to enable IPCC updates for iTunes 8.2 and copy the IPCC file to your iPhone. To achieve this, you need to follow these instructions:

Enabling IPCC Updates for iTunes 8.2:

iTunes 8.2 will not allow you to apply the IPCC updates so you need to follow these steps:


1. Close iTunes.
2. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
3. Run the command: defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE.

Windows 32 Bit:

1. Close iTunes.
2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1.

Windows 64 Bit:

1. Close iTunes.
2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1.

Copying the IPCC file to your iPhone:

The above steps will allow you to update the IPCC using iTunes 8.2. To copy the IPCC file to your iPhone follow these instructions:

1. Open iTunes & plug in your phone.
2. Click on your phone in iTunes(under device settings).
3. Windows Users: hold shift and click “Check for updates”.  MAC OS X: hold alt and click “Check for updates”.
4. Select the IPCC you downloaded earlier.

This is where your other AT&T phone comes in handy. You need to follow these steps to enable MMS on your iPhone:

1. Remove the sim cards from both the iPhone and your non-Apple phone
2. Place the iPhone sim card into the non-Apple phone
3. Power on the new phone
4. Make a phone call or two (your voicemail works)
5. Log in to your myWireless account at wireless.att.com
6. It should now say that your device is whatever you put your SIM into. If it doesn't, repeat step 4 a few times.
7. Go to the "Features" tab
8. Select a "Messaging Plan", one that isn't an iPhone plan.
9. Click next and go through all the legal crap
10. You should now have MMS enabled on your account.
11. Swap the iPhone sim card back into the iPhone.
12. Reboot the iPhone.
    • AT&T Family Plan users who have a family messaging plan can skip steps 7-11.
    • Please don't add an iPhone texting plan back to your account, as it will disable MMS again.
    • Aaron has reported that AT&T may be blocking these steps from immediately taking effect so he has adviced users to call AT&T after step 10/11 and before step 12 to complain that MMS isn't working. According to him this should fix the issue.
    There are some complaints that visual voicemail stops working with IPCC updates, so like all hacks, please proceed with caution and remember that you run the risk of voiding your iPhone's warranty.

    But if you plan to still give it a shot, don't forget to tell us how it goes in the comments section.

    [via Krillr.com]

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    • karl

      win 32 anyone?

    • Kingclew

      I tried that like 3 days ago and I get an error every time I send mms it doesnt work.

    • Vishnu

      Work on 3G and 3G S but dose not work on Original IPhone /2g

      Thank You iPhone Hacks

    • yoo123


    • Dave

      How can MMS for Tmobile users be enabled?

    • T Payne

      My question for the tether and MMS hacks is; can att see that we are using these carrier setting hacks or does it all look like regular data being sent via the unlimited data plan?

    • mdoubleu


      Doesn't work for 2g!?

      We're getting raped. Does anyone know if Swirly MMS works? I've tried to get it to work before but the att tech didn't want to change the wap settings. They acted as if they had no idea what it was I was talking about.

      .. ugh

    • john

      this doesnt work anymore i did it a while ago and at&t blocked it now

    • iPhoneFreedom

      settings > general > network > cellular data network

      The settings to enable Visual Voicemail is:

      APN: acds.voicemail
      Username: BLANK

      BLANK means leave this field empty!

      To properly configure MMS

      APN: wap.cingular
      Username: wap@cingulargprs.com
      Password: CINGULAR1
      MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com
      MMS Proxy:
      MMS Max Message Size: BLANK
      MMS UA Prof URL: BLANK

      The Cellular Data configuration is:
      APN wap.cingular
      Username: wap@cingulargprs.com
      Password: CINGULAR1

    • mbhullar

      On AT&T phones
      settings > general > network > cellular data network is not available. How do you enable the Celluarl Data Network option?

      Thanks mandeep

    • iPhoneFreedom

      Follow the directions in the article. Then refer to my additions.

    • Frank

      i have tried this with swirlyMMS as well it will work until AT&T sees the iphone log back in then they remove it again i have been fighting this battle with them for a long time. when u hook up the iphone the system sees it and somehow flags it. if you go to your online account you can see which phone is hooked to which number. i have 3 phones on my account and it shows which phone is on what number. MMS works 3 to 7 days before they remove it again. I had AT&T enable it on the system a few times but it gets kicked off after a few days as well. How Mad am i paid for swirlymms had it working then the a**holes at AT&T shut it down





    • M

      = iFail with the 3G S

    • Choice89

      I waited until Saturday to upgrade my 3G to my new 32gb 3GS. Walked into apple and was out the front door actvated in 45 minutes no problems at all!!

    • Patrick


      Sorry to hear this. I would like to hear more info regarding this. Any others having this problem. This is one reason, I didn't purchase swirly because I felt it deep down, that Apple was going to release a new iPhone, and only that one would have MMS forcing people to buy it.

      I would like to attempt this but don't want to lose visual voice. Anyone here lose that?

    • Mudshark

      Where does it say Ultrasnow will work on the 3GS

    • cherie

      If Visual Voicemail breaks when enabling tethering or MMS, do this:
      Go to Settings – General – Network – Cellular Data Network
      Under Visual Voicemail
      Change APN to acds.voicemail
      Leave username and password blank
      Restart your phone.

