Apple Investigating Exploding iPhone Incidents

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Reuters reports that a spokesperson from the European Union's consumer safety division has stated that Apple is investigating the incidents where users have alleged that their iPhones exploded.

Apple believes these incidents are ‘isolated’ but will carry out tests to identify the root cause of the problem.

There have been few cases where iPhone or an iPod Touch had allegedly exploded:

  • Guardian had reported about an incident in France where a teenager’s claimed that his girlfriend’s iPhone began making a hissing sound before the screen suddenly shattered, sending broken pieces of glass "flying in the air".
  • Folks at Geekologie had reported that a Dutch guy had claimed that his iPhone had exploded and burnt the seat in his car.
  • Times had reported of an incident where a second generation iPod Touch exploded, set a person's pants on fire, and caused second-degree burns.

This also comes close on the heels of another report, which claimed that Apple had offered a refund to a British family for an iPod Touch that had allegedly exploded only if they agreed to keep quiet about the incident.

Helen Kearns, spokeswoman from the European Union's consumer safety division has stated:

"What they've said to us is that they consider these are isolated incidents,"

"They don't consider that there's a general problem."

Apple has issued the following statement:

"We are aware of these reports and we are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers. Until we have the full details, we don't have anything further to add."

Though the cases reported might sound a little scary, Apple has sold more than 40 million iPhones and iPod Touches and so far only few cases have been reported, so frankly I'm not worried.

How about you?

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