Simple Hack to Enable Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0

The non-availability of tethering and MMS features in the U.S at the time of the
launch of iPhone OS 3.0 was probably the most disappointing news that was announced at the WWDC 2009 Keynote address.

However, some clever folks have figured out a way to enable tethering on iPhone OS 3.0 without the need to jailbreak their iPhone.

There are several methods floating around to enable tethering on iPhone OS 3.0 but I found the method where you can enable it via iPhone's Safari, the easiest.

The process of tethering allows your laptop to use your iPhone's data connection to surf the internet.

The idea behind the hack to enable tethering on the iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0 is to download a .ipcc, which is carrier specific and update your iPhone with it via iTunes. The procedure gets even simpler using iPhone's Safari browser.

Step 1:

Folks at have hosted several iPhone tethering configuration files for many carriers across several countries. You need to go to the following link using iPhone's Safari browser.

Step 2:

Then click on Mobileconfigs on that page:

Step 3:

Select your country from the list.

Step 4:

Once you have selected the country, you will be prompted to select the provider.

Step 5:

Tap on the Install button.

Step 6:

Then tap on the Install Now button.

Step 7:

Tap on the Done button.

Step 8:

Finally, go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering and tap on the toggle button to enable tethering.

That's all, it is as easy as that and no hacking required, can you believe it and the best part is it's free.

But the way this hack has spread, I won't be surprised if AT&T clamps down on it soon so enjoy it till it works.

Please note that this is a hack so proceed with caution.

Some known issues:

This seems to disable Voicemail feature for some users.

It doesn't seem to work with 1st generation iPhone.


iPhone OS 3.1 Beta 2 disables the tethering functionality enabled using this hack, so don't upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 whenever it is released if you want to use this functionality.

As always, please don't forget to tell us how it goes.

[via ModMyi]

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  • Happy Nate

    Been using it since early yesterday afternoon. Works great! I wouldn't mind paying for it at all. I would pay for anything provided that Apple and AT&T gave us the ability to do so. The fact is, hackers have been giving us things for free cause legally they can't charge for it. I think if you can afford an iPhone you should be able to afford all the other things they may charge for. However, when they do not provide these things, I'll have to get them for free. Their loss really. I realize I've rambled on uselessly when the bottom line is, YES this works and it works better than anything else so far. Now we just need mms 😉

  • Happy Nate

    Oh, and I forgot to mention… Hackers have to give us the stuff for FREE so be sure to DONATE.. Plenty and OFTEN. These guys are the reason you don't throw that BRICK of a phone into a wall.

  • :(

    Is this only for iPhone 3g? I have 3.0 on my first gen iPhone and installed the profile settings and followed all the steps. But when I go to general>networks, I don't see anything that says Internet tethering. I updated to 3.0 from iTunes and how do I get the battery percentage, I don't see that either :(. Thanks

  • J

    wow. serious. awesome. mad props!!!!!


    Does tethering cost money?

  • biiek

    do you people not read the entire article before posting

  • wolverinemarky

    theres always pdanet, u need to go into sbssettings and enable ur battery percentage,steps are sbsetting, then more, then extras & options, then toggle on Numeric battery and ur done if the battery doesnt show a number click on the battery and it will change to a number

  • john

    how do we know AT&T won't detect the usage and charge you?

  • Javier

    good question!

  • hxclos

    lol that is too cool! Thanx for sharing iPhoneHacks. I know our data plans are unlimited but I just hope hacks like this don't ruin it for everyone.

  • hxclos

    It should not matter to AT&T how we use our network if we are under a contract for unlimited data and are in fact paying for it. It's the future of unlimited data plans that has me worried.

  • Vishnu

    Its soo bad it dosent work on iphone 1g sucks

  • As wolverinemarky rightly pointed out jailbreak apps like Pdanet already enabled users to use iPhone's data connection so this isn't something new just that this method does not need users to jailbreak their iPhone.

