Apple’s Media Event on September 9th? Might Launch Two Tablets?

Apple's Special Event

We have some more news (oops rumors) about the media event that Apple is planning in September.

Folks at All Things Digital are reporting that Apple has scheduled a media event for Wednesday, September 9th in San Francisco. They also claimed that according to their sources, there will be no mention of announcing the much-anticipated tablet computer.

Meanwhile, BusinessWeek cites analyst Richard Doherty, who claims that Apple has developed two prototype tablet computers and may launch them as early as September.

All Things Digital claim that the media event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts where
similar Apple events have been held in the past, and will be focused on
iPod and iTunes updates, which are in line with the rumor we had heard last week.

However, analyst, Richard Doherty has added an interesting twist to the story:

"There's no hotter topic [than tablets] in Asia right now," says
Richard Doherty, a director at market researcher Envisioneering Group,
who says Apple has developed prototypes of two different tablet
machines — one that resembles a large-sized iPod and boasts a 6-inch
screen, and another that features a larger display. Apple may launch
one or both devices as early as September, Doherty says. A decision on
whether and when Apple takes the tablet plunge lies with Apple CEO
Steve Jobs, Doherty says.

He also claims that Apple's tablet computer could be priced as low as $679 for large-sized iPod for media and gaming; while the larger tablet might even run a full Mac OS X.

One of Apple's prototype devices is able to run all Mac applications,
and allows for video and audio editing and graphic animation, Doherty
says. Another, which looks like a larger iPod, lends itself to watching
videos, playing games, and reading e-books.

Apple has traditionally launched new versions of iPod at their media event in September. Folks like John Gruber of Daring Fireball who has a good track record with Apple predictions is certain that  Apple will not announce their much-anticipated tablet this year and expects them in early 2010.

There are speculations that Steve Jobs will make his first appearance after his medical leave of absence at the media event.

We can't wait for the media event. How about you folks?

[via BusinessWeek, All Things Digital]

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  • Mo

    Don't really care about a tablet but september 9th seems the date that iPhone OS 3.1 comes out. That's all I'm looking forward to right now.

  • IslandLife

    September 9, 2009 … is 9/9/09 🙂

  • Yeah that is a possibility but it has been more than 3 weeks since Apple has
    released a beta version of iPhone OS 3.1 so it could be released earlier.

  • Tyler927

    I think it needs a 10 inch screen, run Mac OS X, have USB ports and good prossesors and good battery life and be able to do everthing a Mac can do. Then I will for sure buy it. Other than that what is the point of a big iPod touch?

  • Seth

    DITTO, Tyler.

    Give me a tablet that can run Photoshop and WoW and sync with Exchange, and my needs will be met.

    Perhaps an NVIDIA Ion based unit?

  • Punk_Poet

    I don't really care much for the tablets but i am very interested in the new iPod(s) that they will be releasing. i have a 60g classic and 8g iphone. so i don't know if i want a mega machine that will hold everything or the new shuffle.

  • Loui

    Sounds cool! As long as the battery life is
    good and the price is under $1000, id buy one..

    But that's wishful thinking. It's mac.. They look pretty but can only take u so far..

    Can we have extended battery life on iPhone without having to by a new one.

    Imagine a phone that's touch screen n last all day!

    Wait, I think it's called a palm…


  • Mo

    If your talking about a pre, then your wrong. I've read that the pre has a really bad battery life compared to iPhone.

  • Mo

    Earliers better than later :). September 9th doesnt seem to long anymore as the end of august Is aproaching, but waiting for mms, it's a long time from now.

  • Louis

    Only take you so far? It's running a unix backend… it can take you as far as you want. Except it can't use ZFS… dammit..

    iPhone 3G battery life is better then Palm pre's due to Palm's A8 processor using a lot of power.

    NIce try Loui