Step-By-Step Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0 using Redsn0w (Windows)

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

The iPhone Dev Team released updated version of PwnageTool for Mac users and Redsn0w for both Mac and Windows users to jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0.

Here is our step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.0 using Redsn0w for Windows users. We will publish one for Mac users shortly.

An important preparatory step before jailbreaking your iPhone 3G is to take a backup of your iPhone. Please refer to this post for more details.

As with any hack, please proceed with caution as jailbreaking your iPhone could void it's warranty.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone 3G in order to use the iPhone OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 1: Create a folder on your desktop and name it Pwnage.

Step 2: Now download redsn0w from here or here and put it inside the Pwnage folder that you just created.

Also, download the latest 3.0 firmware from the location given below and put it in the same Pwnage folder. Please use Firefox to download the firmware as IE seems to automatically extract the file (thanks carny for the tip).

iPhone OS 3.0 – iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore

Step 3: Extract the redsn0w zip file to the Pwnage folder.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 4: Connect your iPhone 3G to the computer and then launch iTunes.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 5: In the iTunes, select your iPhone from the list of devices displayed on the left. Press the shift button on your computer and then click the Restore button on iTunes.

(Restore is preferred as it won't create any wasted space on your iPhone)

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 6
: Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop and select the firmware ipsw. Click the Open button to continue.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 7: Once iTunes has finished updating your iPhone to the desired firmware, launch redsnw0w.exe from the Pwnage folder on your desktop.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 8: Once redsn0w launches, click the Browse button.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 9: Select the firmware ipsw (that you placed in the Pwnage folder on our desktop) and then click Open.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 10: Once the firmware has been verified, click the Next button in order to continue.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 11: Make sure the 'Install Cydia' check box is selected and click the Next button.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 12: Make sure that your iPhone is plugged into the computer, and it's switched OFF. Now click on the Next button.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 13: redsn0w will now guide you through the steps to get into DFU mode.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Hold down both the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Now, Release the Power button and continue holding the Home button until redsn0w detects the device.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 14: You will see a message that states that your iPhone is being jailbroken. Your iPhone will then reboot.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Step 15: redsn0w will begin uploading the new RAM Disk.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Once this activity is completed you will be see the message 'Done!', which means that your iPhone 3G has been jailbroken.

Step 16: Click the Finish button.

And when your iPhone finishes rebooting (approx. 5 minutes). It will be jailbroken with Cydia available on your iPhone's home screen so that you can install jailbreak apps.

Jailbreak iPhone on OS 3.0 using redsn0w for Windows

Please don't forget to tell us how it goes in the comment section below and if if this guide was any help.


Based on reader comments, we wanted to clarify the following points:

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  • Raptor jesus shall slay u for copying this off modmyi muhahahahahahahah

  • emtff219704

    Anymore all these sites just copy from one another anyways. Besides, when the jailbreak comes out for the 3GS I hope they copy and paste it everywhere. Been waiting for this one since I got my new 3GS.

  • Tk927

    I jailbroke mine using redsnow and I never did the shift restore on iTunes (so I skipped step 4-7) and every thing went really well. Should I have done that? Or does it matter?

  • Joe

    Will I lose anything like my apps or the tether hack if I jaibreak? Getting a 3gs tomorrow. I want to JB my 3G.

  • Derrick

    Jailbroke 3g iphone a week ago. Everything was going fine until this morning. Downloaded an app, now my phone is froze. Won't get past the apple sign when rebooting and Itunes won't restore it. Says error 1601. Please help can't do without phone.

  • JOB-Dave

    Followed the instructions and all went well. I did not install Icy which I guess is the replacement for the, is there a way to do it after the fact?

  • waiting for 3gs jailbreak

    blah, blah, blah!!!! same ole stuff over and over. all the instructions are in the program.

  • yankii

    its extremely easy to jailbreak…

    and it works well, because now i got the cycorder (video recorder) so my 3G is almost a 3gS lol…

  • Brett

    put it into dfu mode then restore

  • b lah

    When i did the shift and restore it said that this firmware wasnt compatible… and so i try to do without that step and the pwnage tool freezes at "waiting for reboot"… any ides???