  • Works Great!!! This is the best Iphone site ever!!!!!! Thanks guys for everything

  • JB

    I wonder if this will finally enable me to connect to my tomtom for plus services!? Thanks

  • Tyler927

    This is so awsome! Hope that AT&T doesn't do anything about this and now there needs to be a hack to enable MMS like this

  • Tim

    Sorry but I couldn't get it to work on my 3G 16G with 3.0 installed. I was able to pair but received a message that service not offered. I don't have MMS, does that make a difference? I *need* tethering badly, how do I get this to work? (I'm in downtown SF, CA)

  • Tim

    Let me add: I'm trying to tether to a new 2.53GHz 13" Mac Book Pro using the iPhone and an AT&T mobile account.
    Tethering would be a Godsend for me because I'm often in places where there is no WiFi or Ethernet connections available and need to send or receive data, etc.

  • Jon

    Bit of a newbie in this. Can you walk me through step by step. I don't understand the sbssettings and battery percentage. Where do you find that on the 1st generation iPhone.

  • Tim

    OH MY GAWD! I DID it! I forgot to shut the iPhone off and turn it back on. I am now connected to the 'Net. You have to turn WiFi off if using BlueTooth.

    Amazing. Most excellent! Big kudos to those who figured this out!


  • Bradley

    Doesn't work in Australia for Telstra. No Tethering option is visible in Settings > General > Network. Only a profile entry is available in Settings > General – giving status of Unsigned with the option to remove.

  • :(

    Sbsettings requires a jailbreak and 3.0 isn't jailbroken yet. And I thought 3.0 had te percentage battery included in the firmware.

  • Per

    My carrier is not on the list, so i guesss it's possible to create a mobileconfig file for it, but I need the one on my iPhone to use as a guide, does enyone know how can the file be extracted from the iPhone?


  • Ahhhh! i love tethering… it works flawlesly… USB and Bluetooth… and i dont have problems with my voicemail… it still works for me.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  • Scott
  • Jakk

    Now we need a way to unlock the video future on the 3G.

  • Jonathan

    How did you get it to work. i tried everything man i did exactly what it says to install it man i have tethering on iphone but when i hook it up to my laptop and start seaching networks it does not find my iphone can you please help me man

  • duluen


    be patient o give it a month after jb goes live.

  • JC

    It works great!!. I'm using it right now to post this comment

  • jon

    how did u get it to work i have tried everything but no luck can you please help man please

  • Hmmm! i followed the instructions from Apple:

    1.In Settings, choose General > Network > Internet Tethering.
    2.Slide the Internet Tethering switch to On.
    3.Connect iPhone to your computer:

    USB: Connect your computer to iPhone using the Dock Connector to USB cable. In your computer’s Network services settings, choose iPhone.

    On a Mac, a pop-up window appears the first time you connect, saying “A new network interface has been detected.” Click Network Preferences, configure the network settings for iPhone, then click Apply. On a PC, use the Network Control Panel to select and configure the iPhone connection.

    Bluetooth: On iPhone, choose Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Then refer to the documentation that came with your computer system software to pair and connect iPhone with your computer.

    When you are connected, a blue band appears at the top of the screen. Tethering remains on when you connect with USB, even when you aren’t actively using the Internet connection.

    Hope this helps buddy!

  • benee

    This is awesome it works kind of slow in this area…but still,it works. i tried it on 4 laptops 3 work but the one i need doesn't. it finds the network adapter then says that i have to find drivers for it, so it does not come up. also says that driver is not for this OS. HUH? Anyway THANKS>>>>

  • lee

    Will this work with the 3GS?

  • jon

    i got these cheeseburgers man… mannnnn i suck yo dick mannnn please

  • Jonathan

    Thanks man it worked

  • JustinWoodypond

    I did this for ATT on my 3G and everything installed fine. I turned on tethering, went to my network connections in windows xp, but there is nothing extra there other than my wi-fi connection and my local area connection. Is there something I'm missing?

  • This is awesome. I am in Syndey Aus with Vodafone and it works well. I was able to send an important email this morning because of this.. Thankyou!!!!!

  • This is great – thanks for posting about it. However, I wonder if this may be the reason we have not heard anything from June Fabrics about their PDANet plans for 3.0. Most all other software developers have already tweaked their apps for 3.0. Maybe PDAnet is no longer needed?

