Facebook for iPhone 3.0.1 Released with Bug Fixes

Facebook for iPhone 3.0

A new version of Facebook’s iPhone app is now available on the iPhone App Store.

It fixes the bugs reported by users in Facebook for iPhone 3.0 released few days back such as "bugs with birthdays, timestamps, crashing in the friends list, and many others".

You can checkout the details after the break.

Facebook hasn’t provided any details on the bugs that have been fixed in this release but based on the tweets by Joe Hewitt, developer of the iPhone app it looks like the following issues have been fixed:

  • Issue where the iPhone doesn’t vibrate when you receive chat messages.
  • Error while loading friend list. Also a related issue where scrolling through the friend list caused the iPhone app to crash. I can confirm that this annoying issue is fixed as I was facing it.
  • Timestamp related issues.
  • Some birthday related bug.

Joe Hewitt has also tweeted that the notifications error is a server side issue, which will be fixed in a day or two.

One of the problems with the Facebook app is that you can’t play the videos. Hewitt has clarified that:

“We still have some work to do to convert all our videos to a format iPhones can play.”

Hewitt has also provided some details on what to expect in the next version of Facebook’s iPhone app:

  • Push Notifications.
  • Ability to search across all status messages, notes and shared links that users have marked as public, which is possible on Facebook’s website.
  • Ability to synchronize between your Facebook friends’ list and your iPhone’s contact list (though Hewitt believes it’s a Terms of Service thing more than a technical limitation).

You can download Facebook 3.0.1 using this direct iTunes link.

Please let us know if it resolves the issues you were facing and also drop us a line to tell us what is on your wishlist for the next version.