New iPhone Concept: Thinner, Larger Screen and Redesigned Home button

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We have seen several interesting concepts of Apple’s new iPhone.

With WWDC less than 2 days away, folks at French website, Fakeorreality have published another concept of Apple’s new iPhone which looks quite good.

It’s thinner with a larger screen and has a redesigned home button.

In case you missed the earlier concepts of Apple’s new iPhone:

iPhone Pro:

The first one was designed by Mat Brady. He called it iPhone Elite, an iPhone with 60GB of storage, true 16:9 aspect ratio, slide-out keyboard, one megapixel front camera for iChat, and a high quality camera, with good lenses, optical zoom, and video capability.

Folks at Gizmodo  fixed the keyboard to make it more compact, removed some unnecessary keys and added a direction pad and two buttons to make the new iPhone a true Nintendo DS competitor. They called their tweaked version iPhone Pro as you can see below:

iPhone – MacBook Inspired:

The second one was designed by Jim Young, and as you can see below was inspired by MacBook. HIs iPhone included 3G, GPS, Front camera for iChat, Removable battery, 3.2 Megapixel camera, Video, 32 GB.

iPhone – MacBook Air Inspired:

The latest concept of Apple’s new iPhone is designed by Rodolphe Desmare. As you can see from the curves and tapering that it has been inspired by MacBook Air.

Most Probable Evolution:

The name says it all, this concept is “a flatter, even more tapered and slender version of the current one.”

The only thing that worried me about this concept is that it might be too thin to fit the 3.2 megapixel camera sensors which we had heard Apple had placed orders for.

Here is the latest concept of Apple’s new iPhone.

Thinner, Larger screen & Redesigned Home button:

The latest concept published by FakeorReality is thinner with a larger screen by maximizing the space available with a redesigned home button and repositioning the ear speakerphone. The concept also seems to have a back cover with matte finish.

I like this one the most of all the concepts we have seen so far.

But I still have couple of issues with it (a) the larger screen
would be nice but won’t be practical as it would be too cumbersome for
iPhone app developers to redesign their apps for the larger screen and
(b) I also don’t like the position of the home button.

What do you think about these concepts? Which one do you like? Would you be disappointed if the new iPhone isn’t radically different from the current iPhone?

Egypt was the first to point us to the latest iPhone concept, thanks Egypt!

[via FakeorReality]

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  • Kwopau

    TBH. it looks cool but we'll wait and see what the actual design will be. Even though i don't plan on getting one yet because I have an iphone 3G (Second Gen) and I still like it.

  • Shriv

    I like hte MacBook inspired.

  • Eric S.

    I like the "Most Probable Evolution" one.

    Maybe if the iPhone is worth it, I'll give my iPhone 3G to my father and I'll buy the new one. 🙂

  • deano

    who cares, it will do more the same as 1st gen, and 3g, like 1st gen does the same as 3g, but with no 3g, and i forgot the black back……wow loads of difference there…si

    so abit thinner, will that make a difference??
    2mm to 4mm bigger screen will that??
    3.2mp will that???

    lets face it, untill something really new comes out, these iphones will all do the same whatever gen just looks, and thats abit sad if u ask me

  • NATE

    you my friend are incorrect. Check out OS 3.0 and some features will NOT work on 1st gen iPhone. Mms, video recording etc. New iPhone may not look different but will be faster, and more multi task capable. Better processor, camera, battery life. The list goes on. iPhone 3g is such a huge upgrade from the original. The new iPhone will once again, redefine how mobile phones should be. Can't wait! As I'm typing this on my iPhone, there is lag. More ram needed, apple will deliver, as always. Thank you apple, iPhone hacks, and all the great hackers that make this phone amazing!

  • TimW

    From a manufacturing costing veiw, it would make sense to make minor adjustments to the current 'shells' and keep the existing 'tried & tested' design.
    I think they will keep the instantly recognizable 'iconic' current design.
    Might be wrong, who knows! Soon see 🙂

  • 3amer

    in my opnion, all these predictions are wrong…none of these modles are gonna happen. only a minor change to the iphone's desgin is gonna occur like maybe removing the silver frame or the matte finish..not more than that. Also i do not think there is gonna be a magnometer because if there was we would have seen a change in the safari icon in one of the betas bcause it would be really dumb for two apps to have the same icon.

    Also, i have an iPhone 3G, i've heard all of these rumors but none wld make me pay for a brand new iphone i think am better off waiting for the iPhone 4G(4th Genertation)cuz its gonna have all of these rumors and wats yet to come!

  • No credit for me? =( I posted the link for the pictures on the "new leaked photos" topic.

  • Thanks for the tip, updated the post accordingly.

  • Thanks for updating =D.

  • Ryan

    Except for the pro – way too bulky, no physical keyboards please!!-, I like all of these designs. My personal favorite is Jim Young's " MacBook Inspired". The shiny rounded slippery sexiness of the back shell thing wore off very quickly for me. I do hope for a more rugged -stay in hand- sturdy sexiness. Jim Young's says it all. No matter, I'm buying 2 (the wife, see…) soon as it's out AND safely jailbreakable and unlockable. Thank god for the dev team, they rock.


  • wolverinemarky

    cant wait till monday maybe we will find out finally

  • ZedSefi

    It looks great. So far this design is the best of them all, but it is far from becoming a reality (specially the way Home Button is made).

    I mean think about it, with a small button like that it will be hard for your thumb to reach and press it at the same time if you are using one hand, not just your thumb will find the button far away from being reached easily but also the chances of your iPhone to jump away from your hand when trying to press this button are going to be very high and you will increase risks of accidents and damages.

  • yeedig

    they better change the way the new iphone looks…. the same style for 2 yrs!!!?? and if they dnt change it 3 yrs!!!! wow that would suck since im already tired of my iphone 3G!!!!! give us something diff apple!!!!!

  • metromepmb

    i love the last concept i deff dont want a crappy 3GS after seeing this. There's nothing exciting about the new iphone, ooo woopie some new software!!

  • You are completely right. Apple's upgrades will be mostly internal, accept for a minor aesthetic change or two. Overall, it will just be a better Iphone 3G,