    • Bastian Gatten

      Mine has been working for a few weeks now. Yes I have been running the GM 3.0.

    • NeMeSiS

      According to an AT&T rep i spoke to shortly after reading this they are on top of this hack already. if you have MMS enabled then begin using your iPhone it will be disabled after a few messages. This is what happened to me and i called AT&T asking to have MMS added to my RAZR and i asked them why it stopped working and they told me its because after enabling it i had switched to my iphone. GRRR I want my MMS!!

    • Brett

      whenever i try to send a picture i always lose my signal and the iphone 3gs says "Searching…"

    • at&tHater

      I dont get whats the big fucking deal with iphone users having MMS ?? At first I thought they just hadnt created the app for it but its completely obvious that bullshit is afoot.

      I for one will be minimizing my at&t plan down to the bone and going with tmobile as soon as ultrasnow etc work on the 3gs..

      EAT MY DICK AT&T !!!!!!

    • Frank

      HUMMM think maybe the phone is to much for there system and if we are MMSing there system may CRASH.

    • Swiftwiter

      Thanks for all the hard work folks. I hate to tell you that, at least for me and my 1st Gen, ipcc is greyed out for selection in step "4. Select the IPCC you downloaded earlier." Any ideas?

    • Confusion

      Sorry Swiftwiter this hack is to do what AT&T didn't and enable mms on iPhone just like they will in a few months not an unofficial app and as Apple said in March, Mms just won't work on the first gen even with 3.0 and activation from AT&T their reason was the atenna wasn't strong enough and won't be available that's why I'm pretty sure this file is just for the 3g and 3gs and also why it's greyed out so you don't give it a bad file. If you ask me it's just a trick to get you to buy a new iPhone seeing as how swirly mms works, so I suggest getting that if you really need it.

      This is just what I assume from the available facts correct me if I'm wrong.

    • wolverinemarky

      i have never had that problem, I have had swirly since I first got my 3g iphone and never had to call AT&T to get it to work

    • wolverinemarky

      there are tons of other phones like blackberry's and stuff that have mms messaging way more of them then iphones so if there not crashing the system then theres no way the iphone should its just bs reason to control us and what we have and to be thankful to them when they throw us a bone

    • Justin

      This works on my locked iPhone 3G with ATT service. I have the family unlimited messaging. I did not have to put my SIM card in another phone for it to work. I just updated the ipcc file and rebooted my phone. I'll report back if for some reason it stops working. My visual voicemail works as well.

    • I'm receiving an error an error while loading the IPCC file via iTunes

    • Swiftwiter

      Once again the unholy union of Apple/AT&T has reduced those who adopted early into curling up in the corner and wishing for a grand easter egg to fix their woes.

      I wanted to use/buy SwirlyMMS but could not get it to load. That's why I had hopes that this new option might work.

      Since Apple is now down to making incremental changes in the iphone, I think I will be waiting to see what comes out next and to see if this union falls apart. The ad hoc nickel and dimming of their customers has left me, and many other, disenchanted, disenfranchised and disillusioned with the great iphone hope that was two years ago. And now, no tethering in the US unless you use PDAnet or the like.

      Hope springs eternal. I feel a little guilty blathering on about this while people in Iran are dying right now. I think I will refocus for the rest of the night. Peace to all and thanks for your help.

    • jltdude

      Works great for me on the new 3G S…just followed the directions. The key is to switch the SIM to a non-iphone and wait till your online account shows a diff phone…then choose the message plan (that does not say "iphone")…works like a charm…will wait to see how long it lasts!

    • Rob

      Im on the 3G and everything is working fine except it wont send the messages. Will the SIM swap fix this?

    • Steven M

      Here is a for sure way to enable and keep MMS:

      Do the first 4 steps above, then instead of going to wireless.att.com go to http://mymedianet.wireless.att.com. With your sim card in the non iPhone after you've made a few calls maybe even send a text or two, enter your number on the site. You will receive a text message with a code. Enter that code to register your number with media net. Then you can put your sim card back into your iPhone.

      In Settings > General > Cellular Data Network all you need to enter is MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com and MMS Proxy: Then to fix voicemail enter acds.voicemail under Visual Voicemail APN. Reboot just to be on the safe side.

      You should now be able to use mms. I've been using it for a few days now with no problems. You're welcome 😉

    • Unit1025@gmail.com

      Is it just me or is AT&T the lamest phone company in the whole world? seriously? your system is that pathetic that you can't handle MMS, a tech thats what, almost a decade old now? If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen and give the phone to someone who will let it be used to it's full potential. I was extremely happy with Cingular then AT&T had to go and phuck that up. From day one after they became AT&T Customer Service has been nonexistant. I'm surprized they even that the guts to call it a "customer service" line.

    • Cody

      I haven't had any problems with AT&T. Maybe thats just because of where I live?

      The people in the store know me cause I am always in there. I have bought 4 iPhones from them. (1st Gen x2, 3G, and 3GS).

      Currently on my plan it says that I have a Razr phone and I added an unlimited data plan. I can send pictures and tether on 3.0 with no problems at all.

      I just did this about 3 weeks ago and they have no idea that I have an iPhone (just told them it was broke).