  • Joe

    Error 1601, google is your friend.

  • TITO

    iTunes must be 8.2

    and it's all done

  • Cali Girls Do It Best

    I jailbroke my phone a week ago and my phone wouldn't complete the necessary downloads or install the winterboard so I restored it. Then I rejailbroke it and it started running like garbage. Today it wouldn't go past the boot screen and I had to drive to an apple store for them to fix it. They did a reset for me. Can I jailbreak it again or am I doomed to a stock phone til the next update?

  • stlstan

    Ran this using 64bit vista 1st round went through with issues, I'm getting a sub-process/usr/bin/dpg returned and error code 2. when loading winterboard

  • Dean

    Yankii you are smart boy!!!!!

  • Dean

    CALi are the girls also jailbreking their iphones!!!!!!

  • stlstan

    1. load without icy will fix errors on cydia.

  • Derek

    just wondering, will this working if I'm running Windows 7?

  • Cali Girls Do It Best

    Obviously Dean 😉

  • Stanley Wong

    I jailbroken my iPhone 3G today. Everything was fine except it can no longer detect my local carrier. I am in HK and using smartone-vodafone. Is there something I missed? Did anyone have the same problem?

  • Bermuda Brains

    I did mines without iTunes being 8.2. And it work fine with me.

  • Bermuda Brains

    PS is anyone having a problem with there settings screen when they install and use a winterboard theme, cause when I do I loose everything under general in settings, like ( mail, phone, safari, iPod, photos). Does anyone have a solution or am I the only one.

  • Gumby H.

    Just finished the process with 8 gig 3G running 3.0. I had a problem getting Redsn0w to find the file until I manually added the .ipsw extension. I had added some free apps which did not restore with the synch but no big deal just regot them from the app store. My phone pictures also did not restore but I had uploaded them to PC using windows digital camara wizard so maybe I can transfer the ones I select back to phone through iTunes.

  • add the source, then install icy from that repo

    ive heard tho that with redsn0w you're not supposed to have cydia and icy… maybe thats fixed now, i dunno

  • did you restart your phone after installing winterboard? I know it runs all funky if you dont

  • j katz

    I cant wait for the 3gs unlock.Once again Apple drops the ball with no reminders.I don't understand how they want to compete against blackberry when I get a 1/4 millisecond weak vibrate and no visual flashing to tell me I have an email or missed call. Man I miss inteliscreen!

  • howers 49

    I have one question
    Will I be able to Restore my phone to the original settings if everything screws up on me?
    Also is there a video recorder app for the 3g yet?

  • stlstan

    my phone locked out it blinks from the apple to the blank screen, thats it

  • Derrick

    I tried that Brett, thanks though I figured it out. Had to restore it using ITunes and start all over again. I had to manually put it back in recovery mode and then restore it back to factory settings from my last backup. Just wanted to let people know if they ever had problems like I did today (all day)what they might need to do. Here's a link with the steps on how to put it in recovery mode.

  • Stanley

    My carrier icons returned "No Services" after the jailbreak. Any ideas?

  • beast

    @ stanley

    mines did the same thing u jus gotta restore bacc to orig factory setting and put it bacc to normal settings

  • riley burris

    go to and go to the forums and look at the stickied thread that says something about bricking your phone and you can fix it.

  • Stanley

    How to restore to factory setting?

  • vp203

    mine is doing exactly the same.. is there something that you have to install from cydia after you have cracked it??

  • Kashif Saeed
  • Stanley

    I have press "Reset All Settings" in the settings page but the problem still persist. Any idea?

  • dani

    You need to upgrade Itunes to 8.2 or it will fail.


    Can someone help me with this? I have and old iphone, so can I use this new software with it? Thanks

  • Ricky

    redsn0w is horrible. It leaves you with an iphone full of bugs and terrible reliablity.

    Stay away.

  • Cali Girls Do It Best

    Mine did that too. In a panic I called AT&T and they had me go to the Apple store and have them troubleshoot it. They ended up restoring it for me. If it happens again I'll try putting it in safe mode and doing the restore myself

  • Don

    better not it screw up my cydia,I managed to repair my cydia by re-jailbreaking it again & I didn't select 'install icy' while doing it.