    Also, I read the article and can follow the instructions, but I don't understand what is happening here. Is this "hack" just making standard iPhone features available to those of us where the carrier "turned them off"?



  • Erwee

    Guys tried this but South Africa is not on the list to select from is their any other way to do this…?

    Great website by the way !!!

  • Love

    hats off to a great inventor….
    awesome application so far…

  • Ken

    I am using Softbank in Japan on the 3g. After the install I get the thering option but when i try to setup i get a popup telling me to contact the carrier to active tethering on this account??!!

    Any way around this?

  • Gordon

    I had the same setup. When I checked the Device Manager->Apple Mobile Device Ethernet, the status says "Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware (Code 37).
    I think that's the reason no iphone shown on the network connections window.
    Anyone knows how to fix this?

  • Perfect works great!!

  • este

    for Chile please!

  • landon

    do you have to be on the 3G network, or will tethering via USB or Bluetooth also work on the Edge network?

  • landon

    i have a 3G iphone, with the 3.0 update, but the city i live in most doesn't have the 3G network, only the Edge network. but I travel a lot to cities that have the 3G network. hope this helps.

  • Jason

    Yes this works on the 3GS. I just installed it without a problem.


    Didn't work for O2 Contract in the UK

  • Rod

    Doesn't work for O2 Contract in the Uk

  • cAv

    Works a treat! Thanks very much. This was pretty much the only reason I ever hacked my iphone anyway. The only snagg is that it's like in the old days, on Dial Up at home, when your on the net, no one can call you, it just diverts to ansaphone, but hey, who cares?!

  • Patrick

    Same here, it worked fine before I unlocked the phone when ultrasn0w was released. upon the unlock, I know get this message also.

  • Patrick

    Those of you receiving the message to contact ATT, please reboot the device after step 7, and this should resolve the problem when trying to switch on thethering.

  • i have an unlocked iphone and i'm using it with tmobile how do i get the internet to work is there a hack app out there that will allow me to use the internet in the pass we had t zone but t mobile doesn't offer t zone no more what can i do

  • AD

    This app is great; I don't see any connection in my network via usb. This definitely works on a Mac but nothing for windows xp. Must have read everyone comments above with no luck. Any tip on how to crank this sucker for windows xp? Thanks!

  • Gordon

    It works for me now, maybe after I rebooted my PC.

  • kyson

    my country malaysia is not in the list how do i use this?

  • Jay

    how do u get it to work via bluetooth???? my bluetooth wont connect….usb works perfect….on a MAC btw

  • Ekort

    Works great! The installation part was very straight forward. No known issues yet as of now. Will update if anything goes wrong.

  • ekort

    Im using this on a windows xp pro and works just great.

  • di

    works great but when i have a voicemail it does not show up… anyway to fix it?

  • AD

    if you bother to read the rest of the article, you'll find that you'll need to reset your network connection on your phone to fix this error message


    or this is what I did to fix voicemail after enabling tether:

    My screen said Call AT&T so I hit the button and it prompted me to enter a password, so I entered my voicemail password and voicemail turned up. I hope this works for you! Keep posting if you find a different solution!

    I got the link from a google search "fix voicemail tether"


  • newOS3

    I have a 2G iPhone 16G.
    I am from SG and i just 'lost' my Tethering on iPhone OS 3.0.
    Anybody experience that before?
    I was trying it out yestersday and today the Tethering option 'disappear' from the network
    option totally.
    What's happening?

  • Weidy Chiou

    Install or update to iTunes 8.2

  • Gerg Fiddhelstine

    i tried this and it showed up as Download Failed

  • Alex

    Just installed it. works like a charm. very fast… and didnt loose voicemail..

  • Jon

    Any word on how to tether the 2g 3.0? Searching but no luck. Can anyone help please?

  • guasabara

    I talk to a friend that works at at&t and asked her to find out if i was gonna get charged for this…she said: 'do not use it, u gonna get charged for that'…

    can anyone confirm o deny?

    btw…awesome feature, works great, still got voicemail

  • Aaron

    So, it's working fine for me, but I'm just worried about the phone bill i'm going to get. As long as I'm paying for the monthly 3G connection, I could use internet as much as I want on my laptop right?