    • yugifan156

      I didn't even do the itunes bit and I just followed freedoms instructions and now mms is working fine for me. I have a Jailbroken 3G running 3.0 with mms =D hurrray!

    • Tftf16

      The hack does work for my 3g but it took 3 days for AT&T to enable it on my account cuz on the 3rd day, which is today I got an email from AT&T saying
      that changes have been made to my account and so I tryed sending a pic and now it works. Jus wait a couple days

    • tc

      Thanks Freedom. Worked perfectly!

    • i cannot even load the file into itunes.. the file is faded… i run the script in terminal and recieve

      Command line interface to a user's defaults.

      'defaults' [-currentHost | -host ] followed by one of the following:

      read shows all defaults
      read shows defaults for given domain
      read shows defaults for given domain, key

      read-type shows the type for the given domain, key

      write writes domain (overwrites existing)
      write writes key for domain

      rename renames old_key to new_key

      delete deletes domain
      delete deletes key in domain

      domains lists all domains
      find lists all entries containing word
      help print this help

      is ( | -app | -globalDomain )
      or a path to a file omitting the '.plist' extension

      is one of:

      -bool[ean] (true | false | yes | no)
      -array …
      -array-add …
      -dict …
      -dict-add …

      i have mms on my account…. i can put my sim in a blackberry bold and use mms anytime i want…. i just need the terminal to work 🙂


    • Rocku24

      I must be missing something because i follow the steps i got MMS to wk.like Justin it works for me too no sim replacment needed. My 3G had a working SwirlyMMS for more than six months now, but i can get it to install after 3.0 upgrade.

      How are you guys able to access all those additional setting? the only one i see is for the tethering.

    • JustinWoodypond


      Did you update the ipcc through iTunes? If not, you need to do that and then reboot your phone for the mms feature to appear.

    • Dave

      Yes Yes Ultrasn0w is out and MMS is working on my Tmobile 3G!!!!!!!!!!! It's on NOW!!!!!! THANKS DEV TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yankii

      it worked perfectly for me 😀

    • Rocku24

      I have follow all the steps above my MMS works fine i can even turn in tethering. But i can access any of these "settings > general > network > cellular data network" settings to reset my visual voice mail

      These options just isn't on ATT iphones like mbhullar said. If i am wrong can you help?

    • Rocku24

      I have follow all the steps above my MMS works fine i can even turn in tethering. But i can't access any of these "settings > general > network > cellular data network" settings to reset my visual voice mail

      These options just isn't on ATT iphones even after the update in iTunes like mbhullar said. If i am wrong can you help?

    • crystallattice

      Not sure why everyone wants to use iTunes to load the ipcc, just email it to an email account that you can open on your phone and open the attachment, did it with gmail and works!

    • Rocku24

      Got the new setting Thankz

    • MrOhemgee

      Works like a charm. Just did the phone swap. Gotta love my co-workers helping me out by donating their phones.

    • Jason

      I just tried this and after connecting my iPhone to iTunes and attempting a sync, I get an error message stating "This iPhone could not be synced. Error code -9666". I wonder if this is already blocked by Apple/ATT?

      After I reset the "carrier-testing" flag back to 0, my phone would sync, but iTunes said it was unrecognized and needed to either clear it out or restore from backup. Yikes!

    • mbhullar

      Rocku24, I got these settings now, however, I am jailbroken and I ran a cydia app called apn editing and now I see
      settings->general->network->cellular data network


    • Worked beautifully (6/23 – 10PM) 🙂

      Question is why doesn't AT&T release this already – it's clearly supported lol.

    • Rah

      someone please help. i've tried and tried but the camera icon in my text app just will not appear. it did once when i first installed beta4 but now it will not appear. i've beeh through different ispw files and different ipcc files including the one above. someone please help.

    • I have the new iPhone 3G S. i really love it. if you are interested check out my blog i recently started on. http://www.advancedtechnologyworld.blogspot.com/
      if possible look it over and comment on something with some tips you may have to offer me, thanks in advance!

    • It sucks because my phone is in a plan such that I cant have a MyWireless account so no MMS until it's officially released.

    • Ghostman74

      I have a sneaky suspicion the reason AT&T won't support MMS until ~Oct. has more to do with some undisclosed line in the Apply-AT&T contract than with whether or not they can handle the additional capacity requirements. I have read, though, that the current capacity of AT&T's network is being seriously taxed on the TXT MSG and Data protocols due to twitter and the iPhone.

      Can anyone else confirm this?

    • RobSoCal

      Works for me on a locked 3g @2216 on 6/23/09. Has been working for about four hours now. I did a combo of the things listed above.

    • Issjon

      I have same issue and I downloaded the file posted above. Gets most of the way then stops with red exclamation!


      No issue with visual voice mail

    • kott0n@gmail.com

      I followed the above steps to the T

      When I called ATT I used my gf's phone with my sim card in it. I gave the IEMI number off the second phone. Switched from iPhone data and txt plan to the cheaper unld data and txt plan. Now with a normal iphone OS release, the IPCC files to enable mms and some sweet talking with ATT I can send and recieve MMS.
      The key point is to make ATT think you no longer have an iphone. So I saved 10 bucks a month and gained MMS.

      Thanks for the space I hope this helps some of you.