  • Don

    did u install 'ultrasnow' via cydia after you jailbreak?

  • Don

    Well I don't have any problem using redsnow, my iphone 3g is working fine after using it.

  • Don

    You can use redsnow to jb & unlock,today I just helped my friend who is using iphone 2g.

  • Beast

    In iTunes wen the phone is hooked up to the comp press the reset button and restore and bacc up

  • Chris

    Yes, No.

  • Chris

    Well what REALLY happened is YOU screwed up downloading whatever your little heart desired, redsn0w has jailbroken countless devices.



  • anon

    I tried to use redsnow to jailbreak my 3g and everything went through fine but i lost service in my phone but cydia was installed in it ..i fixed the problem by jus restore it bacc to factory settings .can anyone tell me why that happend or if i did do something wrong

  • dencio

    I have downloaded redsn0w and iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore but when i extract the files, firmware IPSW was not there.

    can anybody help me.

  • I installed a program cydia my phone rebooted and it stays on the apple logo for ten minutes and then reboots again. The phone continues to do this and I cannot connect to itunes. Please help

  • Simply Awesome

  • Garron

    I just got my iphone should i risk this jb?

  • TJ

    Not only did it work brilliantly, first time – after being jailbroken, my computer recognises my iPhone better than it used to (quite a common problem it seems)

    You guys are legends,

    Thank you All…

  • Tom

    Please use Firefox to download the firmware as IE seems to automatically extract the file (thanks carny for the tip).
    This very important step

  • Tom

    thank you all of you, my iphone is unlocked

  • alex

    its work for 3gs. i just recover my iPhone after instaling new software from apple 3.0.1
    install all as its stay and its works again .. ;))

  • Sean

    I just used redsn0w .8 to jailbreak 3.0.1 and unlocked the phone. Everything works well except the apps I had downloaded. When I launch the show the first screen then return to the home screen. I deleted them on the phone and in itunes, redownloaded, and resynced and still same problem. I even downloaded a different app and the new does the same thing. Any help?

  • Hi.
    I am currently running 2.2.1 and it is jailbroken already. Now I what to upgrade to 3.0 and jailbreak it. Will i lose everything i got on my phone now.
    And do i just use the steps that are on this page. basicly update the phone on itunes to 3.0. then run redsn0w on it? Do i have install ultrasn0w again, i used that for version 2.2.1 already?
    Just a bit scared that I will lose everything or my iPhone will brick.
    Thanks for your answers.

  • Pavel

    I jailbreak but it didnt recognize at&t I dont need unlock it ,but I thoght I jailbreakin it , so how do I jailbreak is the same way I did or there is diferent aplication instead redsn0w , or how do i input redsn0w
    in cydia?

  • Pavel

    ok I jailbreak again so far it works recognize my at&t
    and I have signal I ll play with it let you know hows it goes or if I have a problem

  • edmond mami

    hi and sorry for ignorance,is somebady in Chicago to do all the staff for me?Thank you

  • Count.Brockula

    Worked quick and easy. I was going to take my 3G and have it JB'ed today but found this page and did it myself. Took less than 5 minutes (not including re-boot time) and saved me a few bucks, some gas, and a lot of time! Thanks.

  • Count.Brockula

    And just a word of advice: DO NOT UPDATE TO FIRMWARE 3.0.1 !!! There are serious issues regarding the firmware that has nothing to do with jailbreaking (jailbreaking is no different than with 3.0). Apple themselves won't even address it – they're just replacing phones if you take them to the Apple Store. More likely than not, your iPhone will not connect to your wireless (or any) wireless network after the update. One major problem is that the phone will give an incorrect password error when you try to connect to your wireless network – no matter what you try. We took my wife's phone in last night after she updated. The concierge said that there was no problem and he had never heard of such an issue and then told us to line up. He said the same thing to the people in front and behind us! All the Apple "Genius" would say is that there is a "software issue" and gave her a new, not refurb, iPhone. This is not an isolated issue – there were 35-40 people waiting in line when we got there and just as many when we left and they had stacks of new iPhones at the counter. I couldn't connect to my wireless network until I downgraded to 3.0 and I changed no settings either on my phone or on my router. Just a word of warning.

