Warning: Major Flaw with Push Notification Fix for Jailbroken iPhones

One of the known issues with the jailbroken iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0 is that it disables the Push Notification feature. The iPhone Dev Team had released a fix to resolve the issue.

However, German developer and founder of Equinux has discovered a major flaw with the Push Notification fix. He discovered that when he sent a message using AOL's AIM iPhone app to a friend in Europe, he received a reply not from his friend, but from a total stranger in the US – a person who had also installed the Push Notification patch.

Though it initially seemed to be a problem with AOL's AIM iPhone app, which appeared to be broadcasting instant messages to random, unintended recipients, the issue is due to the Push Notification fix installed on a jailbroken iPhone as it uses the same UDID – Unique Device ID for the fix.

Due to this hard-coding, if you send a message to one of a user of a jailbroken iPhone  who has installed the push notification fix then other iPhone users who had installed the fix also get the message.

It is still not clear if the issue was due to the patch, that the iPhone Dev Team had released or due to the app called Push Fix, that was released by iPhoneIL who had essentially packaged the fix released by the Dev Team and released it on Cydia to make it easier for jailbroken iPhone users.

If you have installed the push notification fix then the one of the options would be to restore your iPhone with iPhone OS 3.0 and jailbreak it again.

As always, please let us know if you had installed the patch and if you received random messages.

[via TheRegister]

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  • wolverinemarky

    thanks for the heads up i hadnt downloaded the fix yet and will avoid it, hopefully the dev team can fix this as soon as possible

  • Where can you download the push notification fix?

    Thx D.

  • test

    geohot method does not break push notifications

  • Is the push notification problem only on unlocked phones, or jailbroken phones in general? Because i have a jailbroken 3g running OS 3.0, and my push works great. I receive alerts, badges and sounds from all apps that makes use of push. Am I just lucky? I'm very curious…

  • Same here… I jb with geohot, using ATT and no issues with push. IM+ works great. I also installed the unlock just for fun (in case of a sale). No issue!


  • hack

    Fix for PUSH notification only apply to those with Hack activated their iphone…

  • i am very thankful to you for informing about downloading of fix. i have never download yet.

    phone answering services

  • Laurnzo

    Thanks for the inform. I really lie this blog though it's sometimes delays when need info is out. My iPhone 3G is jailbroken and unlocked on T-Mobile US but push notification was working untill I saw this post. As I like to experiment a lot with my iPhone I added the pushfix repo in cydia but decided to restart the iPhone before installing it. When the iPhone restarted to the home screen. I instantly recieved a push message from a friend on IM+ even though I have not installed the push fix n cydia. Maybe it's my luck but it's been almost 24hrs and it's still working. I post it if and when if it stops working. If it should work for someone please let us know because I have no idea what's going on.

  • Dan

    I am able to send mms pics from my 3GS running the 3.1 beta 2 firmware!

  • Where on Cydia did you find the pushfix Repo?

    Do I have to add another source in Cydia?

    Thx D.

  • Laurnzo

    Okay, it stopped working. Finally installed the patch without any issues. Will wait and see how long it's gonna work

  • Do you have to add a source in Cydia to find the pushfix repo?

    Because I can't find it…

    Thx D.

  • iphone

    why do you people act like selfish faggots? How hard is it to type a sentence and help this guy (ddk vc) honestly….

    I personally don't know or I would have helped him.

  • raystorm

    thats weird because push notification works on my jailbroken phone.. it works with AIM, text free and palringo.. maybe it effects certain phones

  • Z

    no. you arent. you are making ppl update to screw them up forever. fuck you. (i havent updated but it says clearly 3.1 BETA 2 DISABLES ALL TETHERING AND MMS HACKS AND THE REASON IT DOESNT WORK FOR US IS THE ATT PLAN, NOT THE SOFTWARE ON THE IPHONE. IT WONT CHANGE ANYTHING JUST MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE

  • alex

    the point here is,
    when you activate your phone via the devteam tools (instead of itunes) then your push notification service will not work. jailbreak & unlock don't matter here.

    and if the fix doesn't work yet, i wouldn't want to install it now 😉


  • Sid

    Hi mate,

    Go to cydia>manage tab>sources> edit at the top right> Add>

    Then a new window will open and in there you type the following:

    cydia.iphoneil.net then you select: add source.