    • is anyone going to buy a case for their new iPhone? there are some awesome ones coming out already:


    • love

      i cannot choose the ipcc file. im a mac user. it shows up in a payload folder and when i open the folder cannot select the file. i have tried everythin and changin the file name. any help

    • Maybe I am doing something wrong but if I follow the instructions above I get the following error in the cmd prompt. What am I doing wrong? I tried with the " " and without and get errors everytime. If I go to the iTunes directory and just use the last part of the /setPrefInt…. I dont see anything and when in iTunes I cant see any files to load as directed.

      C:\Documents and Settings\(Removed)>"C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt
      carrier-testing 1
      The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


      C:\Documents and Settings\(Removed)>C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe /setPrefInt
      'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
      operable program or batch file.

      Windows XP 32bit iTunes 8.2

      Thanks in advance.

    • Scapegoat

      EMS Pilot66 try this
      dont copy the quotes
      "CD C:\Program Files\iTunes\"
      then at the next prompt
      "iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1"

    • JBS

      I have tried this and it does not work. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SIM CARD IN YOUR IPHONE. If you use a SIM from another phone (AT&T) the other phone will not be able to access Medianet or send MMS after about a day.

    • Spaghetti

      I got it to work for about 5 hours but mine and another iphones capability to send mms were wiped out at the same time (IMEI sweep??)

      So i think all there is left to do is wait for the new features. I cant think of any way to get this to stick permanently for more than a few hours except alter my IMEI, which I'm really not comfortable doing.

      Any ideas?

    • ty

      Can I restore the iphone afterwards to get at&t's offical carrier file. If this does not work?

    • heatherD

      I'm also not seeing the settings/general/cellular data network settings anywhere.

      any help?

    • Steven M

      Sounds like you did it backwards. You're not supposed to put any other sim card into your iPhone. You're supposed to put your iPhone sim card into a non-iPhone. You want your sim card to think it's no longer being used in an iPhone. Now your non-iPhone sim card thinks it is now in an iPhone too.

    • i typed it is as
      "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
      and it worked

    • jr

      the ipcc file will download but it seems that there is nothing in it the folders are empty and itunes wont even see the files even when i follow the instructions

    • I tried both the way given and Steven M's way, my settings are all configured and the option to send is there, but it stops between 90-95% and then says it can't send the picture

    • dennis

      Ok. Hi Everyone. Brace yourself because this will be long. For those who dont already know, AT&T has a tight control over their network, just like any other carrier. Apple has nothing to do with that. Apple is just a corparate company that sells high end electronics, and software that are easy to use with a sprinkle of sex appeal. I first noticed when i jailbroke my iphone both 2g and 3g and enables mms with swirly. it worked for a week then it gave me an error. I figured calling and calling would resolve the issue but as you can see the iphone has been out for two years and nothing has been resolved so i just wasted my time. If you have a lot of time on your hand, knock yourself in doing just that, because att has to pay a lot for those who keep calling about issues they cant fix. However, it will not change anything till later this summer when they decide to charge the data plan at $75 for unlimeted data, messages, and tething. And believe me they will. If you do not already know, consumers are paying $25 more for an iphone data plan then any other data plan for another carrier. Its a lot of bull an its a way to rape people of thier hard earned money. So heres what i recomend. Hack your phone. The latest redsnow for windows and the pwnage tool for macs should do the trick. Unlock with ultrasnow. Google what im telling you because i dont want to explain it on here(but to make it short jailbreak and unlock the phone….the). then change your data plan to a $30 unlim.data and message that att offers. But this only works if you take the sim out of your iphone and put in another att phone(a cheap go phone will work just the same.

      Ive been reading so many blogs on how to enable tethering and mms. I have no idea wy pple care so much about teathering when the speed is very slow but i guess those less fortunate to go out and get a wirless card dont want come out of pocket.(i totally understand). Ive only found one method to work and this is for anyone with an iphone 3g running a jail broken and unlocked iphone using att's network.

      you need to downgrade you itunes to an old 8.2 version. normally you would have t delete your current version in order to do this. next, connect your iphone, shift select ungrade. and a window will pop up and itll ask you for two things the .ipsw or .pcc (carrier bundle)…..remeber it has to be 5.0 carrier bundle (google to find where to download) then open it in the window. this should work fine. then using the other att phone. make a few calls. go to your accont on att.com and see if that new phone poped up and then switch sims again and reboot your iphone. a tab in the general>network you will see cellular data and you will need to put the apn and all that in the fields. reset the network and bang you have a camera in your messages. and this should work. i dont know how long though. but it worked for me if you guys have any questions please email me ace636223@yahoo.com i can give you more info tutorial and be a bit more descriptive. I pay only $85 for my rate plan and data and i have it all. tething mms except visual vm. but who cares right. im not getting charged overage but att keeps sending me these free txts stating that my phone is using an incorrect data plan please call cust. service. LOL, yeah right.

    • att is in my nut sack fellas!

      Hi all, I just got my MMS working and its working great so far. I followed these instructions except for the part where you have to trick att. I just done the same thing I did when I had my Swirly MMS and hell it worked for almost a whole year till i updated my software.

    • spacejunk

      Worked for me without doing any of the SIM swap steps, but every time I send an MMS it puts my phone into safe mode. The recipient gets the MMS. Also I lost visual VM. I reset with the settings above and rebooted to get Visual VM back. Sending MMS still resets phone into safe mode.