  • DAniel

    Hey.. i have got a problem because it wont reebot after step 16…. It just says Downloading Jailbreak data…..

    Kan somebody help????

  • Sankor

    Hi, I have a problem right know, I followed every step, but when I do the Shift+Restore I get "The iPhone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible".

  • Rachel

    hey when i downloaded cydia and then opened it do i say i am a hacker, user or the other one??? I said user should i change that

  • i have successfully updated my 3g to os 3.0.1 and downloaded redsnow 0.8 but when i got to the part in running the redsnow, it says ipsw firmware not recognized.. but it was just the same firmware i used to restore my 3g.. any help?

  • anonymous

    Cydia is kind of useless. you need installous to get the apps. type in:
    in the source box. you will install installous…

  • Jonathan

    Yea. i used windows 7 32-bit. It works fine for the most part. the jailbrake works and so does cydia. but when i install "Installous" and then restart my iphone, it gets stuck on the loader screen…

  • after i jailbreak my phone with the 3.0 firmware. Can i restore my backup i made before jailbreaking? It was using os 3.01 – and had all my contacts and apps that i had bought to date. Can i restore from that backup to get all my contacts, calendars, emails, and apps back?

  • Yeah you can restore from the backup rather than setting up a new iPhone.

  • tyler

    this worked perfect for me no problems at all just took me some time to figure it all out but worked thanks for all the info and help much love
    lingo 420

  • Suuper tut, Thnks

  • Greg

    The directions above have the 3G restore link. You have to use the proper restore ipsw for your type of phone or it won't work.

    Here's the break down for each software (taken from

    3.0.0 (2G): iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw
    3.0.0 (3G): iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw
    3.0.0 (3GS): iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

  • PREZ

    Fantastic. very easy to follow and no Hassle. Thanks guys very easy to do.

  • jlinn

    it def did not work for me i could not contact network after the process was complete but i guess its just a 1/100 thing cause my last phone 3 months ago had no problems

  • redsn0w 0.7 is stuck at Step 14 help please?? i tried jail breaking like 5 times and it always get stuck on Step 14…how long should i wait before I unplug the phone?

  • Evangelyn

    i didnt know how to use the red snow. i have not followed the step where you need to restore it and now i cannot open my iphone help me pls tnx a lot

  • Evangelyn

    i'm stock at the reboot part

  • Evangelyn

    pls help me tnx

  • Evangelyn

    or email me at pls help me tnx

  • joe

    Hi guys when I open the iphone1.2_3.0 firmware it doesnt show me a firmware to update with itunes.

  • Great, except the downloads for Redsnow wouldn't open on my computer. I had to find them elsewhere. Otherwise, thanks!!!


    you are awesome!! i think i love you!!! lol i had checked out so many other ways of doing this and yours was the most help!! thank you so much!


    Sweet thanks!!!!! this was very helpful

  • manish

    hi,i have jailebreak my 3G iphone but it seemes the sim card is not working !!!what would be the problem?????

  • carlos

    dont unzip it

  • carlos

    omg thanks a lot!!!
    i used redsnow 8.0 and i had problems
    but now its ok

  • How important is step 2? I have firmware 3.0.

  • I renamed the zip file ipsw…..worked a charm…common sense really….

  • Mrpotato00

    hey guys,
    ive manage to jailbreak/unlock couple 3g iphones but today i tried jailbreaking another one and every time i run cydia for the first time, I get error messages that it cant connect. Here is what they say: – cached failure and host unreachable. can anybody help out.

  • Richard

    Hi guys!
    I'm using Itunes 9, after I pressed shift and clicked restore in Itunes, I got a message option tabs that Itunes will restore and update my iphone to the latest firmware or cancel(that means it will update my firmware to 3.1)..If I don't press the shift key I got the same message…Guys is it safe to click the restore and update tab?


  • It's not safe if you want to unlock your iPhone 3G.


    helppppp…i did jailbroked on the version 3.0 then i accidently update to 3.1 on my 3g. now i'm trying to jailbreak again but couldn't can anyone show me how to do it. i did try those step but in the middle process it says error. please help me. i'm totally clueless about jb things.

