Qik’s iPhone App Available on the App Store but doesn’t Broadcast Live Video

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Folks at Qik have announced that their official iPhone app is finally available on the App Store for iPhone 3GS users.

Qik had released their iPhone app for jailbroken iPhone back in August last year. Unfortunately, due to limitations of iPhone's SDK, Qik's official iPhone app does not broadcast live video from your iPhone and works only over Wi-Fi.

Qik's iPhone app is available for only iPhone 3GS users as it has a camera that can record videos.

Applications like Qik enable you to share live videos of entertaining
and special moments with your family and friends on Twitter, Facebook,
Blogs, etc directly from your mobile phone, it's like using a camcorder
(maybe not as sophisticated) but without worrying about the limited
storage space on your mobile phone.

Unfortunately, the iPhone version of their app does not work like their other mobile apps. It is a capture and upload app and will not broadcast live video from your iPhone. It allows you to access videos from your iPhone's camera roll and upload them to your Qik account. If you have recorded the video using Qik then it will automatically upload the video after you have stopped recording.

iPhone's camera app allows you to share videos via e-mail, MMS, MobileMe, and YouTube. Qik on the other hand is currently the only iPhone 3GS app that allows you to share video using e-mail, SMS, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, as well
as Web sites and your favorite blogging platforms, including Blogger,
Tumblr, and WordPress. 

Based on initial user feedback it looks like the official iPhone app might need some more work:

  • It does not have a delete functionality, so if you want to
    delete a video that you had uploaded, the only way to do it currently
    is to log into your profile page and delete the video from there, which is quite painful.
  • There is also no way to keep the videos private from the iPhone app, you need to login to your profile to either change the settings for individual videos or simply set your streams to be private by changing the default privacy setting. Since it is a capture and upload app, it makes a lot more sense to provide this feature in the iPhone app.
  • Some users have reported that they are having problems uploading the videos to other sites.

Qik has clarified that they are looking into issues reported by users and will hopefully include the missing features in the next update.

Qik has also mentioned that they have
submitted a new version of their iPhone app for approval, which will
work  over 3G networks.

Due to the current limitations of the iPhone app, I'm sure the
unofficial iPhone app for jailbroken iPhones will continue to be
popular as it is way better. It allows users to not only broadcast live
video to their Qik account, but it also works over both Wi-Fi and 3G and
can be used by iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G and not limited only to iPhone
3GS users like the official iPhone app.

You can checkout Qik's iPhone app for free using this direct iTunes link.

As always, please drop us a line in the comments to give us your feedback on the iPhone app.

[via Qik's blog]