      Is it just me, or is this a friggin joke that we are all hacking our phones to get features that have been around for like 10 years?!?

    • spacejunk

      Justin, are you having any trouble when you send a message? Iike phone going into safemode after sending the image?

    • Desiree

      Why can I not get past the IPCC update for iTunes? It will not let me run the command above!

    • att is in my nut sack fellas!

      I had the same problem. Its wrote down wrong here or something. go to krillr.com and it shows it better on how to do this

    • spacejunk

      Anyone else having this issue after applying this ippc?

      After sending MMS, phone crashes to safe mode. After sending a group SMS, phone crashes to safe mode.

    • yugifan156

      I have windows vista 64 bit and I have iTunes 8.2

      I followed the directions perfectly, but when I enter the commands in command line it gives me an error, I even copy+paste it in as well and I still cannot get it to work.

      Any tips or suggestions?

    • nathanael

      I have a 2G with os 3.0 and am using swirlymms2, I receive the notification that I have an mms message and when I go to retrieve it my iphone reboots… any advice?

    • spacejunk

      For anyone that has jailbreak 3G with 3.0 and this carrier file loaded. If you are experiencing crashes, it may be caused by OpenSSH/SSL I have been testing this all day and MMS works right up to the point I install openSSH

    • Bedwa

      Thanks! This worked perfectly. The first few times it said that my phone was not supported by medianet, but after pushing it though (clicking a few more times 😉 ) it worked.

      Sweet times man!

    • Corey

      So I have a iPhone 2G running a jailbroken 3.0 firmware with the new ActiaveMMS2G on Cydia… I succesfully got ONE MMS message to send (to myself)

      And now it's all jacked up again… what gives.

    • Bedwa

      Think of it this way…. how many iPhone 3Gs and 3G Ss will AT&T have to reprovision in their system? Plus with how much data iPhone cusotmers use in general, how much more is that going to load the servers? Plus, get over the Customer Service pomp and circumstance. It's all depending on who you get, not the company. The process is the same as it was when they were Cingular. If anything it's harder for the representatives than it was. Trust me… I know.

    • Z

      its on mine i have the mms icon can compose one but cant send it due to not calling att yet but tethering works fine

    • tony

      I too am getting an error when I enter in the command line prompt. Running vista 32 bit with itunes 8.2

    • I have done both the sim card swap and registered on medianet, and before I can send an mms message my phone is back to the iPhone on my AT&T account, I have all the options available on my phone but can't figure out how to get the mms to work and keep my phone off the iPhone according to AT&T

    • Chris

      how do you revert back to the old IPCC file? I tried using my friend's phone to make some calls and it still said i had an iphone, didnt work.

    • chrisp

      I'll just stick to my swirly, been working just fine. There has been so much posted on how to get his internal app mms on the iphone 3g, i'm almost sick of reading. Best of luck to you all, but I'm sticking with Swirly.

    • keith

      That's horse shit. I've been using swirly since day one and it's always worked for me. the key is to take the iphone sime and stick it in an old att phone (not an iphone) make a few calls and send a few picture msgs while the sim is in the old phone. change the apn settings to cingular settings. insert the sim back in your iphone, and restart. swirly will work. and will never stop working. don't listen to what those dumb ass att phone reps are saying. most of the time they have no clue. if your mms stopped working after a few msgs or a few days it doesn't have anything to do with att. it's how you have it set up. think about it, doesn't it sound a little odd that att would single out a few people to block mms from but not everyone with an iphone. think mcfly. it's not att. just like half the people in this post that didn't read the directions and tried to apply activatemms to their 3g. well before you get started it says in big bold letters, NOT FOR 3G. the problem is that people don't know how to follow directions.

    • wasab1

      Is there a way to get the original Att ipcc on my phone. I did the modified version and nothing seems to be working and my voicemail wont show. Just trying to get it back to stock OS 3.0.

    • engage16

      Persistence, it may not work the first time, but keep trying… There are many techniques that you may have to combine together to get it working. I have MMS, Internet, Tethering, and Visual Voicemail all working…

    • Heffrey

      Thanx Steven M, Ive wrestled with many ways, this one is working so far!

    • jameslfloresjr@gmail.com

      This doesnt work,i set it up followed all the steps and sent 2 messages. Then ATT set my phone back to an IPHONE from a Razor and now i cant send MMS. If i swap the SIM back and wait for the ATT site to update it might work but then after a bit of usage ATT will change my phone back to the IPHONE.

      I dont know how everyone else is getting this to work, but its not working on my phone an ive follow all the instructions i could find and have worked with a few IPCC files…all to end up with no MMS.

    • Amy

      guys i know this might be posted, but what is the fix for the red explanation marks that show up when you try to send the MMS on the 3g????

    • William Ordonez

      Steven, I did exactly what you instructed to do and it work perfectly. I went onto the website (mymedianet.wireless.att) and I switched phones. It worked all day yesterday, (the day I did it) and i tried it today again and it stopped working. Did I do anything wrong. Was I supposed to do something when I was in the website that I had to do to make sure it did not revert to the iphone settings? Thank you for all your help, we really appreciate it.