  • saeed

    unfortunately I update my firmware to 3.1 and when I try to restore it by holding shift+restore,I get and error during the restore process.after that itunes give me an option to restore + update.

    pleasee help!!!!!!!

  • Vane

    i did it all, didnt work for me, im so frustrated. its asking me to put a sim card, but of course it wont work when putting my tmobile one, which is the only one i have. I need help 🙁

  • valybr

    This worked perfectly! I didn't have to change a thing… I would consider this the "dummies" for Jailbreaking version… 😉 I didn't even have to restore from my back up all my data was still on the phone.

  • sam

    is this thread relevant to the 3Gs? with 3.1 already installed??? HELP!

  • Brian

    i found a iphone a couple of days ago. and it shows connect to itunes logo, with no bars, slide for emergency call, amd a lock logo above the "connect to itunes logo" any help??
    P.S. i dont wanna hear that stupid "RETURN IT TO THE OWNER DUDE!" shit.
    if u found 500$ u wouldnt return it to the owner.

  • Corey

    Hi all,

    I got an Iphone 3G, and I had 2.2.1 installed and JB'd. I looked around and though, wow, it can't be this hard.. SOOOO, I went and searched for a custom made JB restore file and found one here . I did a restore using this file and TAA DAA! I have a JB version 3.1.2 installed on my iphone. Just make sure you do your backups before starting (duh right?). Anyways, thanks to whoever originally JB'd this file for us.


    um ok ive tried to jb this phone and have had to restart from the beginning quite a few times…………idk exactly wat im doin wrong. ive followed all the steps to the "t". and still no luck. does n e one kno wat ta do nxt.

  • alright i'm a total newbie at this…so..after the whole jailbreak is successful – i can restore from backup to get my stuff back…?

  • what if i dont want to activate my phone as its already with a legitimate carrier?!

  • JC

    ok on mine, it has been on "downloading jailbreak data…" screen for a long time. is there something wrong with it?

  • Suzanne

    I hope I am not completely retarded, but I can't unzip the redsnow file

  • Suzanne

    Please disregard, I deleted the file I downloaded, then clicked the second "here" to download it again, and all was well. Waiting for my phone to finish now 😀

  • Suzanne

    Mine too…..I'm starting to worry

  • Suzanne

    It didn't work for me….just gave me the itunes icon and usb….

  • sxll
  • brady

    whoa. this is way to difficult. was very simple. after syncing device.. icon appeared on home screen.. where i could instantly dl cydia.. much easier.. fyi

  • grrrrrr

    this is such a bunch of bull
    thanks a lot assholes my iphone is now completely broken!!!!
    no one try this

  • noooob :P

    i have iphone 3g, 3.1.2 05.11.07 FW.
    running windows xp on pc.
    itunes 9.0.2,

    anyone step by step me to jailbreak?? :/

  • Alex

    im retarded.. and i figured this out. i dont care if they did copy. it was the only one i understood. thank you. it went smoothly. i appreciate this guide.


    downloads perfect but when i unlock my phone theres no cydia

  • boboss

    i jail breaking i phone 3gs safe

  • DKMY

    followed all the steps but Cydia doesnt appears on my 3G homescreen. so is my iphone been jailbroke or is it not?

  • DKMY

    i give up!

  • Kendrick Hyde

    Or u can search blackra1n it easy it jailbreaks n like 2 steps much simpler thn this srry for the txt talk iim on mine now lol

  • Kendrick

    Ya i have same thing if u search blackra1n click on first link and they do it real eaay

  • sachin patel

    Hi I have just Brought my iphone3g version 2.2 and now i wanted to update my iphone3g to 3.1 so what should i use which will not freeze my i phone.. can anybody help me????

  • ryan2091l

    hi don im i safe to do this thanks alot

  • ryan2091l

    hi there i have a iphone3g and i am so scared of things going wrong will i be ok

  • ryan2091l


  • Sachin

    hi guys can you help me as i have iphone 3g with me running on baseband 2.28 and i wanted to upgrade my firmware from 2.2 to 3.0. what should i use, coz i dont want to upgrade my baseband.

