How to Enable Battery Percentage Indicator in iPhone 3G/iPhone 2G running iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone Battery Percentage Indicator

When we had described some of the 100 new features in iPhone OS 3.0, we had mentioned that users will get the option to see the remaining battery power in percentage.

But when iPhone OS 3.0 was released, we found out that this feature was strangely available only to iPhone 3GS users and not to iPhone 3G or first generation iPhone (iPhone 2G) users.

Thankfully like MMS and tethering, some clever folks have figured out a simple way to enable this minor but nice feature for iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G users.

Before we start, please take a backup of your iPhone. Please refer to this post for more details. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk. I have tested this only on iPhone 3G but it should work with iPhone 2G based on user feedback.

There are two methods to enable the feature, however like most hacks you will need a jailbroken iPhone to enable it.


You can enable the numeric battery indicator via SBSettings. SBSettings is a jailbreak application that brings various toggle
switches directly to iPhone's home screen that are available in the
Settings app. You can read our post about SBSettings to get more details on how it works. 

  • After launching SBSettings, tap on the More button. This will take you to the settings screen of SBSettings.

    iPhone Battery Percentage Indicator

  • Then tap on "Extra & Options" at the bottom of the screen.

    iPhone Battery Percentage Indicator

  • Here tap on the toggle button to enable Numeric Battery.

    iPhone Battery Percentage Indicator

  • I had to reboot my iPhone to see the battery indicator in percentage.


You need to install asBattery developed by Andre Sendowski using Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone for which you might have to first install the relevant repository. To install it following these steps:

  • Launch Cydia.
  • Tap on Manage tab at the bottom.
  • Then tap on Sources.
  • Tap on the "Edit" button on the top right corner.
  • Tap on the "Add" button to add the repository.
  • Tapping on add will open a pop-up where you need to enter the URL of the repository. Please enter and tap on the "Add Source" button. Please wait for the repository to be installed.
  • Then tap on the Search tab at the bottom right corner of Cydia and search for asBattery.
  • Tap on the "Install" button on the top right corner.
  • Then tap the "Confirm" button. This will install asBattery on your jailbroken iPhone.
  • After asBattery is successfully installed, reboot your iPhone.
  • You should now be able to enable the battery percentage indicator via the Settings App (General->Usage->Battery Percentage) just like iPhone 3GS users.

    iPhone Battery Percentage Indicator

I prefer this method over SBSettings as it gives you the same option available to iPhone 3GS users to enable or disable the battery percentage indicator.

Sendowski has achieved this by adding the string gas-gauge-battery to a file called M68AP.plist (iPhone 2G), N82AP.plist (iPhone 3G), N45AP.plist (1st-generation iPod touch), or N72AP.plist (2nd-generation iPod touch).

Please don't forget to drop us a line to tell us how it goes in the comments section below.

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  • Psy

    Erm, I have a 3G and mine has shown the percentage from the moment I updated to 3.0.

  • Phaiz

    I also have a 3G and it has shown the percentage since the update to 3.0.

  • Did you guys enable it using SBSettings before upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0? As that could be the reason it's available after the upgrade.

  • Vishnu

    I already know it and was working before 3.0
    oh well thank you

  • M.O.B. (MONEY OVER B****ES)

    Got a 2g and i been did this since last month

  • jose

    Mine didn't have after updating to fw3.
    I never activated SBS.
    Anyways thanks for this helpful tip.

  • Rob

    I know people with new 3GS phones that don't have numerical battery enabled.

    My 3G was jailbroken within a month of getting it last year. I used Bossprefs to enable the numerical battery. Very very simple to do.

    I left my phone jailbroken, and when I upgraded to 3.0, the numerical battery was there before I re-jailbroke it.

    There is a major difference between the pre 3.0 and 3.0 versions. The pre 3.0 version featured the standard battery that when touched would convert to a number. After getting 3.0, the battery would remain there AND the number would be to the left of it with a NEW % sign that wasn't on pre 3.0.

  • yankii

    finally.! thanks!

  • yankii

    worked perfectly.!

  • Phaiz

    Oh… that might explain it… Ya I had my phone jailbroken and enabled via SBSettings before i upgraded to 3.0.

  • Z

    yea but i restored it. the partition was wiped. there is NO way that could be it.

  • sam

    this is bs. I have a non jalikbroken iphone on 3.0 and have the bat percentage on it. It wasnt working til i synced it after a restore but is perfect. No jailbreaking or applications involved

  • Had u jailbroken your iPhone and enabled it using SBSettings prior to upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0?
    That could be the reason.

  • beardieman

    works great

  • ElDuqué

    Battery percentage worked on my 3G as soon as
    I upgraded to 3.0…and I only jailbroke a week later.
    In reponse to above replies…How could a previous jailbreak have any effect
    on a freshly installed OS?
    That makes no sense to me.

  • Aaron

    used the asBattery works just fine 🙂 thanks

  • Nate

    It's simple. It somehow saves the settings. Dont believe me? Use the JB App "Categories" and put all your apps in it. Restore your phone, JB it again, and your apps will be missing! The only way to get them back is if you didnt have poof in the Category as well and you have to "unhide" all the apps. The phone restores the setting. think about it. It's jailbroken, you back it up, you update, you restore… It's only purely reasonable that the JB settings prior to an update are restored in the files as well. Hah, think before you talk people.