  • Aaron

    I have an iphone 3rd gen btw.

  • derek

    For me it says "safari cannot download this file." I have an iPhone 3g runnning 2.2.1

  • Andrew

    When I tether my Mac sees the usb connection and says connected with a green light but it just adopts the ip address I had from my dsl connection. Even after I unplug the ethernet cable my iphone won't give my mac a real ip address and therefore no internet. Any help?

  • Brennen

    Can this hack be undone if desiered i am cntempating installing this but i just want to be sure i have the ability to go back should something go wrong

  • b

    they do know if you guys read on other posts you have a whopping 5gigs of data before ATT knows you r tething illegally

    Good luck!!!


    Running windows xp.. MMS works fine but tethering doesnt work. Everytime I connect the iphone to the it says there is a problem installing this hardware. Apple Mobile Device Ethernet fatal error.

  • Patrick

    I would like to get more information on this. I've had mine working for awhile now, flawlessly…but can AT&T detect what you are doing, and can there be a charge for this…even though we have unlimited internet via the iPhone data plan?

    If this is connected to a computer, and we download stuff, can they see an excessive pattern where they could charge you?

  • Max

    Hi i've tried this on my laptop it doesnt work for me.. any help?

  • Gene

    I think the goose is loose, Ive been using this for a while now and i know that my bluetooth has nothing to do with at&t but i think somehow ive been screwed. idk let me know if you guys have the same problem connecting bluetooth devices.



    I have a Iphone 2g 8Gb as it was in the steps I have been to the site and downloaded it for At&t USA and rebooted the iphone but I dont see any thing in networks place


    can any one help me get this thing done

  • I received my June bill and had no charges …. however as of tonight July 9th instead of having internet tethering enabled, it said please contact AT&T to enable tehtering on this device. I deleted the profile from above, reset thephone, and the tethering ooption is completly gone …. appears AT&T is going to be releasing this very soon, and allready has thier system blocking access now to the servers looking for the subscriptions.

  • loks like its time to go back to the old method for tethering … I hope its been updated for 3.0

  • Gene

    It was fun while it lasted but what do you mean By the Old method?

  • eric

    how do you uninstall this from the iphone 3g s?


    guasabara, thanks assh*le

  • 2501

    killer. works like a charm on 3gs

  • Adnrew

    i encourage you to jailbreak if you really need tethering. i have had tethering on my first-gen iphone for a year now… and it works great.

  • Z

    you dont know anything. 3.0 IS jailbroken. i Have an iphone 3G and i havent jb'd yet due to issues when i tried (ill try again wheni get home im in texas now) and I have the percentage meter.

  • Z

    yea just do this again. it happens when u try to tetheer with a comp w/o itunes 8.2 or above on it. it sucks but i fixed it finally

  • Z

    Bluetooth doesnt work on vista 32 here. usb is fine but it cant find the driver for bt. used to work….

  • Z

    omg me too

  • GLF

    I just tried this today. Works like a champ!

  • Joe Momma said…

    Yup, works great on my 32gb 3GS with 3.0 fw. I didn't even have to select iphone from my network service settings. i turned off my laptop's wireless connection, and then the tethering just kicked in automatically. This is f'n awesome! Thanks.

  • moonfresh

    Help! I read everyones' comments twice, and I did everything the instructions asked. I got the 3gs, Macbook, and iTunes 8.2. I see the tethering on the iphone's end, but I don't see it in the Macbook's network end. What the hell am I doing wrong? BTW, I did not upgrade to the 3.1 OS, yet. Please help…

  • Tim

    What does it mean by "additional usage charges may apply" If I have unlimited data and voice do I have anything to worry about? Just installed and works great! Thanks alot!!!

  • Joe Momma said…

    I forgot to mention that I don't see the iphone on my pc's network list either. It just connects automatically. Try turning off your wireless connection and opening Safari. If your homepage loads correctly, then you're good to go.