    • Ok…. this is what you do.. and what i did… Google iphone at&t 5.0 for iphone download… download it and unzip it.. once its unziped go download Itunes 8.2 BETA it must be beta IT MUST!!! then install it and Shift click on "Check For Updates" then go to the unzipped at&t 5.0.ipcc file and click on it once thats dun u should be getting atleast the sign next to the texts to send mms ok.. then reset your iphone and go to Options>General>Network>Cellular Data Network and then go down to "MMS" and make it
      APN: wap.cingular
      Username: wap@cingulargprs.com
      Password: CINGULAR1
      MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com
      MMS Proxy:
      MMS Max Message Soze:
      MMS UA Prof URL:

      ok then Hold power button and slide to shutdown… then turn back on and take out simcard… put simcard into a old phone or into a friends/family members… Send exactly 1 MMS text out and 2 calls… then go to http://mymedianet.wireless.att.com./ put your number in and do what it says then take out your iphone simcard and put it in your iphone Walla u can now send texts

      If you need help send me a email Warcraftaddic@yahoo.com
      Have fun and have a garrreat nighttt

    • Ugh ok now i just checked im getting what jameslfloresjr@gmail.com's getting ok im not gonna mess with my iphone…. ok lets wait till this comes out cuz i heard sum people have screwed there iphones up… at&t's fault

    • I just followed the instructions below and now my iphone 3G has MMS enabled and i also am able to send MMS to my brother and friends… TESTED and it works!

      Thanks for everybody who contribute for this!

      ATT/Apple we are one step ahead of you! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

    • sonicflood

      Well, I can send pics but I can't receive them. Very strange!

    • zxylaphone

      i tried this and even tested mms in a non iphone after following the instructions and it threw a "user barred" warning and didnt send the mms.

    • David

      I had to go into info for the ipcc because it kept trying to change it to zip (even though it says .ipcc) Just change the extension to ATT_US.ipcc and click 'Use .ipcc'

    • By the way… i also can receive MMS from my friend. this is so cool! i also checked my att account and still shows my old motorolla razr as the phone used… wonder if it ever get to chage to iphone, will i lose my capability of sending and receiving MMS? we will see and i will keep you posted!


    • Ahiska4ever

      Hell yeah its working on 2g thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tried everything and it wasn't working but after i replaced the sim card and make the call after i can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luke

      Well, I got it to work after updating the IPCC and swaping the sim to an older phone. I'm on a family text messaging plan. After 2 successful MMS messages sent out, it began to say message failed. This was all within a 15 minute period. I can't wait until the day that the iPhone comes out unlocked or for verizon/tmobile and AT&T cries in the corner as millions of its users flock to other networks. They need to learn how to treat customers if they want to keep customers.

    • Luke

      Ok, I figured it out. If you install swirlyMMS2 after you do all of the things listed above, MMS will work! When swirly runs, it tricks AT&T that you are using a different phone, so you won't run into the problem about AT&T recognizing that you changed back from an old non-iphone to your iphone. YAY! I'll keep you updated on whether or not it keeps working.

    • SME1011

      This worked great! a few things though..
      there is a slightly easier way to do this without getting another phone and messing around with all that. after you add the ipcc to your phone, you can go to http://help.benm.at/help.php and click on the mms icon, select your country and carrier, and input the info into Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network > MMS
      Hope this helps!

    • Marco

      I got it to enable the feature BUT when sending the MMS it just doesn't send PLUS it screwed up the ICCID.

    • Dennis


      Well if im not mistaken, everyone on here should be having the same issue. It stopped working for me as well. It's not the phone, really, it's AT&T. Once I got mms to work with the 5.0 ipcc, AT&T's network blocked it again. I just learned that AT&T has a block on all iPhone that was under their subsidy deal with Apple. So unless you have an original iPhone 2g that has been jailbroken/unlocked, that was never registered with AT&T, and you're still using AT&T's network, than you don't have the block on the phone. Unfortunately we all have to wait till AT&T removes the block on all iPhones they have registered and enlisted in thier system for each individual phone in order to enable mms. This would mean that you have to have a data plan with them and your account has to be registered with an iPhone. This sucks and yes I know this is a lot of bull. The only other way way to bypass AT&T's network block is to fake the imei on the iPhone. By doing this Att cannot know what phone youre are using and will not block the phone from sending and recieving mms on their networks. Not only is that illegal but the only jailbreak that allowed such a thing was ziphone which only supports firmware 2.2.1 and below. The problem is ziphone doesn't play nice with cydia, installer, or icy. I'm sorry to break the news for you.

      I've gotten mines to work but AT&T's system is so sophisticated it knows when your sim card is in the iPhone. I kept having to switch it out in order to get it to work. At one point I had to leave my sim card in the other phone for a week before I put it back into the iPhone so that I can get mms to work and not even an hour later mms was blocked again. I'm sorry.

      I guess we'll all have to wait and see till august for att. If this becomes a big issue even after, im hoping the devteam can allow a config to spoof the imei to trick the network. I'll keep you all posted.

      email me with any questions ace636223@yahoo.com

    • dennis

      Oh and ps. If you guess really want to piss ATT off. here what you should do.