  • alex

    😉 true.

  • Hhh

    If you restored from back up then yes it could have. The back up saves tons of settings including jb stuff.

  • Bob

    Restoring doesn't wipe the partion or delete anything. It's all still on your phone. The only way to wipe out anything is go to settings, general, reset, and erase all content. This takes a few hours.

  • Nicky Deathbed

    You can also enable It through Carrier…plus you can change your carrier name like MIM

  • Seth

    I prefer the old way. I liked how I could touch the battery and it would change back and forth, but not be stuck with both.

  • Kayto@HK

    Finally I've realized why it is not for iPhone 2G.

    Actually "asBattery" works fine on iPhone 2G if "ActivateMMS2G" hasn't been installed.

    "asBattery" works with a file "M68AP.plist", but the application "ActivateMMS2G" also has to use it. With installed "ActivateMMS2G", "asBattery" installation will be failed & the iPhone will be freeze if you try to restart the OS.

    iPhone 3G doesn't have this problem because it comes with native MMS function, you will never need to install "ActivateMMS2G".

    So the conclusion is:
    iPhone 2G users can only enable either MMS function or numeric battery indicator, but not both of them at the same time in this case.

  • mohit

    i already had mms activated n afta installin asbattery on my 2g iphone it wint boot any ideas

  • Don

    the asbattery doesn't work on 2G,when I restart my phone it got stuck at the apple logo.End up I've to restore my phone.

  • ipfonix

    did it on G3 with SBSettings. work perfect!!
    and on G2 with asBttery work also perfect!!

    thanx 🙂

  • jrdawg09

    i did it thru the SBS and then just respring the springboard and it worked perfectly

  • jrdawg09

    And I have the 2g running 3.0

  • J

    Your a moron. Did u completely miss that this article was for 3g. Not 3gs or are u just being an ass?

  • rms

    where I can I find that, I have a 3 G and just bought an application "Battery status"

  • david

    ayo what theme is that in the screenie with sbsettings i like it thanks

  • Hanso43

    hi I did install the asbattery after adding repository as described above.
    I had already the sbs option. So it asked me to overwrite the SBS file. That I did.
    After rebooting My iphone hangs on startup it shows the apple icon and the spinning wheel.

    Somebody can help????
    I have 2g hardware with 3.0.1

  • hanso43

    Hi Kayto,

    My iPhone did freeze at startup. So how can I get my phone unfreeze
    and delete the repositery

  • On iPhone u can enable battery percentage in settings too, it doesn't need jailbreak. Settings – Usage – Battery percentage.

  • Jordan

    I have a 3G and don't want to jailbreak my iphone. Is there any way of getting the battery percentage without jailbreaking it?

  • Jordan

    that's only with the 3gs

  • sheye

    awesome…worked on my iphone 2g…keep it up!!


  • Richiept


  • wrongmark

    Settings, general, usage!

  • Alex

    thank you very much. the asbattery works fine with my 2g iphone.

  • virgilmidi

    Danger! Beware of asBattery with 2G! Bricked my Blackra1n RC3 with blacksn0w v.3.1.2 2G iphone. After my phone was working perfectly, asBattery bricked it! Now I have to reload everything from scratch. Come on guys, if its a conflict with the MMS hack, just put in a simple if statement to check for it during install. This is not rocket science.

  • You're gonna have to do some DIY to make it work on a MMS enabled 2G (actually any 2G with at least 3.0), it's really simple:
    0. don't install SBSettings or asBattery, you won't need any of them for this 😉
    1. open iFile
    2. navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/
    3. open M68AP.plist and tap on Edit
    4. navigate to
    5. add the following line, right after the one above:

    6. tap on Save and reboot
    7. go to Settings > General > Usage and turn on Battery Percentage
    iPhone 2G 8GB OS 3.1.3

  • Unfortunately, the comment is not displayed correctly…
    this is how it should look, with proof that it works 😉

  • Joao

    perfect on iphone 2g – 3.1.3
    asBattery percentage
    muito bom mesmo !

  • hiki

    i have 3g with os 40 i used the sb settings method and i was sucessfull thanks very much i love the iphone

  • hamid

    thank you it works on iphone 2G , OS 3.1.3

  • Day Walker

    Presto i got battery percentage iphone 3G 8gb. . . works

  • Ramamoorthy

    thank you very much. the asbattery works fine with my 3g iphone.version 4.2.1

  • c

    Hi, used asBattery and it worked like a clock! 🙂
    I am using an iphone 2g with version 3.1.3

  • trish

    thank you! i used asBattery as you instructed and it worked on my iphone 2g with ios 3.1.3

  • Tim Danaher

    I can confirm that the SB settings battery percentage indicator does, indeed, ‘stick’ after a Restore. I’ve done it with three iPhone 2Gs, now. Just jailbreak, install SB settings from Cydia and turn on battery percentage indicator. Now, backup your iPhone and restore it. At first, on restart, the percentage indicator has gone. But simply restore from your iPhone backup and ta-da! Battery percentage indicator is back! On a non-jailbroken iPhone 2G!!! BPI is the only reason I’d ever want to jailbreak a 2G, so I’m really pleased with the way this works.

  • Tater

    THANK YOU!!! I used asBattery through your instructions and it worked!!! Seriously, THANK YOU!