  • wolverinemarky

    ok guys I have the tethering i have visual voicemail problems every few days getting tired of resetting my network connection is there anyway to uninstall this hack besides restoring and rejailbreaking

  • Moonfresh

    Thanks Joe Mama…it still doesn't work for me. I give up and will just wait to pay.

  • Moonfresh

    Hey boss, did you figure out how to remove this thing withou erasing the who phone? I reseted the settings and network options but the tethering is still there. Please let me know.

  • bigjoe

    you ppl are god

  • jennifer

    just got one of the kids a refurbed 3g 8gb and safari will not download the file. Is there another way to download and install on the phone?

  • jennifer

    anyone help you with this? i have the same problem

  • rafa

    if you reset your network settings on your iphone it should work.


    Why would I ever install an app that asks me for my iPhone password? There is NO application I have yet installed that would ask me for that. Makes me seriously suspicious.

  • I promise I have read all post 3 times. Performed this procedure on new iphone 3.0gs using vista. Iphone indicates it is tethering but i cant find the iphone on network places either on iphone network settings or pc network settings. I rebooted everthing after istalling, to no avail. This would be a godsend if i could get to work. thanks in advance

  • Anfernee

    Works great! Just tried it out and can't believe I've had an Iphone for this long without this function. It goes to show you AT&T is raping and pillaging their customers for every little cent for services that are available everywhere else around the world. For free!!!! If only a MMS hack could be available without a unlocked/jailbroken phone, it would be the ultimate middle finger to the gestapo of cellular carriers. Can't wait until their contract runs out in 2010, until then, spread the word…

  • Highwind

    1. I think they can easily see if you are tethering unsing this setup (because this is the att way of tethering instead of jailbreak…)
    2. The jailbroken methods can hide to a certain extend that you are tethering, as it looks from the outside that the data is going to the pone (not a pc). Aditionally you can use VPN to hide what is being transmitted.

    It would be nice to have more detail on the no-jailbreak method and on ways to hide from att that one is tethering (e.g. does VPN make sense there?…) Does anyone know more?

  • Highwind


  • Mike F

    Can't find iPhone is network settings anywhere!!

  • OC

    Anyone else had the voicemail stop working? Any workaround?


    Folks still having luck with this? I got a connection to my MBP via BT and USB, (iPhone shows "Tethering Enabled") – but I don't get any response from the internet connection (Activity Monitor shows Packets sent, but none received).

    Could AT&T have shut this hack down already?

  • johnnyg

    this works great i had pdanet iphone modem but this is faster and works great thanks

  • If this disables visual voicemail, just go and reset your network settings, and it should be fixed.

  • OC

    In all the conversations and posts I've seen there are THREE possibilities:
    1) the hack just works with no problems
    2) the hack works just fine after either resetting your network settings OR after going into network settings and changing your cellular network settings
    3) the cellular network setting item doesnt exist as an option in the network settings, so the only OTHER fix is to UNINSTALL the profile, then reset network settings and reboot. THEN it works, and the tethering option is still there after the reboot.

  • sam

    hey guys i am having problems wiht mine i have a iphone 3gs with 3.0.1 sofware jailbroken and unlocked i tired this many times rebooting and everything but nothin teathering works fine though just when i go to network it dosent have and option for carrier stettings for apn although under setting/general/profiles it showes for 2 one for teathering and other is carier setting with says Unsigned plz any help thanks…….

  • matt

    i think you're an idiot

  • mike c,.

    My dell laptop keeps asking me for a blutooth passkey…How can i find my passkey or reset it.

  • mike

    I reset my network connections and it works great…Now i need help on the remote printing aspect. any ideas?… Do i have to jb my iphone to get MMS?

  • mike

    ok its working now:)…..bluetooth and usb….

  • randall

    Matt appears to be a very polite person who knows how to carry on a meaningful conversation with someone who is simply expressing his/her opinion. NOT.

  • Flashover

    The tethering works great………..Thanks so much and i love this sight so helpful to someone who isnt good with computers

  • David

    Just tried it on my 3G and it works great. I wish ATT would get off their butts and start supporting this more.

    We all pay at LEAST $100 a month for it.