      I have an iphone jailbroken unlocked using a standard rate plan with a $30 data on top and everything works including tethering. the only thing not working is mms. It took me 4 hours but i managed to get a $65.00 credit for haveing feature that would not work on a phone that is capable of doing those features. So everybody knows that apple now supports mms on both the 3g and 3gs. If you call att and let them know that the phone now supports it and you have mms on your service they HAVE TO GIVE YOU A CREDIT. They will of course try to tell you that the phone does not support mms, but you can ask them to get an apple rep on the line with you and the apple rep will tell them the phone does support mms. Now remember if youre like me and started out with an iphone data plan and decided to call att back up let them know that youve broke or lost your phone(which they cant do anything about because they do not offer insurance for the device), and let them know that you have a spare (or even a cheap pay as you go phone) and tell them you would like to remove the data plan and of course they will. They'll ask you for the imei of the spare phone to put in the account. Now all you have to do is log into your att account and add the most inexpensive data plan if you want data back on. Now when youre on the phone with customer care, they'll try to say that you dont have an iphone on the account because the imei is showing for a different phone. They try and say anything to avoid giving you the credit. They'll even say that if you put your sim card back into the spare phone mms will work. To counter this tell them that if you take it out it will work on the iphone as well then after about an hour it will stop. Thats proof that ATT has strict control over what you do with your service over what phone you have on the account. And if they are still relucntant try this…..ready……….tell them……….

      "what if i brought my iphone outside the United States unlocked and i took my sim card out and placed in my phone, now shouldn't i be able to use what ever features I am paying for. Because I am actually just paying for service which i am not getting."

      once again they'll try to tell you that the phone does not support it but you have the apple rep telling them it does and they will be force to give you some kind of credit on the account. Att knows that a lot of travelers have unlocked phones that they bring to the usa that uses quad band frequencies. They allow their network to be used for Alien phones such as the nokia n5. This is how it should be. Now for a service to have control over a device that is manufactued by someone else is just far out greedy and selfish. You let them know that T-mobile allows customers to have service with unlocked iphones on their networks for data plans as low as 19.95 that includes mms that works on a phone that ATT claims does not support the feature. You let them know that and I guarrantee if you escalate it to a supervisor they'll give you a credit. It took me four hours to get something. I believe in you. YOU CAN DO IT. LETS MAKE THIS COMPANY REINBURST US FOR GOING THROUGH THIS FUSTRATION!!!!! WHOS WITH ME????


    • dennis

      take advantage while you can
      this just in……..

      Torqued over the lack of tethering support from AT&T? Taken matters into your own hands? TUAW has learned that, with the release of iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2, tethering via the IPCC hack no longer works for AT&T customers.

      While iPhone OS 3.0 provides support for tethering, AT&T has yet to officially support it. As a workaround to obtain tethering (as well as MMS for some), some users have modified their carrier files (IPCC). As of 3.1 beta 2, this no longer works.
      It's not that surprising that Apple would want close this loophole… but it is a little surprising that AT&T has yet to announce a firm date or rate plan for US customers to tether their iPhones.

      [It should go without saying, but if you enable tethering on your 3.0 iPhone, you do so at your own risk; AT&T may slam you with a data overage bill or worse.]

    • iPhoneNinja

      To the iPhoners who cant seem to get that damned cellular network data option…Goto cydia and download
      Supreme Preferences. Enable with winterboard. Goto…Settings>>Supreme Preferences>>Applications>>Phone>>Cellular Data Editing(Switch To ON>>Cellular Data Network
      Hasnt been a post here in almost a month but to those just trying it
      Your Welcome

    • Jim

      I have tried all methods and they all fail after a brief period of time. Actually, now, none of them work anymore. I still have the software capability, I just get the Red ! indicating failed message. I worked previously, so I have no idea what changes.

    • Jim


      The camera icon will only appear when the network fields are populated for MMS:
      APN: wap.cingular
      Username: wap@cingulargprs.com
      Password: CINGULAR1
      MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com
      MMS Proxy:
      MMS Max Message Size: [Blank]
      MMS UA Prof URL: [Blank]

      Still, mine failed after a few days. AT&T?

    • Jon

      WOW. after fiddling with mms for 3 hours, this finally did it!! the most important step was to visit the mymedianet website with my SIM plugged into my old phone (so that ATT thinks that i'm using a "compatible" medianet phone). once you verify the code they text to you, MMS works flawlessly. THANK YOU STEVEN M!! i'm like a happy child today.

    • kamilski

      I can officially confirm that this DOES work. After spending some time on the phone with AT&T they changed my data plan to a cheaper one and everything works great!

    • dylanrauh

      same as mine, i dont kno what to do? i followed all of the directions, and it gives me an error. HELP!!!!!!!

    • Bret H

      I was pulling my hair out trying to get both MMS and Tethering to work on my 3Gs. Finally with just the ipcc file from this article and setting:

      MMSC to ” rel=”nofollow”>http://mmsc.cingular.com

      MMS Proxy to wireless.cingular.com

      Then reboot!

    • Vern

      Didn't work for me… 🙁

    • Leo

      for the no working voicemail… you can fix it with….

      go to Stetting>General>Network>Cellular Data Network and under Visual VOicemail make it look exactly like this…

      APN acds.voicemail
      Username leave it blank
      Password leave it blank

    • artmanp

      I got mine to work but I have the same problem alot of you have. After about 10 mins att switches back to iphone and my mms stops. I have swirly mms2 but i dont have the right settings for swirly.does anybody have them? Or kknow how to block att detecting I am back on my iphone and blocking my mms.