    After that you: select return to Cydia> Done

    You need to let it update the resources and then you go to search and type: Push fix.

    Make sure you are at good wifi or 3G area so the update doesnt hand.

    Then you install as normal in cydia: select package>install

    I hope that helps


  • thx,

    i didn't know what source i had to Add!

  • laurnzo

    My update, after intalling the pushfix, i get random messages from all over the world.I know because some are in chinese, german and arabic.I for one don't really care since i don't chat up important info on im anyway.Another flaws is, it works when it feels like it. I get messages sometimes but sometimes i have to open the app to get the messages. The other funny part is when i'm using IM+ which i have facebook sign into, i don't get the push messages but when i sign into the original facebook app, i get the push from IM+facebook. Hope its fixed soon.

  • brian

    same here it depends on the phone itself thats what i think

  • push

    Yeah.. fuck you dude… you're ruining shit for a lot of people that don't know any better…

  • Mohammed Anjum

    i have installed the push fix as the problem persists i recieve randaom chat messages and i the push notification is erratic, and it pushes notification when ever it wants, The GPush which is suppose to push badges has also not been functioning in my jailbroken phone. Hope the dev team would release an updated fix which fixes the push notification issue in the jailbroken iphones


  • valle

    I would say the only solution is to get your hand on a SIM card from the telcom that your iPhone is locked to and restore the phone.
    Then you put in the SIM and activate the phone, when this happens you get your unique key/id that is tied to your phone. When that is done you jailbreak and unlock as you would do otherwise.

    I belive the reason the fix fails is that you share the same id.

    That is atleast my thoughts!

  • i installed push fix in order to use the ping! app. That totally messed up my jailbroken iphone. youtube doesn't work, my mail does not work and it erased all the passwords for wifi, etc… i tried all the possible fixes, but nothing works. I uninstalled, reinstalled,… i am pissed, very pissed.

  • hc

    I'm receiving random AIM IM's too on a 3GS Blackra1n installed 3.1 OS. Did not install a push fix from any source unless it is included in Blackra1n…

  • Whats fucking sad & stupid, is that still to this day, there's no real fix from the Dev Team! That actually works perfectly from the get go of jailbreaking your iPhone from the Dev Team software.

    Unlike this piece of shit fix, where people have to scramble to know the repo + be lucky to work, yet receive fucked up messages from random people OR ruin your jailbroken/unlocked iPhone.

    THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ALREADY its been forever since this shit has been released, this so called 'push fix' & its bullshit!

    I only complain because I've been waiting, I've attempted several times, different iPhone's as well, and they've all come to fail in the long run & equal into a re-jailbreak!

    The Dev Team have been under low radars & out of sight for awhile, news & requests for shit need to stur up again. Especially if there's news of newer fucking firmwares appearing. No offense Dev Team, i love you guys, but come on! Roll with the fixes & updates, please!

  • frooboz

    whoa, talk about a sense of entitlement.

  • lex

    I'm waiting for "push fix" fix for 3 months!!! I can't believe they didn't fix it. We all have the same problem. I deactivated all push notifications because it was a mess. Now I'm waiting for the new firmware and hope that there will be a solution for this issue. And if not… well, I'll have to wait 6 months more for the new iPhone 🙁

  • Ive had nothing but trouble since I used blackra1n. Annoyingly , you cant even reboot your phone without having to use blackra1n again.

  • Sandeep

    Everybody has the same problem, the push fix isnt working. Even i get ramdom messages. We need a FIX asap…

  • Can confirm, restoring phone to 3.1.2. / 3.1.3 after previously using
    blackra1n does not fix push. So annoying

  • Aniruddha

    HI all i have 3.1.3 jailbreaked iPhone 2G and i have installed pushfix patch.
    I get random notifications for Yahoo, Facebook

    Any fix for this?

  • NjA

    Add http://cydia.pushfix.info to cydia's sources. I've heard it does the trick.

  • Ivn Stoyx

    Just tried it. No good…

  • My new iPhone 3GS works perfectly fine with sending push notifications. But gladly will try this. Fixing some problem such as this truly can benefit us iPhone users