  • JJ

    I had to connect via bluetooth for my MBP to work. I'm on iphone 3G 2nd gen, version 3.0 and MBP using 10.4.11.

    Also had to restart iphone before it worked.

    set up bluetooth:
    go to sys preferences> bluetooth> add device. It will walk you through steps. Make sure on iphone that bluetooth settings is set to On. Bluetooth setup should locate your iphone. It will need to gather more info on your device (iphone).

    Then bluetooth setup will provide you with a pin. Enter that number on your iphone when it prompts you to do so. Back on the computer in Bluetooth setup assistant, check "use with address book" and continue. Your device should be setup at which point quit setup assistant.

    System Preferences> Bluetooth make sure under settings your device is discoverable and click in box that says "Show Bluetooth Status in Menu Bar"

    Go to bluetooth in menubar (top right) and scroll down in pop-down menu to "Join Network on Your Iphone"

    That should do it.

    Your iphone should read "Internet Tethering" in blue window on top.


  • Jeff

    OK, i followed the directions and actually got the tethering to work. i then checked my voice mail and i don't get the indicator on my phone nor can I get messages on the phone but they are available with calling in (hold 1). I did the hack figuring even if I lost voice mail I could simply restore and be back where I was. Done that but voice mail still not working and the tethering thing is still in place. How do i go back to where i was?

  • luis

    it is incredible……

    can do you explain what are the problems with the jailbreak of an iphone?
    I have heard that you become unable of downloading apps

  • slayer

    …works fantastic on my new 3Gs-32 without a hitch, just checked my voice mail its up. . . its all good

  • Neo-8

    works great with the USB cable, iphone 3gs, 32GB, 3.0 to a MacBookPro w/snow leopard. The Bluetooth pairing didn't setup, they saw each other Bluetooth PAN in the network preferences wouldn't go. I'll keep trying to fix that.

  • Neo-8

    I take that back, the bluetooth PAN just took hold. It works. Great site, excellent instruction and help. Thanks.

  • Alex kordon

    My phone has 3.1 software how do I go back to 3.0 as it is not working with 3.1 cheers alex

  • Mame4iphone

    Highwind, could you point us to a tutorial on how to set up VPN to hide what is being transmitted. Right now i'm using PDANet and could MyWi if need be.

  • TWC

    Tethering worked perfectly. Using it right now to post this also. I'm using a 16g 3Gs with 3.0.1 on it. I may be having that voicemail problem it mentioned. I'll have to test it further once my roommates get up. Otherwise it auto-connects through USB as soon as I flip the toggle to on. Great app!

  • Mina

    I just tried this on my iPhone 3G and after installing the feature and pressed Done. I couldn't find "Tethering" under general on my phone.

    Can anybody else confirm if this feature still works or not?

  • JayeDee369

    Thank you Nate. Unfortunately, I think Apple clamped down on the tethering because I tried it and the tethering screen didn't show up. I still show appreciation because without you guys hacking the crap outta the iPhone, I would never be able to enjoy the other good stuff you guys crank out. Thanks

  • pablito

    Worked perfect. Thanks for the info

  • Anthony

    yes it is true. doesnt work for optus australia either. the internet tethering option just disappears.

  • Mikey

    This will not connect to the internet and it is not working 4 me, i need help.

  • David

    Tethering does not show up on AT&T in the US on a 3Gs.

  • Devistation

    i accidently upgraded to 3.1.3 and it disabled my tethering option has anyone found a solution to this problem??? im devistated!

  • Joe

    Tried it but message says cant dowload the format . No window with the option to install . Using 3.0.

  • akatsukiiub1

    I didn't do it yet but i think it ll work cause all ya think so. tryin it out on my iphone 3gs 3.1.3 32 gb

  • 9/11 bad luck eh i wouldn't be surprised

  • tanka

    So, when I try download, the screen says Invalid Profile. It also says profile format not recognized, does anyone understand what this means? I have the Iphone 3gs

  • Collins

    I have 8gb 3g and the tethering hack itself won't download. I has this program before and then updated. Please update again. I've tried multiple things. Still won't install.


