MMS will be Enabled for AT&T’s iPhone Customers in iPhone OS 3.1

AT&T was strangely absent in the list of carriers supporting MMS and
tethering – two new features introduced in iPhone OS 3.0. This had quite rightly caused widespread uproar from AT&T's iPhone customers.

We might have some good news as we just got a tip from one of our readers, Marvin that the MMS feature will be enabled in iPhone OS 3.1 for AT&T customers. He got this information from a top AT&T technician who wants to be anonymous.

AT&T has maintained that MMS support will be available later this summer.

We haven't been able to confirm this from any other source but the latest tip seems to be in line with the information we are getting from the iPhone app developers who have already been seeded with beta versions of iPhone OS 3.1. They are reporting that MMS is beginning to work with AT&T.

iPhoneAlley had reported that one iPhone developer in Little Rock, AR had reported that sending and receiving photos has been working since July 9th. Another developer that reported on July 17th that MMS worked for him in several major cities during a road trip.

Apple has already released three beta versions of iPhone OS 3.1 (beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3) and is expected to release the final version to iPhone users in mid-August.

In case you can't wait for AT&T to officially support the MMS feature then checkout our step-by-step guide
to enable the MMS feature on iPhone 3G
and iPhone 2G running iPhone OS
thanks to some clever folks who had figured out a way to enable it.

Thanks Marvin for the tip!

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  • Tigger & Pooh

    what about Tethering… Still a no-go for AT&T?

  • NateDawg

    tethering would be an overkill for at&t's already crippled 3g network??

  • john

    crippled 3g network? i dont know where you live but here in vegas att's 3g is fast and very reliable. i just had my freind leave verizon cuz my att service is better and always have bars. even when i go to dumont dunes i have service and thats in the middle of death valley

  • wolverinemarky

    bring it on AT&T lets see how ur MMS is cause my Swirly works pretty great for me

  • yankii

    tethering works great for me also and im in Puerto Rico

  • AT&T spokesman had stated 2 – 3 weeks back that the company will charge for a tethering plan but still has not determined how much it will cost or when it will become available.

    So I guess AT&T's iPhone customers will have to wait longer for the tethering feature, though many users are already enjoying it using a simple hack thanks to folks at

  • Anthony

    I live in Vegas, and experience the exact opposite as you do! I switched from Verizon, to get the Iphone a year and a half ago, and would switch back in a second if they offered the Iphone. I use my phone for business and pleasure, and we all make jokes about ATT&T and all of the dropped calls. Funny how it works in Dumont, and not even on Blue Diamond and Durango much of the time.

  • artmanp

    wolverine what r ur settings for ur swirly cause i cant get mine to work and i have tried them to me if you can at thanks

  • john

    Well ill drive to the south side of town and see if it still works, cuz my buddy that just switched from verizon to att couldnt get a single bar in my house with his lg vue but now with his 3gs 5 bars

  • john

    Also you could call att to send a tech team to read the signal in youre area and if its not strong you can switch for free. my friend chris got out of his verizon contract for free cuz he got no signal at his own house

  • Works great for me too. and im in Puerto Rico too. Cheers.

  • Karl B

    I could never get swirly to work for me either. I tried forever until I finally gave up.

  • Nikumon

    Unrelated but… I just discovered a "hidden" feature in the new firmware. When scrubbing to change a song, podcast, or any media within the iPod app, sliding your finger down vertically and then moving horizontally adjusts the rate at which you scrub. Very neat!

  • OK… so obviously 3.1 did NOT include enabling MMS for iPhone 3G. Is there any further news on this? Is it still in the pipe.

    Side note:
    I LOL'ed pretty hard at the AT&T rep who tried to sell me me unlimited MMS (wife and I both have an iPhone 3G. I asked her if she was 100% sure, even though we have both have a 3G and NOT a 3G S. Her response, "Yes, well um I think so."
    I should have got it in writing… 🙂

  • Sorry I left out the part where she said, "You and your wife will both be able to send an unlimited number of text messages, or picture messages, or what ever."

  • Ryan

    AT&T told me today when purchesed my iPhone 3gs 32gig that mms would avallable sometime late Aug. I was told the delay is bc of a bug in there system.

  • Frank

    I've had MMS working on my 3G ever since they got the MMS hack back in mid-June. I also have tethering (though I dont really use it, as I would not want to incur any charges and I really have no use for it yet) as well as my Visual Voicemail works too.

    There really is no excuse for AT&T to make everyone wait for MMS. It's been working fine for me and several of my friends with iPhones, with no problems whatsoever.

  • khizr

    wasup i called att and ask them about tethering and they told me its no charge and i haven been chared yett for it so it works for meee