Rotation Inhibitor: SBSettings Toggle Allows you to Disable Accelerometer

SBSettings Toggle - Rotation Inhibitor

Though the accelerometer is one of the coolest features of the iPhone, I find it annoying everytime I move around in bed while reading on the iPhone, as the screen keeps rotating.

I finally got fed up the other day and had to figure out a way to disable the accelerometer/screen rotation.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a SBSettings Toggle aptly called Rotation Inhibitor which allows you to disable the accelerometer on the fly to stop the screen from rotating.

Rotation Inhibitor is a SBSettings Toggle developed by the Ryan Petrich, the same guy who has developed Clippy, a popular jailbreak app which brought the missing copy and paste functionality to the iPhone.

SBSettings is one of my favorite jailbreak app as it offers a faster way to disable or enable settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using iPhone Setting's App.

SBSettings also allows developers to create custom toggles that can be installed from Cydia and then enabled so that users can access them from SBSettings.

Ryan has created a custom toggle for SBSettings which allows you to turn off the accelerometer sensor to stop the screen from rotating.

SBSettings Toggle - Rotation Inhibitor

Since SBSettings can be launched from any iPhone app, you can use the Rotation toggle to disable the accelerometer sensor in any app. Tapping on the Rotation toggle disables rotation (toggle icon turns red) as seen below) and tapping on it again enables rotation (toggle icon turns green).

SBSettings Toggle - Rotation Inhibitor  
SBSettings Toggle - Rotation Inhibitor

However, with the Rotation toggle you can't lock the screen in landscape mode in iPhone apps. I would have preferred that option as I usually prefer to use Safari in landscape mode while reading.

But other than that, the Rotation toggle does the job and has solved the annoying problem for me.

You can install Rotation Inhibitor via Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone. You might have to activate the Rotation toggle via SBSettings β€œMore” button.

Have you used the Rotation toggle before (as it has been around for sometime)? Is it something that you were looking for? I would love to know in the comment section below.

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  • Sofia

    This is great. But I agree, it would be even better if we could lock it in landscape mode.

  • Ahmadmz3

    Hi .
    true its annoying when your sleeping on your side and you want to check a web page quickly > However the iphone doesn't flip so you can see any page in landscape , but the trick is to do it in normal position , this is where this app helps .

  • I havent commented in a while lol sorry i have been busy. Anyways back on topic i love this app but their is on emajor flaw: Photos still rotate =/.

    Offtopic: idk if this is note worthy but they have sb setting app where you can change a song by pressing top volume ringer to go to next song and bottom button to go to a previous song.

  • Hey Egypt,

    Good to hear from you.

    Btw, photos don't rotate if I disable accelerometer via Rotation toggle. You might want to check if you have the latest version of the toggle.

    Thanks for the note.

  • SWEEET!!! I remember that i was the first to come up with this idea ( ) Im glad some one heard and came up with a fix. Thanks yall!!!!
    –oh and yall effing rock iPhoneHacks
    –Same to you Dev team!!!

  • itzcoolz

    i think you can keep it rotated on landscape mode if you hold down the button on the SBSETTINGS icon (that's what the small hand logo in the bottom corner indicates)

  • oscar

    Exactly, you can lock it in landscape mode, just hold down the toggle and it switches between the display modes available. Do that again until you find your desired position.

  • Flokodul


    After I installed rotation inhibitor I tried to restart, but now my iphone only shows the apple logo and than freezes…

    so watch out..


  • Another useful app posted by iPhonehacks.

  • Strange, I didn't hit the issue, don't see how it can happen because of it.

  • I apologieze on my post. Apparently their was another sb setting that has is like rotation inhibitor but it is in beta. im downloading the actual one you have posted =)

  • What source did u download from cuz their is another rotation inhibtitor app which i downloaded (its in beta)

  • Arent they just amazing?

    Offtopic: iPhonehacks doesnt have a twitter does it? Cuz i would make an account just to follow you guys =)

  • Rotation Inhibitor is definitely an essential app, it has nothing to do with the accelerometer though.

  • I can see just one and its not in beta. The version is 0.3.

    The source is iSpazio.

  • Thanks Egypt, we have been missing all your tips!

    We would love to join the Twitter bandwagon, but unfortunately don't own the iphonehacks twitter account.

    We have just registered one (iphonehackx), so you can now follow us on Twitter.

    We will try to add the integration with Twitter soon.

  • Definitely a good idea and a much needed one.

    It would have been nice if Apple had added it as a setting but thanks to the way you can launch SBSettings, the toggle would still be a winner for me.

  • 3amer

    i had this app a while ago but i never knew wat it does…thanks to u iphonehacks now i know!!!! =D

  • TJ

    Cool! An app that does something Apple should have given as an option by default! This is unheard of!


    Yeah, pretty cool stuff, and I agree with you iPhoneHacks it would be nice to be able to lock it in landscape.

  • Flokodul

    Couldn't fix it, so i had to reset it πŸ™

  • imrelvi

    hey, this causes the iphone 3gs to get into safe mode πŸ™
    pleause update

  • gui

    this toggle makes my 3gs crash,

    Need update !

  • Desiree

    Hey how do I locate this app after I have installed it?

  • patte

    Mine too – doesn’t work on the 3GS anymore πŸ™

  • gui

    you can locate it by adding a the toggle "rotation inhibitor" in sbsettings

  • gigi

    the rotation inhibitor totally crashed. I had to do a major reset and re-jailbreak. ugh. i will not reinstall on 3GS until people say it really works. on 3GS!

  • Injapan

    The app also caused my iPhone to crash and enter safe mode. I couldn't be bothered by it so I just removed the app from Cydia and restarted. Everythings back to normal now.

  • Micky

    Help. I have just jail broken my 3G 3.0.1 IPhone but I Can't find this package in Cydia.

  • Dan

    Version 0.5 fixes a crash when shaking the device. Could this have been the issue that the 3Gs guys are seeing? I want to use this app but afraid of my 3Gs dying and not being able to re jailbreak with 3.0 with 3.1 out now.

  • alex

    just put it in landscape first, then deactivate the rotation. the screen stays in landscape (works for me at least)

  • pre

    damn i was looking for just such an app. thanks!

  • Yes, working for me too. Must have been a recent update πŸ™‚ wooo!

  • darlene

    i've tried using the same application the INOROTATE but it deactivated totally my accelerometer so i cant use it in games anymore. I uninstalled it but no change. it seems my accelerometer was totally disables and most of my other applications that uses accelerometer turns d screen upside down.. now im in regret disabling my accelerometer. need help how to activate accelerometer again n use in games n applications.

  • Tim Turner

    This was very helpful! i read books in bed, and its really annoying when they shrink down to half size when i turn over. Many thanks!

  • Rick

    you can solve it? yhe same happen to me

  • herojig

    Excellent tip, just what I needed for iBooks and my 3G phone.

  • shatira

    After updated to ios 4.3 and above Rotation Inhibitor can’t use. When it can upgrade the version to use latest firmware of iphone….I’m using now is 3GS with firmware 4.3.3….Love to use Rotation Inhibitor but now can’t use it…or any body have method how to install to 4.3.3 , late me know…..TQ

  • Lewis England

    I had this jailbreak since it was released. Updated my phone to 4.3.3 and now it won’t work, I hope it gets updated, it rules