    Will this work with os 3.1.3? Is there any problems?

  • Cassie

    I tried to download this but when I go into settings general network no Internet teathering option comes up. Help!!!

  • Thanks this method worked great 😀

  • After over two weeks of using the iPhone, I can fairly say I have become familiar with this mobile device to share some insights on how it fares as a primary mobile phone.

  • Luis

    If anyone has an iPhone 3G running 3.1.3 that is not Jailbroken and has lost the tethering feature since upgrading to firmware 3.1, welcome to my world! Here is what I did to get it working again.

    First off, I followed the steps found on this link to downgrade my iPhone 3G from 3.1.3 back down to 3.0.1:

    and here is the the reply I posted on benm's site:

    Ok, so I have Tethering again! However I don't know how it's working because my baseband is ICE2-05.12.01 still. Here is what I did: I have an iPhone 3G that was running firmware 3.1.3, with it's baseband upgraded to 05.12.01 as noted above. I took wigginsbe's advice and used redsn0w (redsn0w-mac_0.7.2 to be exact) to jailbreak my phone to install Cydia. I hoped to downgrade my baseband to 04.26.08 using Fuzzyband however, in the process, I found out that my bootloader version 05.09 is not supported by Fuzzyband, and therefore I cannot downgrade my baseband. The supported bootloader version is 05.08 in order to downgrade your baseband with Fuzzyband. So at this point, my iPhone 3G was now jailbroken using redsn0w 0.7.2, I installed Cydia, and subsequently installed Fuzzyband. Since I couldn't downgrade my baseband because of the reason explained above, I decided to restore my phone using one of my previous saved restores. I just so happened to have a backup of my iPhone 3G when it was running 3.0.1, so I used that. Once my iPhone finished restoring, what do you know, tethering was back, and working! I'd like to point out, that when I backed up my phone, I had benm's mobileconfig file already installed on my iPhone 3G, running 3.0.1, and had the mms configuration file from benm also to enable MMS on 3.0.1. So now at this point, my iPhone was restored, and tethering is working, but no MMS (even though my iPhone had it when I backed it up). I wanted MMS so I followed benm's MMS tutorial ( ) in order to enable my MMS again on my iPhone. After following the instructions in the link above, it broke my tethering. I could no longer see "Internet Tethering" in "\Settings\General\Network". I was very disappointed at this point. Although MMS was working. After a short time of google'ing, I found this link: . Although the instructions in that link call for iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release to be installed, I used the iTunes version already installed on my computer: iTunes version 9.2. I downloaded the tethering file: and started following instructions from step #5, and that was it, my tethering was now back! and MMS was working! I am happy again. I want to point out that when I check the cellular data ( \Settings\General\Network\Celluar Data Network ) all fields are blank, with the exception of the APN names, that is filled in ( wap.cingular ) for all three sections: Celluar Data, Visual Voicemail, and MMS. I didn't alter any of these fields as everything is working just the way it is, why fix it if it aint broke, as they say. The only thing I don't have is Video MMS, which I didn't have with my un-jailbroken 3G anyway, running 3.1.3. But I've done research and found that Video MMS on a 3G iPhone is possible but only on a jailbroken 3G iPhone running 3.1.3. So I might look into upgrading my Firmware version from what I have right now 3.0.1, to 3.1.3. But for now, I'm enjoying tethering and MMS, just like I had it before I upgraded to 3.1. Hope this lengthy explanation helps someone out.

  • Dasha

    i love this on my 3.0…wanna update but won't until we can do this on 4.0. is that an option yet (i dont wanna pay to do this the legit way)???? please let me if and when we can do this on 4.0!!

  • Sometimes I spent a few hours trying to tether my iPhone 3G to my mac and windows laptop. Tethering over USB works fine, but Bluetooth tethering fails to connect. Hope this works.

  • Scorpion

    I don't know what happened but it seem that doesn't work with iPhones 4 , because as soon as I install the application the tethering string in my phone just disappear and only comes back when I remove the app that I installed . Help!

  • Sandmanlti

    This does not work with my iPhone 4. Tethering tab is missing once profile is installed. Suggestions?