    • artmanp

      If you have the swirly mms2 settings can you email them to artmanp@netscape.net. Thanks again

    • Gumby

      on my 3gs i have the following swirlymms2 settings that have been working for me for about 2 weeks now:

      mmsc: http:/mmsc.cingular.com
      proxy: wireless.cingular.com:80
      apn: wap.cingular
      username: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
      password: CINGULAR1

    • RL

      Just tried this. Tethering works but MMS doesn't. The messaging screen allows the sending of pictures but it will always fail and give the red exclamation symbol

    • Bnig

      Would anyone mind telling me EXACTLY what to enter into CMD or what problems there may be with it? I have windows vista 64-bit and the cmd just won't work, it says the program is not recognized..

    • FIXED and WORKS on ATT and Tmobile USA and it's EASY: http://bit.ly/wRMR

    • heatherrachelle

      Ughhhh…at&t is the devil. Why can't they just give us what we want?? They'd be over-charging us even with all the stuff we want! It sounds so cool to say "I have an iPhone" when in reality it's a piece of crap that does nothing a normal phone does. If it wasn't for the apple on the back, nobody would buy this thing. Apple & at&t have let me down. The next phone I get will not have an apple anywhere on it.

    • thelastagain

      I have everything installed and the settings up properly, the att wireless site even says Messaging for family(not under Iphone options) but I continue to get error messages when sending. It just fails and says retry, but never works

    • johnpaul

      thats because theres a diff process for the 2g! its on a diff page, AND it works because i did it (:-)

    • scott

      It worked for me for about a day then it was like att shut it down on me and my visual voice mai didnt work neither did 3g internet.

      After reinstalling i get the error message your mms was not sent.

    • FIXED USA AT&T MMS Enabling 100% Easy working: http://htxt.it/eEK4

    • CP

      Worked on 3GS, for how long, lets see

    • artmanp

      how long did it work for you? Only for about 5 minutes for me.Then my phone switched back to iphone then no more mms

    • Thanks,
      This got voicemail.com

    • I meant it got my voicemail working… lol

    • Will

      I followed these steps yesterday at 3 p.m. and was able to send MMS for the rest of the night. I sent 4 or 5 messages. Today, every attempt fails. If I have to keep popping my sim in my other phone just to get this going again, I may as well just leave it in that phone so I can actually MMS.

      It's really pretty sad that, as proven by this method, MMS will work just fine on the iPhone and it is AT&T holding it back. It makes me want to switch to Sprint and buy a Palm Pre.

      Stupid limitations like this (along with no file access) will always hold the iPhone back from being the device it COULD be.

    • cesalio45g

      This works!…

      I have iPhone 3G S with 3.0.1 (Jailbroken). I uploaded the new ATT_US.ipcc file using iTunes ( on MS Windows XP Home Edition.

      The most important step was going to wireless.att.com and changing the features of your messaging plan to a "NON-IPHONE" plan. I choose the unlimited messaging plan because I had the iPhone unlimited txt'g plan previous to this hack.

      I used a Blackberry Curve 8310 as the second phone. After sending a few txt msgs and making calls to my VM on the blackberry using the iPhone SIM, I re-installed the SIM back into the iPhone and rebooted.

      After reboot, goto settings –> messages –> MMS Messaging "ON". Subject field is optional.

      I tried to send an MMS and it failed. After about 2 hours, I tried again and BAM! I successfully sent 3 MMS messages and received 1 MMS message so far. It has been active for about 20 min now.

      I don't know if it will switch back, if it does I will let you guys know.

      Thanks for the Tips iPhoneHacks!

      cesalio45g (non-member)

    • but its working on my iphone 2g 3.0 OS

    • I am living in Armenia and i can recive and send MMS.

    • Philip

      I tried all this, I go the 4 digit text then threw it back in and followed steps. No worky

    • Hello I got my iphone 3G with 3.0 to tether, jailbreak and I just got MMS working… My visual voicemail is not working though. probably late with all this but it doesn work if you put your iphone sim in another non iphone and call to get that phone straight with ATT, switch it back and it works

    • Kwal

      Heck yes! Works great on my iPhone 3G with visual voice mail and tethering still enabled! In Arizona…looks like they removed the opt-out codes for this area! Kick ass!

    • Sinister1

      It's the 25th; so is the shit working or not?

    • J Trulli

      works like a charm! 3G 3.0.1 jailbroken and sim-unlocked…

    • Artmanp

      Where is the new carrier settings I do not want to update to 3.1

    • ajc4nwk

      Everytime I download the ipcc file and try to open it, my computer says the file is currupt??? Im using a Jailbroken/Unlocked iphone 3G. Please Help…

    • HI Guys, I have run an MMS2 application from Cyntia and now phone keeps on rebooting and doesn't come up. Just see the apple logo and stuck loading sign for about 1min and after it will reboot and goes on and on

    • mc

      3G 3.0.1 Jailbroken and Unlocked – manual settings now MMS works! I did have to sync .ipcc file as well. Thanks for your help!

    • BDR

      After I type this in and exit it doesn't do anything and erases it. What Ami doing wrong