  • Milan

    remember one thing while using redsn0w select 3.0 NOT 3.1 t avoid "unable to recognize specified ipsw"

  • Mine is taking 2 hours, is that normal???????? get at me

  • greg

    so i just jailbroke my phone, or atleast i thought i did its still on the screen that has a usb cord pointing to the itunes desktop icon. when i opened up itunes it said that i had to restore, will that screw up the jailbreak?

  • srish10

    this didnt work. in the end it said downloading jail break data… and then nothing happened it just showed a black screen with an apple

  • John

    Does not include .ipsw file!!

  • ariq

    hello, why downloading jailbreak data to slow how long it will back to normal??help me please

  • elol

    fuck!!! i've done..but why still not appear that cydia icon?? fuck ur bitch !! all of u cheating people around the world!!

  • Melissa

    I ran redsn0w and it said everything worked right, phone said it was downloading jailbreaking data for about five minutes before rebooting, and yet now that my phone is running, there's no Cydia icon. I definitely made sure the "install Cydia" box was checked, so what's the deal? Help 🙁

  • joze

    it works for iphone 2g? i have an iphone 2g with version 2.2.1, may it works for me?

  • I'm trying to jailbreak an iphone 3G without a sim, i can't get access to an AT&T sim cause i'm halfway around the world is it possible to jailbreak without one? iTunes keeps asking me for a sim… I did the whole jailbreak thing but the phone is still a brick. Anyone know what to do?

  • l

    its taking forever

  • donavan

    yoooo this shit realy works ill give this 5 starz

  • MuFFiN

    is there anyways to use redsnow but keep all your information on there?

    i ust jailbroken mine but lost everything ..

    i did luckly back it up

    so is there a way or?

  • DW

    can anyone explain this to me? I have a brand new iphone 3g ou tof the box tow days ago, no idea what software is on it. i'm trying to jailbreak it using the above mentioned steps but my phone isnt coming up in itunes on the left side in the devices column so i'm stuck on step four. what is my next step?

  • Sean Jackson

    the easiest and fastest way to jailbreak ur iphone or ipod is tho google blackra1n and go to the website and download software than when its done go to itunes and restore iphone and keep iphone pluged up and open the blackra1n folder and push make it rain and it will do everything for u.

  • chase

    i followed the steps and everything appeared to work, my iphone even said installing jailbreak software but when it rebooted there was no cydia app to be found, any suggestions?

  • Dave

    You can try to jailbreak again and restore if you have to as many times as you need.

  • raj

    Step 14: You will see a message that states that your iPhone is being jailbroken. Your iPhone will then reboot.

    Please help me i tried to jailbreak my iPhone 3G but at the step 14 i am stuck …i waiting for 30 mins at step 14 no progress at all… Please tell me what to do i am not able to turn on my phone.


    ok everything worked and when I hit finish at the end…it never rebooted…and when i open Itunes it says….blah blah this sim card is not..


    ok….eff all that! this worked….dang serious spent like 10 hours trying to figure it out!!!


  • Alicia

    NO CYLIA on my phone after it was done jailbreaking. I tried it twice and made sure the cylia program box was checked. What can i do to get Cylia?

  • gavin

    when trying to upload the ipsw file my restore fails with error code 1016.
    Any inputs??
    I used Mozilla to download this file.

  • gavin

    I tried it again and this time its giving me error code 1015. So I stopped the process and now my phone will not work till i sync to itunes. Which I finally did and replaces with the latest update prior to restorng the phone.
    I now have the 4.1 OS any input if the jailbreak works with this OS??

  • emily

    Mine is taking forever! I just got an iphone 3g yesterday and am trying to JB it today and im a fifteen yr old girl soo.. i hope im able to do this! i dont know how to get music from itunes once i JB it.. anyone help?

  • i dont thinks so cuz i am doing tht and they say reccomended

  • The Man

    after finishing step 5 my iphone frose

  • Bakhtiar



  • jerry

    as easy as ABC…thanks mehn, you guys are sick

  • want to jail break iphone

    i tried doing jailbreak and my iphone is getting freezed at downloading jailbreak data plzzzzz tell me what to do plzzz